Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Status Match – Hyatt Diamond Trial Challenge As Of 2012


UPDATE: If you signed up for the challenge after May 31st and successfully complete it, your Hyatt Gold Passport status will be valid until the end of February 2014.

Hyatt has a nice little program, and I have been a Diamond member since 2004. The program has grown significantly since 2004 mainly by Hyatt acquiring both Amerisuites, which were later converted to Hyatt Places, and Summerfield Suites, that became Hyatt Houses. Both of these acquisitions were a way for Hyatt to enter the limited service market i.e. Hilton’s Hampton Inn.

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How to get matched to Hyatt Diamond status?

Hyatt ended doing direct status matched back in 2010. Since then Hyatt has started to do challenges called Hyatt Diamond Trial. You can probably still get a direct match, but you need to do it through a hotels sales department, and it is probably quite a hassle.

 Do you have any of the following statuses?

– Hilton Gold (you can get one easily using this or this) & Hilton Diamond

– SPG Platinum

– Marriott Gold & Platinum

– Priority Club Platinum

Hyatt may match others as well, but it could be worth printing your stay history that shows significant stay activity.

You will be awarded a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Trial, which is in fact a full-fledged Diamond status for 60 days. You will get all the Diamond level benefits during this 60 day period including the four Diamond Suite Awards that are valid up to 7 days each. You can use these to upgrade any paid stay (eligible rate) to a suite at a property that is not on the exclusion list, and has confirmable suite inventory available at the time of request. You need to do the request over the phone as the website is incapable of processing these.

Timing of the Diamond Trial

If you request your Diamond trial now and complete the required number of nights (12), your Hyatt Diamond status will be valid until February 2013. You need to complete the required 25 stays or 50 nights before end of this year to qualify for Diamond status all the way until 2014.

It might be better idea to start the Diamond challenge/trial in the second half of 2012. If nothing has changed, your status should then be valid until February 2014 after doing the required 12 nights in 60 days. Unfortunately I am not aware of the exact cut-off date for this.

Process of requesting the Diamond Challenge/Trial

Do you have a Hyatt Gold Passport account set up? If not it is probably best to set it up online first. Then you need to call (this would be my choice) or send an email request to the service center using the online web form.

You should then receive a following reply within 24 hours:

Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service. I
appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

Regarding your inquiry, currently a Diamond Trial Offer is available.
You will receive trial Diamond membership for 60 days with proof of top
tier status with one of our competitors program.  However, you must
complete 12 nights in 60 days to maintain Diamond tier through February
of 2013.  You will also receive 1000 bonus points on your first six
eligible nights within 60 days, up to a maximum of 6000 bonus points.

Please note this offer can only be made one time and can not be extended
beyond the 60 day period.

Please note the list of competitors that Hyatt Gold Passport will match:

Hilton Gold VIP or Hilton Diamond VIP
Marriott Gold or Marriott Platinum
Starwood Platinum Preferred Guest
Priority Club Platinum

Please email or mail a statement of your account activity with a
competitor to us for processing at:

PO Box 27089
Omaha, NE 68127-0089

To find more details on our exclusive Diamond status please visit us
online at:

I appreciate your support of Hyatt and the Gold Passport program. Please
let me know if I may assist you further.


Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service

You can mail the requested documents to the above mentioned address or email them to

They should process the documents within 24 hours and you can then immediately see the updated status by logging in to your Hyatt Gold Passport account.

Note that theoretically this is only once in a lifetime (or program account). You should probably do it if you plan on staying with Hyatt to experience the Hyatt Diamond treatment. As a bonus you will also receive 1000 bonus Gold Passport points for first six of your eligible night during this period.

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  • BR

    Thanks for the info!

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  • Sundance77

    I just tried this and they stated an additional requirement of having a statement that showed: “This statement needs to show at least ten stays or 30 nights spent, in order for you to qualify for a
    tier match.”

    That was on the secure email form, and with a direct email to the email I got the same email response you show above….

    Don’t know who to believe…..

    • John_Ollila

      The requirement might differ depending who happens to reply to email or phone call. It never hurts to try again.

      • Sundance77

        Thanks, did that.  After talking to 5 different agents and then finally get back to the first one that told me about the stay/night requirement, she still refused to admit or say that there was a stay/night requirement, even after I sent her back her quote above.  It was like they accidentally let out the secret and then never wanted to admit it.  So based on my experience, since I sent in a statement without their stay/night requirements, and they refused to match, that there IS a stay/night requirement, which they refused to ever admit to again.  All they would say was ‘send in your statement’ (which I did).  

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  • Shannon

    Thanks for the info! Submited my request today and received an OK from Hyatt Customer Service. Cheers! Going to check out the Buenos Aires Park Hyatt next month!

    • Guess where I am right now? At the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires! I have been to this hotel couple of times before and they gave me a nice Park Suite this time.

  • kt1409

    Thanks for the info. I look forward to your daily emails. After reading your blog, I called to inquire on the Diamond challenge. I shared with the rep that I have Gold status with Hilton. She proceeded to tell me the requirements and I thanked her for the info and hung up. The following day I logged into my GP account that I had recently opened and to my surprise, it showed Diamond status and I did not have to fax or email my Hilton info. It appears I will meet the challenge by month end. I’m staying at the Park Hyatt Washington DC now on their FRTIME promotion (thanks to you). I used my suite upgrade and woohoo I was upgraded to the Park Executive Suite. We arrived early and there was a slight delay in getting into the room. Because of that a chilled bottle of Procescco and an apple crisp were waiting for us in the room. How fabulous to pay $540 for 3 nights in a room that goes for $1139 a night. Thanks again John.

    • Thanks for the kind remarks.

      The Park Hyatt Washington DC is a fabulous property. I have stayed there quite a few times over the years. Love the suites and the breakfast there.

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  • I am a Marriott Gold Elite and they will only offer me a Platinum status with a 6 night requiremnt. No mention of any room upgrades but a point bonus offer. I am not sure if just getting their credit card would be a better deal.

    • You probably should give them another call. The night requirement for Marriott Gold is the same as for Hyatt Diamond.

  • Apex

    I did a diamond challenge in Nov 2011 and did not meet the stay requirements and was downgraded to Platinum.

    Will they allow another challenge in Jan 2013 even though officially the indicate the challenge is only one time (lifetime)?

    • I am sure that they are allowed to do exceptions. Contact Gold Passport and let me know what they tell you.

      One option would be to open another Hyatt Gold Passport account at different address using other email address and phone number. Note that this is probably against the terms and conditions of the program, but you should be fine.

  • RoxyBrodie

    Im going on my honeymoon in April, I am going to try it and hope it works! 🙂 thanks for the advice

    • You can try applying for the trial now. It is valid for 90 days and comes with the suite upgrade certs as well.

  • Mr. Jones

    Are these suite upgrade certs still valid for future reservations made during, but meant for beyond the 60 day-period, even if at the end of the 60 day-period you haven’t made the requirements for qualification?

    These certs will work on any qualifying (even if prepaid) rate, yes? I suppose the upgrade is to a “basic” suite at the hotel?

    • You can apply the suite upgrade vouchers for future reservations and they will be valid even if you don’t successfully complete the challenge.

      The suite upgrades normally book into entry level suite that varies property by property. You can use these suite upgrades to all rates even prepaid, discounted and corporate ones. The points based upgrades require you to pay BAR.

  • HBG

    Hi John. Have you heard if the Hyatt Diamond Trial Challenge is still on? I am an IHG Royal Ambassador, Le Club Accor Platinum & Hilton HHonors Gold; and plan to apply for the Hyatt Diamond Trial Challenge early next month. Has any of your readers emailed you if this is still Trial/Challenge is still available?

    • Nothing has changed and it would be a good time to do it as the status would be valid all the way to 2015. I will do an update on hotel status matches this month.

      • HBG

        Wonderful, John! Thank you for: – its always nice reading your updates.

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