Priority Club Platinum Status Match


Priority Club Platinum status was previously very easy to get by just having maybe seven stays per year, when all the points deposited counted towards the status. This changed, however, on January 1, 2013.

Base points earned from Qualifying Rates paid for hotel stays, points collected from partner transactions, PCR Bonus Points Packages and Meeting Rewards are considered Elite Qualifying Points and counted towards membership elite status.

Priority Club still continues to match status from competing programs. I requested a list of programs that they match, but didn’t get one. Apparently, they are really matching most similar programs such as Best Western, Choice, Hilton, Hyatt, Le Club Accorhotels, Marriott, Starwood etc.

Edit (July 8, 2013): There has been a change on programs they match and Club Carlson/Accor both have been dropped from the list of programs that they match. I will write an updated piece about IHG Rewards Club status match within the next week. 

Which program did you match and how long it took Priority Club to upgrade your status? Leave a message below.

Priority Club Base Gold Platinum Comparison
Priority Club Base Gold Platinum Comparison

Here’s how to request the status match:

1. If you don’t have Priority Club account, sign up first at

2. Then you have two choices:

You can either call 1-888-211-9874 (If you are not located in the United, just use Skype) and follow the instructions that they give you.

You are likely asked to email screen shot of the competing programs web page showing your status directly to the person’s email that is speaking with you.


You can send email an email to and request a status match to Priority Club Platinum.

Remember to include a screen shot of the competing programs web page that shows the status that you have and your Priority Club account number.

Priority Club’s status matches are ONLY valid for the current calendar year.

With most other programs, the status that is matched or fast tracked, through a challenge, on the second half of the year is carried over for the following calendar year as well. This is not the case with Priority Club.

If you are planning to have stays at InterContinental Hotels Group properties later in 2013, it doesn’t hurt to have the status matched from the competing program right now.

There are often promotions that won’t work unless you have Gold or Platinum status with Priority Club.

Also, if you happen to be a Gold Ambassador, you will also receive a new Platinum Ambassador kit with some extra Priority Club points + free weekend night voucher. Definitely worth doing a status match just to get those.


We’ll see if Priority Club is going to spice up the Platinum benefits outside of the greater China this year. Properties in greater China were going to start giving more defined benefits such as complimentary internet and upgrades to Platinum members.

Overall, I don’t mind staying occasionally at non-InterContinental locations as well. In those occasions the Platinum status comes handy.

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  • Dave

    These are WONDERFUL news. I recently got a Gold Ambassador + weekend certificate and would love the upgrade to Platinum and another weekend certificate. 🙂
    THANKS!!! :)))

    • Don’t tell anyone, but you will get another 5K or 10K Priority Club bonus points voucher on the Platinum package as well.

      • Dave

        Yay! 🙂
        John – you’re a God! 🙂

  • ETCD21

    This may be a dumb question, but can this in any way negatively effect my current loyalty program, if they were to know I submitted for this status match? I’m currently SPG Platinum and just want to make sure I dont risk losing my privileges over there. Any feedback would be appreciated–Thanks!

    • They don’t contact the hotel chain that you are matching from. They only request this so that they can document your request.

      • ETCD21


  • Jancker

    I am gold with Club Carlson and Priority Club made me Platinum instantly. This was last year, however, my account still says that I am platinum with the note “Only 50 more qualifying nights or 60,000 more points to maintain Platinum Ambassador for next year.” – hope it’s going to be valid for a while (although I can’t say I really ever got anything for it)

    • When did you match? The official line from IHG/Priority Club is that the match is only valid for the calendar year.

      • Ron L.

        I status matched to Priority Club Platinum around the end of June 2012. My status is still showing Platinum online at this point in 2013.

      • Jancker

        I think it was in August, and I managed to take advantage of some of the promotions you posted, think I banked 15K points for a 1-night stay – thanks BTW, awesome site

        • Thanks. Seems that they are not going exactly by the “calendar” year that they are communicating. That’s good news.

          • Jancker

            Just logged into my Priority Club account and they downgraded me to Gold… Do you think I could status match again or should I try the sign up for a new account, status match and then send my points over?

          • Interesting. What kind of proof of status with a competing chain did you send them?

          • Jancker

            I sent them a screenshot of my Club Carlson account. I have pinged the PC customer service, as I will sign up to a new account otherwise and status match again. My Platinum card says it’s valid until 2013 (doesn’t specify exactly when though 🙂 )

          • Jancker

            and I am Platinum again, just sent a mail again and was made instantly Platinum. Quite easy actually

          • Good to know.

  • kris

    Is it possible to do status match on different direction? From PC Plat to any other hotel chain? Especially Hilton or SPG I am interested in but would consider other chains and stays with privileges there as well

    • I have written about both Hilton and SPG status matches before. Hilton Gold is easy to get through numerous promotions, but SPG requires relatively high number of nights during 90 day period to qualify.

    • Ash

      I matched ihg plat to best western and got diamond status

  • John, I matched Priority Platinum from Hilton Diamond quite recently on December 13, 2012. I received a reply from Priority Club’s customer service the same day and the Platinum status posted the next day. It is valid until end of 2013. Now if they only change that idiotic 2.000 points per stay (independent of the folio) rule for non-US Intercontinental properties, this could be a good program for international travellers

    • BTW the 2K PC per stays works actually in my favor as all my paid stays are for one night.

  • Andy F.

    Hi John, question of the plat. benefits in China: can a US based (I mean the address on profile) Plat member get those benefits when staying at IHG properties in China?

    • The benefits apply to all Priority Club Gold/Platinum members regardless where their account is based. for now, the extended benefits only apply to IHG properties in greater China, however.

  • Points Surfer

    Interesting….so I don’t have to bother earning PCR Plat for 2014….just Match from a SPG Plat program, etc in Jan 2014.

    • If they don’t change the status match requirements, yes.

  • HK

    FYI they matched my A/Club platinum within 48hrs. I am wondering if i should have done it step by step ie reach gold with my Hilton H, then platinum with my Accor card in order to maximise….

    • If you had had Ambassador, you would have been Gold anyway. By then applying for Platinum, would have ensured another Ambassador package – this time Platinum one.

  • Hi john, Im a diamond member for best western, do you know if the offer still valid?

    • I doubt that they would have discontinued status match this week.

  • Just received my confirmation of status match with Le Club Accor Platinum – only took a few days – Thanks John.

  • You cannot normally do status matches back to back.

    • wendy

      I didn’t know. Thank you for the reply. greetings Wendy

  • YL

    I tried calling Priority Club to do a status match with my Le Club Accorhotels platinum. They said they couldn’t find Accorhotels as part of their list? Appreciate your advice on this. Thanks.

    • They may have not heard from Le Club. Try telling that you would like to match Accor Platinum. Should ring their bells.

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  • JetLad

    Odd that PriorityClub matches Hilton HHonors Gold to Platinum, but matches Starwood Gold (which is equivalent to HHonors Gold) only to Gold.

    • It certainly is. You can get HH GOld for 4 stays and sometimes as a straight sign up offer i.e. Visa Infinite in Asia.

  • Priority Club just matched by request by using Choice Privileges (where I am in the top Diamond tier). It took two tries. I sent them a screen shot, but they said it needed to have a date. I sent another and pointed out that the date was on the screen shot. They did not contact me any after that, but I just looked and I’ve been “promoted”.

  • cmcbugg

    I emailed Priority Club asking for a status match from Accor and sent them a screen shot showing my Accor Platinum status, but they have twice written back saying I must provide an Accor statement. I don’t have one.. ?!? Any suggestions.

    • Print your account statement page into a PDF that shows the date and email it to them.

  • Apollo

    Matching Program doesn’t work for the 2nd time. It only works once a life time for 1 account

    • Maybe or maybe not. Officially, it well could be once in a lifetime per account. Not that difficult to open later another account and do a match.

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  • Seeyin

    Hi John it works for me. I use accor platinum to status match priority club n marriot. Priority club replied and confirm platinum status within 48hours. While marriot Hv nt get back to me yet.
    I’m planning to sign up ambassator package of priority club as well. However I Hv a question. Perhaps u know the answer. If I Hv platinum elite plus embassator, I’m granted with room upgraded in intercontinental hotel. Does it mean I book a classic room n I can expect to b upgraded to club room?

  • Diana

    I followed these steps the other day and when I sent in the screenshot, they asked for a copy of the latest statement from Le Club Accorhotels. I’m not sure what they mean by this, and when will my statement be sent to me? I just signed up for Le Club for the sole reason of getting a status match for Priority Club.

    • I just helped a friend of mine yesterday and we just emailed copies of the account screen when logged in online that shows the status and the name + the welcome email. Obviously cut so that all the crap is not included.

      • Diana

        I just followed your instructions on one of the comments below and turned what I was taking as a screenshot into a PDF. Then I labeled it as statementmarch2013. It worked! When I was sending in the screenshots they kept coming back and asking me for a statement instead. Thanks!

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  • johnny

    Do they send you a card right away? Or.after first stay?

    • They do send a card at some point. Likely don’t need a stay, but it will take some time.

      • Johnny

        How long? few weeks? few months?

        • I woulds say 2 to 4 weeks, but you don’t really need the card at all. All the reservation that you do reflect your status and Priority Club number.

          • Johnny

            72 hours and still no reply 🙁

          • Did you call PC or just sent them an email?

  • Thomas

    Matching from Le Club Accorhotels Platinum worked fine. Took around 48hrs. Just attached pdf (statementmarch2013.pdf) i created from Accor welcome mail.
    Thanks a bunch

    • Yeah. Seems to be still working as expected.

    • Johnny

      Keep us posted if PC ever does mail you a new card in the mail!

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  • Karsten

    Hi John tried the status match with my marriott gold account. I never get a reply from Priority Club. It’s a week ago now. Did they change anything in the process?

    • You need to call Priority Club and get the agents ending email address where you can then send the documents. If it is not processed with a day, call again and start over.

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  • tom34

    Seems like IHG does not match from Accor any more. I just received reply:

    “Unfortunately, Le Club Accor is not part of the Competitor Program where we can match your status .Please see below lists of the Competitor Programs:

    Best Western Rewards
    Carlson GoldPoints Plus
    Choice Privileges
    Hilton HHonors
    Hyatt Gold Passport
    Marriott Rewards
    Starwood Preferred Guest”

    • See, the first choice in your list is the Accor’s A Club that was just renamed to Le Club Accorhotels. You just need to point this out for them.

      • tom34

        I’ll try that out and let u know, but supposing they should have known that… – thanks for the hint John!

        • It does work because I did it in the past 24 hours. It was first declined due to not being A Club, but a call and another email fixed the problem.

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  • Logic

    Just told they don’t match Accor, I have sent 2 emails and no luck yet

    • They have the program listed as A|Club on their system. You have to ask them specifically to match A Club Platinum.

      • Logic

        Ive made 2 calls and two emails, both told me they don’t match, I’m gold Hhonors which they said they would match but not showing in my account yet. I also asked to email on the spot but they said use the normal email or as I’m ambassador gold the ambassador email.
        I did get automated response , nothing else

        • They do certainly have personal business ending email addresses. May take few times to get one to willingly disclose it for you.

  • Call them.

  • hannah

    I heard the same story.

    I sent the screen shot last thursday and haven’t heard back, so I called,
    And they are saying they only match

    Best Western


    No more Club Carlson or Accor.

    I asked them if they can send me an email list but she said she can’t, and tried to show me the list on their website, which doesn’t exist.

    She insists the list above are the only hotels above and nothing else.

    She even checked this site (She found it on websearch), and say the list below (including A Club and Carlson) are the list of “competitor programs” and not the list what they would match.

    Does this make sense? It is really frustrating.

    • I need to do a follow up piece about this soon and will confirm the information above with the IHG. You can always match to Best Western Rewards and use that for a status match with IHG.

  • DSC

    Just called for a Platinum match for Accor Platinum and A Club Platinum – was told by IHG agent that neither were matching programs in their system.

    • Thanks! I have now put a disclaimer on top and will do an updated piece about this shortly.

  • Manuel Labor

    I called the number and sent a screenshot of my Diamond status screen on the Hilton Hhonors iPad app at 10:30 am today. By 1:10 pm they sent a confirmation email with my new Platinum member status. Thanks!! Proof below:

  • Achilleas

    Do other programs offer a status match, e.g. I am on the IHG Gold Ambassador level, will Hyatt offer me a tier 2 Gold Passport upgrade? Also, does anyone know about Leaders Club and if I can escalate my status on Hyatt or SPG given my Access level at LHW? Thanks!

    • You can read my piece about Hyatt Gold Passport status matches that you can find by using the Google site search on the right hand column. Hyatt will offer you a challenge. They no longer do straight status matches.

      I have not covered LHW, so cannot tell anything about their program now.

  • marco

    Hi John, I tryed to get a status match to platinum. ( I have platinum status in Accor).
    Unfortunately they told me by mail, that Accor is not longer part of the program.

    Saludos Marco

  • Leon

    Dear John,
    Can you please inform me if IHG has either a current or an upcoming promotion that I should be aware of?

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  • Abdul G Habibuzaman

    Just received my Platinum status this month. I applied for the Chase IHG Rewards MasterCard with 0$ annual fee (first year) and then 49$ for the future years. Once I completed my minimum spend (1000$) – my status was updated online in my rewards account to PLATINUM.

    PLATINUM status is an automatic benefit when you have the Chase IHG Rewards MasterCard.

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