IHG Rewards Club Bonus Points Bonanza


Last week, I had a lighthearted quiz for a number of points that one would earn for a one night stay at limited service IHG property once all the one time bonus offers that are currently available have been factored in. You can read that piece here.


I presented the screen shot of the promo registration above. Only the points that would post with the actual stay would count and not any possible delayed postings. And here’s what posted for the stay:


The number of points that posted for this one night stay was 14189. Lei was only off by 105 points. His/her guess was 14294 points.


I will publish a “IHG Rewards Club Summer 2013 Promotion Guide” article on Monday about all these overlapping promotions & rebates that one can take advantage of.

In the meantime, I have all the current IHG Rewards Club bonus offers listed here.


You can truly have a Priority Club Bonus Points Bonanza for your InterContinental Hotels Group stays this summer by combining all the one time bonus offers and other overlapping bonuses.

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  • gnuowned

    yeah! this is, indeed, a IHG Bonanza, my last stay:

    • If you prorate the Ambassador Accelerator over 20 nights, the number of points that you earned from this stay was 23604 that is not shabby at all.

      • gnuowned

        you bet 🙂

      • gnuowned

        I had a 2 nights stay this week, but the points are not showed yet. I will let you people know about it.

  • Evan

    Hmmm, but didnt you say it would be a $100 night stay? This seems like a $40+ stay

    • It was $100 with tax, but at limited service Candlewood Suites that earns 5 points per USD instead of 10.

  • sky

    Do you have the code for the 5000 point platinum bonus offer?

    • I do, but I have not done a post about it yet. I am not sure what are the exact requirements for getting that promo to post.

  • c_rg

    Hey John,

    I’m looking to book at Crown in Hong Kong for 3 nights, which offers an advanced booking price of $86 a night. For the 5000 bonus stay though, I’d have to pay $125 a night, an extra $40 a night. Do you think the extra $120 is worth the 5,000 bonus?

    • Vaibhav

      IHG will almost always charge $8/1000 points (£5/1000 in the UK).
      There’s an option to buy PC points from within your PC account (Quick links next to Account Management) and it will redirect you to a 3rd party points.com (https://buy.points.com/PointsPartnerFrames/partners/ihg/container.html?product=buy).
      They however charge $13.5/1000 points ($11.5/1000 if you buy over 26,000 points).
      So on the face of it, buying additional points as part of your booking may be a tad cheaper compared to buying points elsewhere.
      But before that, you need to arrive at the dollar equivalent of per PC point.
      It gets a lot more complicated there as there are a few $90/night properties that require 20,000 PC points in lieu of a reward night (tip: to earn 20,000 points under the pay-extra-to-earn-more points scheme, you need to fork out $8*20 = $160 but what you get in return is just a $90 room for a reward night). I have checked this for many properties and it always seems to me that it doesn’t necessarily make sense to pay for extra points this way (I might be wrong as the examples are I considered are from APAC).
      I think these schemes are targeted towards business travellers who claim their travel costs from companies/clients and can pay a few dollars more to earn extra points (as its not paid from their pocket).
      It’s certainly not the most economical way to earn points.

      • Yep. These are targeted toward business travelers that can expense their stays. I have only couple of times taken advantage of such an offer like this, when there haven’t been any difference (or very small) between the rates.

    • You can “buy” IHG Rewards Club points at $70 per 10K by doing Cash & Points reservations and then canceling them.

  • Manuel Gonzalez

    Are many of those bonuses for UK-members or especially USA?

    Many do not work for us European. Maybe possible to point the differences on the

    • Actually most of these if not all would work on any account. There are some other bonuses that are geographically targeted.

  • Points Surfer

    Good Idea John….I was dropping IHG Plat for next year (not worth the effort deal)….but I like that idea of an IHG Plat Status match so maybe I’ll go that route and keep/buy IC Amb status too…Plat status for the occasional IHG stay would be useful and this way a minimal investment for it.

    • The strength of the IHG is the numerous promos that they offer and I am usually very satisfied with my IC stays as an RA.

      • Abdul G Habibuzaman

        Hi John. How do we get the Platinum Status from IHG. I have the IHG card but it shows me at basic level

  • Natasha

    Congrats to Lei! This was fun. I have just renewed Ambassador status as well. We were about to drop IHG when we found your blog, John. Thanks for all that you do!

    • Lei

      Thanks Natasha! I agree! this was super fun 😛 and big thanks to John for all that you do as well, I am checking your site every day just to make sure I don’t miss anything 😀

    • There has been changes over the years, but it is one of the more rewarding programs if you take advantage of the promos out there and nothing really beats the Point Breaks.

  • Lei

    Hi John, hope everythings going well.. are the points still up for grabs? 😛 going travelling soon, would be nice to get a free night from the points. Cheers!

    • Read the IHG Rewards Club Fall 2013 Promotion Guide that I wrote.

      • Lei

        I already have! Excellent article as always! but I meant if I can still claim the points that I won from winning the quiz 😛

        • The quizzes should still work as well.

          • Lei

            no no no, I meant the Bonus Points Bonanza points guessing quiz/competition you setup in May.. I was the winner 😛