Free 1000 Club Carlson Points for Joining TGI Fridays Give Me More Stripes

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Club Carlson just sent out an email to its program members and offering them 1000 points for joining TGI Friday’s “Give Me More Stripes” program. This program is available for those that have an US postal address or access to one.


You can get some freebies from TGI Fridays when you join their program in addition to the 1000 Club Carlson points.


Please note that this offer maybe targeted, but all my family members received it. You can try signing up using this link and you may receive the points. No guarantees.


Even if you didn’t receive this invite, you can try signing up using the link. I would say that you have greater than fifty percent chance that the points will show up.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

©2012 TGI Friday’s Inc. To qualify for the bonus Gold Points, you must enroll in Friday’s® Give Me More Stripes®program by November 30, 2012 by clicking on either the “Join Give Me More Stripes today” link above or byclicking here and using the email address to which this offer was sent. Offer only valid for new members without an existing Give Me More Stripes account and is limited to a maximum of 1,000 bonus Gold Points per person. 1,000 bonus Gold Points will be posted to the member’s account 6-8 weeks after enrollment. Offer is valid only to the recipient, is non-transferable, may not be sold, and is subject to change or termination without notice. By participating in this offer, you agree to the Club Carlson program terms and conditions and the Give Me More Stripes program terms and conditions. Within 3-5 days, new Give Me More Stripes members will receive an email with their membership account number and Free Appetizer or Dessert coupon. The Free Appetizer or Dessert emailed coupon is valid for 30 days from receipt.

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  • Jiabao

    Nowhere on the form is there a field for club carlson member number, and from the wording of the terms & conditions, it seems that it finds your club carlson account by the email you use to register TGI Friday, which seems to be a weird way to locate members and credit bonus points…

    • Correct. That is the reason why said that it might be targeted and not 100% sure if the points would post.