Air Canada Introduces Premium Economy on Select Routes

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Air Canada is late to the premium economy game. There are quite a few companies that used to allow employees to fly on business class, but have reverted to economy only policy. By offering economy plus, Air Canada is able to capture part of this market. You can read more about this product on Air Canada’s website here.


Starting this coming July, the premium economy will be available on the Montreal to Paris route. The Air Canada’s leisure airline, the Rouge, will also introduce the premium economy seating under the Premium Rouge brand.

Oh well, of course by introducing this premium economy, Air Canada will make it bit more miserable for the regular economy passengers. The cabin layout will go from 3-3-3 to 3-4-3 and they are reducing the leg room by an inch from 32 to 31.

Benefits for Premium Economy Passengers



Considering that the premium economy will be class below of not so stellar Air Canada business, I am not sure what to make out of these “hot” towel service, amenity kit and larger pillow.


It was about the time for Air Canada to introduce some sort of Premium Economy product. Let’s just hope that they price it reasonably between business and economy.

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  • xianrocker

    Looks similar to ANA’s Y+ offering minus the lack of lumbar and footrest. Still miles behind Air NZ.

  • Pacifico

    “hot towel” service is a kind of pampered… >_<
    I believe the future when Economy Class stop serving diet coke & m&m, then they will set up "complementary diet coke" & "complementary m&m service" will be two different ways of pampered amenities.

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