Priority Club Welcome Survey for 1000 Bonus Points


Priority Club has been sending out a short survey for new members and giving out 1000 bonus points for completing it.


Please note that this is intended for new accounts and the points do not post instantaneously. The terms and conditions only suggest that you must be signed up for Priority Club rewards email offers to be eligible for this.


Thanks for our reader sLeEpLeSs in BaNgKoK for this tip.



This is about the easiest 1000 Priority Club bonus points that you can get.

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  • LittleMermaid

    how to submit this survey?

  • FEV7

    Yes … I did the survey but then how do you submit it for the points?

  • MJ

    Hi John,

    One need to provide a membership number in the form. Could you please advise on what’s the best way to go about it for non-members? Register and wait for the email? Or just register and use the link you provided?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

    • There are always lots of bonus points opportunities for Priority Club members. In the past few months you could have earned few thousand points just by taking advantage of all the offers. For sure it won’t hurt for singing up and then trying to see if this works for you.



  • constancensmith

    I clicked the airplane, but nothing happened except the question timeline goes up and down.

  • ups

    It can’t be submitted. Clicking airplane doesn’t do anything.

  • Joe

    Submit button only appears when you clicked through the link in your personal email invitation to run the survey. If you access this page otherwise, the button does not appear …

  • Flying Kangaroo

    i think this offer only targets new members. I am a Gold Ambassador and this does not work.

  • QuarksLeptons

    I believe they fixed the SUBMIT button already. It now appears as soon as you start scrolling down the page.

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  • Audrius

    Has anybody received any points yet?

  • BigWhale

    Still didn’t get the points. It’s been several weeks.

    • It is not unusual for points to take quite some time to post for various promotions.

  • ThunderStorm
  • Just logged in to my Priority Club account and see that 1000 points was deposited on 24th January with the following description: WELCOME TO PCR QUIZ POINTS

    • Yep.I got the points as well. Took a long time. Going to do a new piece about this.

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  • roger payne

    can not sign on

  • Leon

    I can’t even put my name nor my membership number, John.
    What do I do? How do I get those 1.000 points?