IHG Rewards Club Promotion: Platinum 5000 Points Bonus


IHG Rewards Club has a promotion for 5000 points for Platinum. I didn’t write about this earlier because the similar promotion in 2012 allowed you to register, but didn’t post at all. I did include this on my IHG Rewards Club Summer 2013 Promotion Guide under promotions that may work.


I can now confirm that this promo really does work. I had the 5000 bonus points posted to my account yesterday.


You can register for this promo here or use promotion code 4777 and register here: https://www.ihg.com/priorityclub/rewards/us/en/offers/promoreg/.


It is unclear, what are the exact requirements for getting this Platinum bonus points to post, but they certainly will for some.


It was a nice surprise that this promotion actually works in 2013. It never hurts to get additional 5000 bonus points that are enough for a Point Breaks night!

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  • pacifico

    Hi John, after registered this promotion, do I need any stay for getting this 5000 points or the points will be post instantly just after registered?

    • Separately as the screenshot above shows. I would imagine that it requires a stay.

      • Mzery

        You just need to stay one day in order to get the pts. This is what it says when I log into my account.

        • Mine still stays that one stay is required, although the points have posted. You never know with the IHG.

          • Mr.Lion

            John, maybe you just got it, because IHG loves you that much as we do!

          • Doubt it!

  • Cdnd

    Hi did it post with a stay or separately. Had two stays since I registered but it has so far not posted

  • Tim

    Not so much a question for this promo in particular. But do we have to register for promos before booking a room or can we register at any time? I’ve booked a room but yet still have to go through the status match for plat…

    • Register on the day that your stay begins.

      • Tim

        Is it possible to register before the day of the stay and have it qualify?

        • Shouldn’t matter as long as you register before your stay.

  • deWeb

    Do I get the promo points on reward stays?

  • Little Tea Blog

    How long after your stay did it take to post? I signed up for this and stayed almost a month ago but haven’t seen anything yet.

    • You can see the sign up date that I had for this promo on the screenshot.

  • candyfloss

    Where is your account domiciled?
    It may be a geographic thing?

    • APAC but stays in Europe and North America.

      • candyfloss

        Any idea what stay triggered it? And how long after the stay it posted?
        I’m guessing it’s really a lottery… but there must be SOME logic to it… even IHG doesn’t do things by sticking a finger in the air ALL the time!

        • Really no way of finding out as it didn’t post with the stay.

  • Rick Jordan

    I was able to register using your second link. According to another link to my account, I need to have one stay by March 1, 2014 to receive the bonus points. Thanks!

    • There is no guarantees that the promo will work for you. I couldn’t get this one post to my account in 2012, although I was able to sign up. You should just register for all the promos and hope for the best. You are most of the time positively surprised what actually posts.

      • Corina Toader

        Can you tell me please if the stay need to be with Best Flexibile, or Advance or is qualifying any stay with any type of rate?

        • Any rate that qualifies for stay/credit and points is eligible for this.

  • josmon10

    Before getting the 5k bonus, had you already renewed Plat for 2014?

    • My account is Royal Ambassador that would drop to PLT Ambassador (I think) if I would not qualify in 2013. I have not qualified based on nights or base points.

  • cinntan

    Hi John, any idea how to register for ambassador accelerator? Thanks!

    • The latest sign up code is on the Ambassador welcome letter that you should receive. This one (1878) might still work, however.

      • cinntan

        Yes, the code still works! Thanks, u are the best!

        • Note that it won’t yield any bonus points or the IC stays won’t track before you have become an Ambassador.

  • Phil

    All of these bonus points are great…however it is still near impossible to get status in 2013. Here we are halfway through the year and I currently have a little over 46,000 points. Usually this would not be a problem and I would be almost to platinum. However looking at qualifying points and I am at a measly 5,200 for the year. At this rate I would qualify for platinum in about 6 years after accruing over 550,000 points. I don’t know about everyone else but I plan on accruing as many points as I can this year as a platinum member…then bidding IHG farewell after devaluing our points to basically worthless levels.

    • It is definite more challenging to get the Platinum status by “official” way. As long as they continue relatively easy status matches, this shouldn’t be a problem, however. Of course, if everybody and their grandma is suddenly matching from other programs, they likely would tighten up that program as well.

  • DC

    Hi John,
    I am a platinum member and have six stays after receiving PC email confirmation on registering 5000 platinum bonus points (promo code 4777) on June 23, but I did not get the bonus points. Is this promo only for targeted recipients? Thanks!

    • Sometimes it is impossible to say. I was not targeted for this offer, but ended up receiving the bonus points.

  • Jack Yellin

    This is what IHG customer care told me about the promo 4777 bonus:

    I also have checked the promotion ( 5000 Point Platinum Achievement
    Bonus) and under its Terms and Conditions, only IHGRewards Club Gold
    Elite members and Ambassadors Gold Elite worldwide can take advantage of
    this. The promotion is made such that when Gold Elite members reach
    their Platinum status, they will be given 5,000 bonus points.

    • Sometimes these promos work for you and sometimes they don’t.This one definitely worked for my Platinum account as well. There is no reason to contact IHG Rewards Club to inquiry about targeted promotions that you were not targeted but sign up for anyway. Just hope that the points post.

  • MonikaR

    Just claimed this – let’s see. Generally feels bad: I had registered to Book Direct 2013, Weekend Stay and 5000 Promo and none of them appeared on the account even if I fulfilled all conditions. Exchanging e-mails third week, since ‘claim points from promotion’ did not work, then they could’t opened the png attachment…. Let’s see what will be next excuse. Feel special being Platinum 😉

    • The Book Direct 2013 most definitely is NOT targeted promotion I got the flyer for it at Holiday Inn hotel.

      Like this Platinum 5000 points, you can never be sure IF they post or not. I think that we are all better off in the long term if IHG keeps things as they are. You can register for variety of promotions that you were not targeted for and majority of them, not all, pay out at the end.

      Of course IHG could come up with a system that would only allow those that were targeted for these to register, but that would mean huge devaluation in points earnings for most.

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