Air France-KLM Flying Blue Gold Status Match Campaign

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These status match offers from number of airlines come and go yearly. Last year, I took advantage of status match offers from Alaska, Etihad and SAS. They can come handy for extra miles, lounge access, and for matching with other airlines.


Now, Air France-KLM has a status match campaign for Flying Blue Gold status from any alliance. Airlines don’t normally match within an alliance, but this would indicate matching from other SkyTeam airlines as well.


This offer is valid until May 30, 2013. There are separate offers for Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It is unclear if your account address on file with the Flying Blue needs to be in one of the listed countries.

I currently have SkyTeam Elite Plus status via Delta’s SkyMiles until 2014. I am not sure, how my qualification will change now that Delta lowered the number of Medallion Qualifying Miles one earns on partner airlines and having status via other SkyTeam airline could come handy as well. Flying Blue elite members also have earlier access to their promotional awards.


So, I decided to take advantage this offer and match to my SAS Eurobonus Gold status. I just opened a new Flying Blue account for Finland and uploaded a copy of my Eurobonus card that shows the valid Gold status until June, 2014. Immediately after uploading the card, you will be shown a screen that confirms the Flying Blue Gold status.


When you log out from your account and log back in, the status is the base Ivory one. It does make sense for Flying Blue to at least have a look at the photo of the cards that people have uploaded.


It can make sense to take advantage of these status match offers even if you are not sure whether you will fly the airline as you can often match from one program to another.

LoyaltyLobby reader alerted me about this offer and it has been covered in FlyerTalk as well.

Here are the terms and conditions listed for this offer:

Flying Blue offer is valid until 30 May, 2013. Flying Blue programme rules apply. To review the rules, please visit or Preferred seating subject to limited availability and will not be available on all flights. Partner airline benefits subject to change and subject to the terms and conditions of each partner. Offers void where prohibited by law. Offers and rules are subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.

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  • Do Gold members get access to AF F?

  • Eric

    Any idea when this newly matched status is valid until? If I do the status match after March 31, is it possible to stretch the gold status to 2015?

    • I did the match yesterday. I will do an update when I receive the card and what expiry date it might have. Right now, I have no idea if you can get later expiry by doing the match later this spring.

  • KevininRI

    Is the status match only good until May 2013 or is that when this offer is valid until? And can we assume this is only a once in a lifetime offer?

    • The status match offer is currently valid until the end of May, 2013. Sometimes these status match offers get retired early.

      Once in a lifetime per account…..

      • Alan

        I didn’t see anything in the T&Cs re once per lifetime per a/c?

        • They often are. Note that I said once per account (normally). Not that difficult to open another account at a later day for some other match opportunity (if required).

  • Neil

    Woah, very helpful. Thanks! I’ll still credit my miles to AS, but the card itself appears like it will be useful for lounge access when flying in coach on Delta/AF from the US to Eastern Europe. Plus the excess baggage allowance, which burned me once on an AF flight late last year.

    • Exactly. If you are crediting AF/KL flights to AS, I would have the Flying Blue number on file right up to the gate for potential operational upgrades. You can change it at the gate to the AS one and request them to print a new BP with AS number showing (just to be on the safe side).

  • joe

    im trying to get matched do i opened a account in norway, but i dont know where to upload my gold card in order to be matched,
    would they match my delta gold status that expire in february 2013?

  • I did the match, and my profile still shows as Ivroy. Anyone show Gold yet?

    • Still Ivory. It probably takes a while for them to have a look at the uploaded cards.

      • Looks like they clamped down, and its only for members in DK. 🙁

        • Actually, each of the country editions has now version the following text:
          “Flying Blue offer is valid until 28 February, 2013 and is only valid for Norwegian residents.”

  • bazyl

    after not having the status updated I sked AF/FlyingB directly. they replied to me that they do no offer any status match… interesting

    • It is likely that they don’t offer worldwide. They do, however, in Finland/Sweden/Noway/Denmark.

  • I just did the update with my Danish SAS gold and it gave me a page saying – “gratulations, your gold card is on its way, so I assume im ok ??

    • Alan

      Not necessarily – that seems to be a standard message you get upon just submitting the form.

    • You always get the same message regardless what you upload.

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  • TommyP

    I wrote to their customer service and got the reply that I was approved and my status would change to gold latest end of March.

    • Good. My status hasn’t changes yet. Just checked again.

      Did they get back to you regarding how long your status match would be valid?

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  • Alan

    Just an update on this – my free year of Gold is due to finish next month but I’ve been given a soft landing to Silver – nice! 🙂

    • Mine is expiring as well. You got the Silver card on mail?

      • Alan

        Yep, along with some new luggage tags!