IHG Rewards Club Promotion: 1000 Bonus Points Per Stay For 60 Days

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IHG Rewards Club has a new promotion for 1000 bonus points PER stay for 60 days after you sign up for this promotion.


You can earn this 1000 bonus points unlimited number of times during the 60 day period.


You can sign up for this promotion here or use the promotion code 4709 on priority.com/register.

This promotion is combinable with the other 1000 bonus points per stay promotion that is valid for 90 days after registration. You can read more about it here.


I am very pleased to see most of the promotion that were retired earlier this year to come up. You should sign up for this one during the period that you have as many IHG hotel stays as possible to maximize the pay out.

Thanks for LoyaltyLobby reader Michael for alerting me about this and other IHG Rewards Club offers.

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  • Natasha

    Thanks, John. You have been such a big help and I really appreciate it.

    • There are some more one time bonus offers as well that I will write in couple of days after confirming that they post well.

      • Kevin P.

        Hey John. Do you know what the latest date is that one can sign up for the 1000 points for 60 days and 1000 points for 90 days?

        • In the previous years, these offers have been year round, but the offer codes may have changed. It doesn’t guarantee that this will continue in 2013, however.

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