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Airberlin has a very interesting Topbonus partner promotion. You can earn 2000 bonus points for two partner transactions and 3000 bonus points for three partner transactions. This offer is valid for partner transactions between June 15 and August 31, but you need to register by July 31 and you can do it here.


Airberlin’s Topbonus has number of partners and most of them are eligible for this bonus. Seems that you don’t need to have three different partners but merely three different partner transactions qualify: [click to continue…]

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Best Western has a promotion for AARP members that stay two or more nights by July 15, 2013, for 5,000 bonus points. This offer requires registration and you can do it here.


I recently wrote an article (read it here) about AARP and how anyone can become an associate member regardless of their age. AARP associate membership is cheap and you can easily save the $10 or so bucks by just using any of the hotel discounts once. [click to continue…]

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IHG Rewards Club introduced new award categories and made hotel awards more expensive in big cities in January this year. IHG decided NOT to release a list of properties changing in award categories, although they were honoring the old point requirement for more than two months (no logic here). You can read my article about this change here and access the IHG Rewards Club hotel award category list here that we did.


Now, IHG Rewards Club has changed the award categories of handful of properties midyear and unannounced. These changes are not drastic considering the number of properties in the InterContinental Hotels Group chain (4500+), but those that were planning to redeem their points in Tahiti or Moorea will find that they are in need of more points. [click to continue…]

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Hertz Gold Plus Rewards sent out an email about forthcoming changes to the program starting on October 1, 2013, that will lead to 10-15% devaluation on number of points required for free rentals in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I.


Members have until the end of September 2013 to book using the old rates. The rates should go up only on the above listed four markets. [click to continue…]

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IHG Rewards Club just released a list of last minute rewards nights for this coming weekend. You need to book them on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights this coming weekend. You can access the full list of hotels that I have listed below by following this link.


These last minute rewards nights are offered at 50% discount of the usual number of points needed. This time they have 37 hotels on the list of which three are InterContinental ones. [click to continue…]