IHG Rewards Club Weekend Stay Bonus Update: 5000 Points For Two Night Stay

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On March, I wrote about the Weekend Stay-bonus promotion from IHG Rewards Club for 5000 bonus points for a two night weekend stay; Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. You can read my piece about this promotion here.


I had a two night weekend stay at InterContinental hotel in Asia at the beginning of May.


The 5000 bonus points for the weekend stay just posted to my account about two weeks after the stay.


This bonus points do not post with the stay, as most of the other bonuses, but during a sweep for this promotion. I am not sure, how often IHG Rewards Club has sweeps for this promotion. You may get the bonus points sooner or it might take longer.


It is likely that this promotion requires your IHG Rewards Club account address to be in the United States for the promotion points to post.

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  • http://www.rapidtravelchai.com Rapid Travel Chai

    Looking at your screenshot I see the same issue as I had on a recent stay at the Intercontinental Pudong Shanghai, my first Intercontinental stay. I received the 2,000 points per stay bonus but nothing for my dollars spent. It looks the same on your stay. I submitted a missing points request a week ago but never got a response. Do we not earn for dollars spent?

    • http://loyaltylobby.com/ John O.

      You earn flat 2000 base points per stay at InterContinental Hotels outside of the Americas + InterContinental Alliance Resorts within the American regardless of the money spend.

      It used to be like this in the Americas as well, but it was changed from flat 2000 points to be based on the spend on February 15, 2012. See here: http://loyaltylobby.com/2012/01/12/priority-club-tweaking-point-earnings-at-intercontinental-hotels-starting-february-15th/

      • http://www.rapidtravelchai.com Rapid Travel Chai

        Well that was a waste of an 8-day stay. I should have done more research in advance.

        • http://loyaltylobby.com/ John O.

          This flat 2K per stay actually works usually in my favor, as most of my stays are for one night and Asia, where the rates are often less than $200.

          • conde_c_b

            It is better to stay at any Intercontinental for a night or so if they are going to pay you only 2,000 points. But one thing is for sure that since February of last year all Intercontinental hotels in North America and Central America pay 10 points per dollar spent except for the three Intercontinental Alliance Hotels – 2 are in Las Vegas and 1 is in Phoenix, Arizona which pays you only 2,000.

          • http://loyaltylobby.com/ John O.

            Yep. That is the reason why I mentioned Asia on my reply above.

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  • B1BomberVB

    I got lucky by getting this bonus on a Thur. PM–Sat. AM stay! Posted 2 weeks after I checked out.

    • http://loyaltylobby.com/ John O.

      It could make sense too because the weekend is defined as Thursday to Sunday in the Middle East. That is interesting find.

      • B1BomberVB

        But my stay was in Florida!

        • http://loyaltylobby.com/ John O.

          Maybe it is then enough that ONE of the nights is a weekend night?

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