American Airlines AAdvantage Gold Targeted Fast Track Offer

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American Airlines has sent out targeted offers for AAdvantage Gold status for less miles than what is usually required to qualify. There could be similar offers for Platinum and Executive Platinum status as well.


This offer was sent to a targeted audience that have had some some activity this year and could now get Gold status for 4000 to 6000 flown miles or 4 to 6 segments after registering for this offer and keep the status until 2015.


Note that registration is not successful unless you received this offer from AA. Their online system does allow anyone to register, but the promotion only works for accounts that were targeted for it. You can access AA’s web page for this offer here.

In March, American Airlines sent out targeted offers for Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum status that I wrote about here. There has been similar offers sent out this month as well.


If you received one of these offers for expedited Gold status, you should consider it and whether it makes sense for you. The merge with US Airways will likely happen later this year and the integration of the two airlines should happen in 2014. The integration of the airlines is not always easy, as the merger with United and Continental proved.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

This is an exclusive offer only for members who receive this email directly from American Airlines. Members must register at by 11:59pm CT on August 2, 2013, and prior to travel to participate. Travel must be completed after registration and before December 31, 2013, and all elite-qualifying miles, points and segments must be posted to the member’s account by January 9, 2014, to qualify for this offer. Any travel completed prior to registration will not count towards elite status through this promotion. Earn elite-qualifying points, miles and segments for travel on eligible fare tickets on: American Airlines, American Eagle, the American Connection carrier, oneworld member airlines, Alaska Airlines.

AAdvantage® Gold status membership received through this offer upon reaching the required elite-qualifying mileage, points or segments threshold is valid through February 28, 2015. Upon qualification, your new Gold status will take effect immediately. Your membership credentials will be mailed to you within four to six weeks after qualification. Bonus miles do not count toward elite-status qualification. You must re-qualify for AAdvantage elite-status membership annually. For details regarding elite-qualifying miles, points and segments, click here. For more information on the benefits of Gold status, click here.

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  • Dave

    I have not flown anything with AA and I doubt I receive this offer. However I tried to register and it seems I made it and also I have received confirmation e-mail. Does it mean I am really registered for this offer or not?

    • AA lets anyone to register, but won’t work unless your account was targeted.

  • ChrisB

    I also apparently successfully registered although ?I did not receiver the targeted email….

    • As I pointed out above, the system lets anyone to register for any promo, but unless you were targeted, nothing will come out f it.

  • Brad

    My girlfriend received this promo but I haven’t received anything from them so far. Needless to say I am a bit jealous as I may barely requalify for Gold this year without a mileage run or two.

    • Brad

      I wish they would extend some promos to current elites to maintain their status. :/

      • Who knows maybe there are some promos later in the year?

  • DaHorns

    made it to the registration page, but asking for a prootion code 🙁

    • The registration code is on the picture, but the promotion wont work unless you were targeted for this offer.

  • hnrequipment

    I am gold USAir and worried when they merge as there are many preferred AA members. I did get the promo for 6 segments, 6000 miles and registered. As I usually
    fly USAir, I am going CLE-STL-TYS for a quick 4 segments. Two more segments ups me to gold status.

    • Nothing to loose really and they will combine your US & AA status at some point as well.