Install (Not Required) Priority Club Shopping Toolbar & Get 300 Points


Edit: This offer doesn’t seem to work on all Priority Club accounts and most definitely not newly opened ones. I have no idea why it works for some (like mine) and not for others.

This is probably the easiest 300 Priority Club points that I have ever received. You will receive 300 Priority Club points for “installing” the toolbar and 300 extra points per stay until the end of 2012 that you make using it.

Edit: You can do this offer twice for total of 600 Priority Club points. Just use both of the following links: Link 1 & Link 2. Thanks Andrew for the tip. 


The deal here is that Priority Club wants you to install their own button to Google’s toolbar. You will get 300 Priority Club points simply for filling out your account information and neither actual downloading of this toolbar nor installation of Priority Club button is actually required.


The points posted to my account instantaneously. I didn’t have Google toolbar installed on my laptop so I would have needed to download it first before getting the Priority Club button.


LoyaltyLobby reader Chadillac alerted me about this opportunity. You can always send me a message to if I have missed any Priority Club or hotel related bonus point opportunity.


Very easy way to get 300 Priority Club points. You never know when you would have use for few hundred extra points. Priority Club seems to have these extra point earning opportunities throughout the year.

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  • Megan

    Easy. Thanks!

  • Miles

    Points not showing up in my account…might be necessary to actually download the button.

    • Did you log out and then log back in? I just did this few hours ago and on FireFox no actual downloading of anything was required.

  • Jenny

    I can’t sign up, it keeps saying that my last name doesnt match my priority club number

    • Tolpyn

      Same here, I just made an account, maybe that’s the reason?

    • I’m also having this issue (I had it with the e-miles sign-up bonus they sent me a few days ago as well). I wonder what the issue is?

    • jimmy

      Same problem here

    • Ok. I just tested this with a new account. It gave me the following error message:

      “The Priority Club Member Number or Last Name appears to be invalid.”

      Most likely this will only work for existing accounts.

  • oneeyejack

    strange, worked for my account but not my wife’s.

  • Chadillac

    Hey guys, I don’t know if this matters when I tried it – but I am using Google Chrome as my internet browser. Just a thought.

  • andrew

    if you change the ‘en-gb’ in the url to ‘en-us’, you can do it a second time and get another 300 points. perhaps there are others variations out there as well.

  • Tolpyn

    Nothings works. I tried Firefox, Safari, Chrome, my name in capital letters. Bummer I could use the 600 points.

  • Rado

    Nice one. It worked again!

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  • Joe

    People account’s are know getting frozen because of this promotion. Don’t download.

    • I am sure if you do it once you are ok. It appears to be a valid promotion. If you do it time and time again, then you might have a problem.

  • BigWhale

    I think this is invalid now.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I will check it later today and will edit the post if required.

  • ThunderStorm

    Doesn’t work. Empty page.

    • Thanks. I am going through these all over the weekend and will take off the ones that have expired.