Club Carlson Sign up Bonus 4500 Points


Club Carlson is again offering bonus points for signing up for their program. This offer was emailed to e-Rewards members, but you should be able to take advantage of it as long as the registration form includes the ERWD2012 promo code. I already posted about this offer back in March, but thought that it would be good time to remind about it now.


There is a new Club Carlson promotion starting on 15th of May, and you probably should open up an account using this promotion to get additional 4500 points.

Terms & Conditions:

e-Rewards members must enroll in Club Carlson using the link provided via email by e-Rewards by May 31, 2012 (“Promotional Period”). This offer is limited to a maximum of 4,500 bonus Gold Points per person. Offer only valid for new Club Carlson members without an existing account.  Promotional bonus Gold Points will be posted to the member’s Club Carlson account within 6-8 weeks of enrollment date. The name on the e-Rewards program account and Club Carlson account must be the same.  Offer is valid only to the enrolled recipient, is non-transferable, may not be sold, and is subject to change or termination without notice.  By enrolling in Club Carlson and participating in this offer, you agree to the Club Carlson program terms and conditions.

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  • Dmitry Bedrin

    Why do you think this promotion starts on May 15?

    • John_Ollila

      This promotions with eRewards has been going on for a while. There is the separate Bight Night Giveaway that starts on May 15th. I have covered it on a separate post.

      • Dmitry Bedrin

        Ah, thanks!

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  • Jiabao

    I doubt this will work just by providing the promo code on the registration form without actually being an e-Rewards member. Reason:

    1. In the T&C it says name on the Club Carlson account must match the e-Rewards program account. It sounds like in the back end the system is going to check with e-Rewards.

    2. In the T&C it says bonus points will be posted within 6-8 weeks. From a system design point of view, if the system is designed to grant bonus points upon seeing a promo code on the registration form, there should be no need for any waiting period, the bonus points should be posted immediately. The only possible explanation for a 6-8 weeks wait is because the system is designed to check with e-Rewards. This explains it because at time of registration the system has no way to know whether or not you are a real e-Rewards member. It is going to check with e-Rewards later as some sort of a scheduled job.