Daily Archives: Mar 12, 2013

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There has been news pieces about fake reviews that the owners of hotels have either purchased or generated by themselves. Then, there are complaints from hoteliers that people or competitors that have never visited the property have left negative/fake reviews.


I sometimes leave a short review of a hotel on TripAdvisor, as I often found TripAdvisor reviews of questionable quality. You can easily do the review using TripAdvisor’s mobile app i.e. while in a taxi. [click to continue…]

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United just emailed out an offer to purchase up to 100K miles at 40% off of the usual price. This offer is only valid for 3 days and expires on march 14 at 11.59PM CDT. This offer doesn’t appear to be targeted unlike the similar offer in February. You can make the purchase using this link.


You can get the maximum 40% discount IF you are buying more than 50K miles. [click to continue…]