Competition: How Many Priority Club Points Does This One Night Stay Earn?


In the past few days, I have written about quite a few IHG Rewards Club promotions. Some of them are new on-going and some one time bonuses.


So, here’s a quiz for you. How many Priority Club points does $100 tax inclusive rate earn at limited service IHG property for a new member that has signed up for program, done a status match to Platinum and registered for all the current bonus offers?

Note that not all the bonuses listed on the above screen shot will post and there could be some that post that are not listed. I will only count the bonuses that will post with the actual stay – delayed promotional point postings are not included.

Leave your best educated guess below by 11:59PM PST On June 2, 2013, and you could win the number of points earned. I will not deposit the number of points to your account, but can book the award night (or awards nights in case of Point Breaks) for you.

Please only participate once. I will choose the winner that has guessed the number of points earned closest to the actual posting from Priority Club. If there are more than one, the person that has posted first wins. I will announce the winner on June 8, 2013.


Now it is a good time to stay at IHG Rewards Club properties due to the number of on going promotions that one can take advantage of.

Make your best educated guess about the number of points earned for the stay above and you could win the points.

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  • Zvi Josef

    My guess – 23000 points. πŸ™‚

    • colin

      16550 is my guestimate

      • Martin


        • Joanna


  • RogerWilco

    15k points

  • Karim Sie

    20000 points

  • lsed


    But John, I honestly rather you did not publicise about this practice.

    The bonuses are great, I suspect they’re all back again this time in lieu of cashbacks.

    It’s an interesting experiment no doubt. However this may encourage others to follow likewise and IHG has locked accounts down for such promo abuses.

    Also if it leads to less promos in the future that means no cashbacks + fewer bonuses.

    Why is there Amb Accelerator on a new account? Does this work for non Amb members too?

    • Most of these bonuses are one time only and I have written about them in 2012 as well. See

      I am not aware of that IHG would have closed accounts that had signed up for legit promos instead of just typing random promo numbers at priorityclub,com/register OR done those quizzes etc that do not require any stays over and over on number of accounts.

      And I have also pointed out that nobody should have more than one account, but it is ok to have an account for each member of the household.

      • lsed

        Don’t get me wrong, sharing the new bonuses are great and I fully appreciate it.

        But creating a brand new account and plugging all the new bonus codes in to show how high one can earn these per account, may encourage quite a bit of abuse IMO.

        Furthermore while the promo codes are legit, IHG sends some of them out targeted (though not limiting them to specific accounts). I’m sure these bonuses were not intended for members to rake up a whole list of bonuses with new accounts – even if they still abide by one account for each member of the household.

        It would be horrible if IHG implements that these bonuses only work on the specific accounts they were targeted for.

        I love your blog because you stand different by posting insightful, useful and especially the time consuming manually calculated information like award chart devaluations. But I feel this article may not be in the best interest of your core readers.

  • candyfloss

    14750ish.. depending on the tax rate!

  • Manuel Gonzalez


  • Benjamin


  • Nathan


  • NewPointsGuy


  • tibi


  • Thomas Kuehn

    If you do not include the Chase PC credit-card bonus points my guess is 16300

  • Jancker


  • broguy


  • maba


  • Natasha


  • Anirban Mukherjee


  • Jerry

    around 23150 points if all the promos are still valid (for which we just have the list not details)

  • Gregg


  • Pawel

    14,750 bonus points

  • i’m guessing 29,999 πŸ™‚

    here’s my 2for1 night stay (75 EUR total) in IC Warsaw πŸ™‚

    • Jerry

      nice πŸ™‚

  • wolfe


  • Leo


  • Holiday

    23100? This is a tough one!

  • Jonathan


  • Pete Pongsudthiraks

    24000 points

  • Vince


  • CBoss

    I’ll guess 19,800 points

  • Lin Hang Ren

    The first stay would result in approximately 14855 points

  • Travel Summary

    I’m going with 12,750

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  • Marie


  • Choochmac

    I’ll go with 19,500.

  • Art


  • Orwa

    3000 per stay (2000+1000 Platinum bonus) + 12550 Bonus points, I’d guess it 15550 Points… this probably excludes the ambassador (20 nights points), stay x get x, weekend points and points for 2nd/3rd stay as it’s the 1st stay.

  • Junus H

    24550 points?

  • clickrepeat


  • dude26


  • Gary


  • yanky


  • George

    I am guessing 14,925 points in total

  • Ruth

    25550 is my guess

  • macel

    i’m guessing 20500 points!

  • Miyagi


  • lukah


  • Lei

    14294 Points

  • Mummy55

    My answer is 10862.

  • Marmotte


  • steve c


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