Targeted American Airlines Instant Gold, Platinum & Executive Platinum Fast Track Offers


American Airlines has sent out today three different targeted offers for instant Gold, Platinum or Executive Platinum status with upgrades through August 31, 2013, and fast track offer for keeping the status through February 28, 2015, for reaching level dependent flight goal.


The Gold offer comes with 10 500-mile upgrades and the Platinum one with 20.

Executive Platinum offer includes unlimited domestic upgrades (no need for 500-mile upgrades) and you will receive 8 evips once you have reached the flight qualification requirement.

The Gold offer requires 6,000 elite qualifying miles or points, Platinum version 12,000 and Executive one 30,000 by August 31 for extending the status all the way to February 28, 2015.

The travel must be on American Airlines, American Eagle, American Connection, British Airways, Iberia, Japan Airlines or Qantas to count towards the flight goal.

You can read more about American Airlines Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum elite benefits here.


If you have been targeted for any of these offers, there is absolutely no downside for accepting it. The Executive Platinum offer is excellent, as it comes with the 8 evips once you have received the flight goal.

Thanks for LoyaltyLobby reader Mike that forwarded me the email he had received from American.

Here are the terms of the Gold offer:


Here are the terms of the Platinum offer:


Here are the terms of the Executive Platinum offer:


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  • Scottrick

    There could be a downside if you accept a match and fail to requalify. Getting a second status match would be more difficult, but I agree this is not a big problem if you only want the upgrades.

    • This is not really a status match. It doesn’t require you to do anything else than just sign up for the promotion.

      • Scottrick

        Fair point. I misread the offer.

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  • What’s the code for the Platinum one?

    • If you were not targeted for this offer, the system allows you to register, but nothing will post.

      • Jay

        it says in the t&c that it takes 7-10 business days for the 500mile upgrade to come into effect after registering. Maybe it takes that long for it to post the gold Status as well (even though it says instant)?

        • I doubt that it is truly instant. I would say that it likely takes a day.

      • Manny

        How do you register? Do you have the link?

  • Travelista

    Any ideas how targets are chosen? I’m working on requalifying and certainly didn’t receive this fantastic offer… Oh, my main OW carrier is sadly NOT listed in the terms.

    • AA wants to get new business basically. I don’t know what is the “secret sauce” that they use to come up with the list of targeted customers for these.

  • josh

    Can you send the code for the gold offer?

    • That is on the screenshot above.

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  • tmt

    Anybody has Executive Platinum Code? Please post it here. I am flying to Asia next month and want to use this promotion. I am already a Platinum member but I did register for the 500 mile upgrades.

    • This is a targeted offer. If you didn’t get the offer email from AA, it is extremely unlikely that the promo would apply to your account.

  • Molly

    I have called American about these offers. If you were not sent the e-mail you can register, but the promo will never apply. The targeted e-mail attaches a code to your account. You must have the internal code attached and register to participate.

  • Roderick

    Any word for getting Aadvantage Customer service to target an old EXE and lifetime Platinum? I would be most grateful I called, but the lady said (after talking to about 10 different ones) that you need to have the code for the registration BUT also the code for that they only have for targeting people.

    • Not going to happen unless they target their former elites.

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