Marriott Rewards MegaBonus 2013 February 1 to April 30

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Marriott just released the MegaBonus 2013 offers for stays between February 1 and April 30, 2013. As has been the case with these Marriott bonus promotions, they have number of targeted versions that are dependent of your activity in the past. The options are exactly the same as on the fall 2012 MegaBonus that is still going on (at the time of writing this). Note that the registration deadline for this promo is on March 15, 2013.


Here are the options for the Marriott Rewards 2013 MegaBonus:

1. Free night certificate category 1-4 for every two paid stays. Max 3 free night certificates.

2. Free night certificate category 1-5 for every two paid stays. Max 2 free night certificates.

3. 25000 bonus points after 15 paid nights + 15000 bonus after 20 nights. Maximum bonus 40000 points.

4. 35000 bonus points after 20 paid nights + 15000 bonus after 25 nights. Maximum bonus 50000 points.

You can access the Marriott’s page for this promotion at, but you will need to be most likely logged in to your account before you can see it. Alternatively, you should find your targeted promotion by logging in to your Marriott Rewards and going to Promotion Central. The base version of this promotion that is open to all is the option number 1 above.

I was targeted for the free night certificate version of this promotion and it does work for me. If the targeted promotion doesn’t work for you, I have written a piece about how to get it changed. Marriott unofficially allows targeted promotions to be changed. I have done it by myself in the past.


Marriott has been very predictable with its MegaBonus promotions for years. I love the fact that they are announced always very early so that you can plan accordingly.

My personal choice for the past few years has always been the free night certificates. They don’t work well in the Americas or Europe due to category 1 to 4 limitation, but there are plenty of properties in the Middle East and Asia where you can use them.

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  • Jim Strong

    Just wondering about the different wording “Stays at our exclusive luxury hotel partner, The Ritz-Carlton®, will count
    toward achievement.” A stay at a RC counts then? I am assuming with “achievement” it does but want to make sure.

    • John O.

      Stays at participating Ritz-Carlton hotels do count. Note that there are few Ritz-Carlson hotels like the one in Singapore that do not participate to even Ritz-Carlton Rewards.

      There is likely a different promo for Ritz-Carlton properties.

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  • Terry

    do any of the airlines offer elite status match?

    • John O.

      Some airlines offer status matches. I write about them here on LoyaltyLobby as well.

  • rxgeek

    Marriott will register you for promos by phone even after the closing date. And, the registration is retroactive to cover existing reservations. How nice!

    • John O.

      That is great as the registration windows for this promotion is now closed.

  • kris

    I am registered for it however my terms&con and details option are blinded/empty. Do you have some for option no2? Is it really up to 30th april, cause there is 20th april mentioned here >
    Second question about exclusions – especially are USA and Carribean hotels participationg in MegaBonus2013?

    • John O.

      You can earn these at ALL hotels. There are no exclusion.

      The terms and conditions opens just fine for me:

      “Marriott Rewards® members who register for this promotion by 15 March 2013 will earn one (1) free night award at a category 1-5 hotel after each second paid stay made between 1 February and 30 April 2013, at a participating Marriott property.”