Hilton HHonors Hotel Award Category Excel Master List March 28, 2013

by John Ollila on February 28, 2013

You can find below the Excel spreadsheet that I converted from the PDF that Hilton released about the category changes last week.

Download (XLS, 336KB)

Above is the Excel sheet.

Download (PDF, 1.21MB)

And above is the PDF released by Hilton.


I am writing more thoughts about this Hilton devaluation later today. I first had to convert the PDF to Excel and decided to make it public as well. Easier to sort the properties by their new category level.

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  • je

    isn’t it february 28?

    • http://loyaltylobby.com/ John O.

      The changes take effect on March 28.

      • je

        oh i see :)

  • http://travelbugdiaryblog.wordpress.com/ Travel Bug

    Thank you post posting this. So much easier than searching through a pdf.

    • http://loyaltylobby.com/ John O.

      It is. There is something wrong with the Google Docs embed widget, but the downloading works well.

  • Lively

    Thanks for the spreadsheet. I’ve already changed the font size and I’m looking at it. :)

    • http://loyaltylobby.com/ John O.

      Lol! The font size could have been on the small size.

  • Richard1148

    Does this include all Hilton properties or just the ones that are changing category?

    • http://loyaltylobby.com/ John O.

      This should include ALL Hilton properties as of late February 2013 per Hilton’s own PDF list.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/princeofeg Amir Le Ricain

    Thank you! I wish Hilton had included the state/country name next to each hotel, rather than putting them together by region. When it says “Hampton Inn – Columbus”, you have to dig deeper to see if it’s Columbus, OH or Columbus, GA or …

    • http://loyaltylobby.com/ John O.

      It is bit difficult for some Hampton Inns in the United States as there are few cities with exact same names.

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