Hilton MVP 20% Discount at Hilton Family of Hotels in the United States


Hilton has a 20% discount for MVP guests off of the BAR (Best Available Rate) at more than 2200 Hilton family of hotels in the United States. Hilton also offers a Hilton HHonors Gold status for members that sign up for the fast track offer and have four stays or nine nights during 90 day period after signing up.


This MVP rate offers 20% discount at Hilton hotels in the United States and I have used the rate several times. Please note that the discount is not always available.

There are two ways to make reservations using the MPV rate. You can use Hilton’s Direct Connect website that automatically shows the hotels where this rate is available. You can also get it to show AAA rates at the same time. The problem that I have with this Direct Connect is that it won’t show all the discount rates.

My preferred method of making the reservation using this rate is to make the booking using Hilton.com and by entering a Corporate ID that is brand dependent:

Hampton®, Doubletree® and Embassy Suites® hotels 0560041604

Hilton®, Hilton Garden Inn® hotels and at select U.S. Hilton Grand Vacations Club® locations N0041604

Here’s a rate display for DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles downtown.


The Direct Connect interface returns the MVP and AAA rates.


The Hilton search shows number of rates and the MVP rate for the date in question is 20% discount off of the BAR.


These MVP rates are not prepaid and usually allow cancellations up to 24 hours before.


This MVP discount is a nice one at hotels where it is available. The easiest way to find the available hotels is to use the Direct Connect search first and then book the hotel using regular Hilton.com using one of the two corporate account codes above.

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  • Uri

    Very useful, thanks!!

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  • JC

    Although I just used the HiltonFamilyMVP site to book a room yesterday with success and several times before it, the page went down last night (7/1/2013) and now redirects you to directconnect.hilton.com or “eAdvantage”. The code above worked on select hotels last night. However I haven’t checked as I write this. Maybe this is temporary or possibly their new program?!

    • Thanks! I will check this later today and, if there has been change, will write an update.

      • JC

        As of 6:48PM the site was up. I do apologize for the confusion. I did however check out the “eAdvantage” page while that was up. One you had a sign up as a company. That didn’t seem like a big deal. However it was a tiered system where 0-99 stay would receive 0% off the BAR and it went up from there.

        • There are often glitches with Hilton.com. Good that the MVP site came back online.

  • Question123456

    I’m confused, the MVP program looks like its for sports teams, perhaps ones affiliated with the Olympics, given the logo. Are you certain that the general public can and should be using this code or is this similar to poaching off their corp code discount from business/gov/org despite no affiliation with the group? Please answer.

    • You should only use rates that you are comfortable with.

    • Shiela

      As long as you are a Hilton honor member you can use the code.

  • Kassandra E Miller

    I’m confused…can we use the code you posted when we book or will they know we used someone else’s?

    • You shouldn’t use discount plans with which you feel uncomfortable with.

  • Leslie

    I tried it and it does work. Thanks John.

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  • KW

    Thank you – it worked in 6 Hotels in Washington,DC and in Florida in October/November – no questions…

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  • AK

    I just used it and booked a room at Hilton Long Beach via their website and they did not even ask for HHonors number during the booking process. Does it mean that this deal is now available for everyone? Or they will ask for it at the time of the check-in?

    • You will be just fine. If you were logged in to your account, the Hilton HHonors number was automatically attached to the reservation.

  • Mae

    =( Site doesnt work anymore

    • Seems that the DirectConnect Hilton website is down at the moment. You can do the reservation(s) using MVP rate by using the corporate codes listed above.

  • Ashley

    So when I get to the hotel I am staying at I just use my own Hilton Honor Member number? And they wont ask for the Corporation I am working for or anything?

  • Sarah

    I wasn’t really following what I was supposed to do and ended up calling the hilton honours people and asked about it. They gave me the 20% off without a problem. She wasn’t aware of it, so she looked it up for me and was able to give me it off. she said it was just something that you had to ask for. Thanks so much. It is totally my fault for not following what you had written.

    • Yeah. Just book using the online number in the future. No need to bring more attention to this.

  • KW

    Thank you – as I wrote 2 years ago: it worked in Florida, so in 2014 it worked in Nashville, Cincinnati, Chicago – and in 2015 I tried to book in San Francisco: the code is valid