Priority Club (InterContinental Hotels Group) Master Property List January 11, 2013


Priority Club is set to release their new award structure on January 18, 2013. You can book using old award levels, if the price of the free night have gone up, until march 18, 2013, by calling Priority Club Rewards service center.

Priority Club New Award Categories
Priority Club New Award Categories

Priority Club (InterContinental Hotels Group) has, however, refused to release a list of properties with their current and new award point levels.

We have compiled a list of around 4200 Priority Club properties and their award requirement as of January 11, 2013. InterContinental Hotels Group should have approximately 4500 hotels on its hotel portfolio. Some of these don’t allow any awards i.e. IHG Military Hotels. This list is likely missing around 3% to 5% of the current active hotel portfolio, but includes all InterContinental branded IHG hotels.

If you find a hotel that is missing from the list, you can leave a message below or send me an email. We can then include them in future updates.

We are planning to release a new list once the award category change has occurred and later a list of properties that have moved up/down in number of points required for a free night.

This list has been compiled from publicly available sources, but is copyrighted by LoyaltyLobby.


You can use this PDF to check against new award point requirements on January 18, 2013. If you are making a booking for a hotel that requires more points, you should call Priority Club and inform them about the lower point requirement prior to January 18. According to their press release, they are honoring the old point levels by request until March 18, 2013.

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  • bluecat

    nice work and much appreciated!

  • Timo

    Thanks for great work!

  • jpgisbd

    Awesome work! This is great.

  • Henrik Johansson

    Very impressive work!

  • Alan

    great work! not sure if you want to know about missing hotels, but if so the HI Rotorua, NZ is one such one!

    • Of course. I have put a note on the body of the text to solicit hotels that are missing from the list. We can then include them on future updates.

      • Alan

        Yeah, looks like I totally missed that bold statement in the text when skim reading!

        • You didn’t miss it. I added it after you left your message.

          • Alan

            OK, in that case I don’t feel like such a numpty 😀

  • Bas

    Thank you! Great job!

  • Lively

    Great job! I will definitely use this!

  • MES

    Really appreciate all your work on this. A super helpful list!

  • Laura

    There’s a Holiday Inn Express in Marion, IL not listed. Its fairly new (opened May 2012). We stayed there the week after they opened.

  • Ali

    Awesome! Thanks John

  • Andy F.

    Thanks for your great work!

    Question: Where could we get the points required for redemption 1/18-3/18 , or it has not been released?

    • The new point structure will be unveiled on 18th of this month. You can use old point levels, if the the ones are higher, until March 18th by phoning the Priority Club.

      • Andy F.


  • Richard1148

    Thank you for this. It would be great if the final list could be in spreadsheet form so we could sort the columns as needed.

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  • Nacho

    Hi John, You missed 2 HIE in Hong Kong, and currently they are both 15k points, also there is an Indigo in Hong Kong which will officially open March this year. Thanks for the work!

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  • Nate

    Another hotel to add to the list is the Crowne Plaza in the city of Semarang in Indonesia. It’s currently 25,000 points per night (though I suspect that will drop significantly).

    • Thanks. I am about to post an updated list but this one is likely still missing. It will be on the list that we are doing after the new award levels have been published.

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  • MJM

    FYI in Charleston, SC, there is a new hotel opening next week (Jan. 23) called Charleston Historic. I booked it at 15K about two weeks ago. I checked this morning and see it is now 20K.

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  • HoKo

    Very useful list, any chance we could get the data in excel so that I can sort hotels by location and point amounts? Would be extremely helpful!