Update: Club Carlson Gold Status for New Accounts

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Please refer to a new an updated post about this offer:

Complimentary Club Carlson Gold Status for Members in Asia Pacific

Yesterday, I wrote about the offer that Club Carlson had made for Jet Airways elites offering them instant Gold status. There was some confusion on the terms and conditions as they were referring to a Silver status at some point, but all the other text on the web page was for Gold.


If you signed up using the link, the status most likely was RED. This is the base level status with Carlson’s program.

Here’s what you need to do:

Just reply to the welcome email and make sure that the address where you are emailing it back is goldpointsplus@carlson.com.

Include the link: http://www.clubcarlson.com/privatePage.do?privateCode=GOLDUPGRADE

Mention the promo code: JetAGD12

Then write a short note that for some reason the account is shown to be RED, although it should be Gold per the terms and conditions of this offer.

Note that I prefer not doing an email template that all could use. Just use your own words and include the information above.


You will then receive an acknowledgement that they have received the email and that it will be processed shortly.


It took about seven hours to receive the reply. They had processed the account upgrade to Gold.


This is an easy way for Club Carlson Gold status. It is likely that you need to send that email after registering, but that shouldn’t bee too difficult.

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  • luxboy

    it’s just for the ASIA pacific residents. I just got a reply

    • Mine had an European address and got the reply above.

  • Guest

    We appreciate your recent message.

    Our apologies as this promotion was for Asia Pacific residents only. Our
    apologies for any inconvenience.

    We hope you continue to enjoy the many benefits of Club Carlson.

    • It works for an instant Gold if you use an address in the Asia pacific.

  • Zipolite

    I received Gold Elite status first go..Probably because I live in Australia..Thanks (again) John