Get 600 United Mileage Club Miles For Opinion Miles Club Sign Up & Taking On Survey


United just sent me an email about new partnership that they have launched with Opinion Miles Club. You can earn 600 miles for signing up & completing one survey. You can access this offer here.


Seems that this service requires quite a bit of information about you to match the surveys, so you may or may not be comfortable with it.


This would be, however, a perfect way to extend the validity of ones United miles by 18 months.


This should be easy 600 miles for sharing some of your personal information and completing a survey.

I often receive emails from LoyaltyLobby readers asking about ways to extend the validity of their own or family member’s miles. I usually suggest buying something via online mall or doing a survey or two.

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  • jpolich

    This United Opinion Miles Club web page does not work, with or without your link. Nobody I know has been able to submit the completed Web form. When the Opinion Miles Club help desk emails a new form to submit, that also does not work.

    • At what point you are having the problem? You can sign up on the first page that requites your email address and the United FF number. Then you need to wait for the email to arrive and after that you need to fill out the more detailed form.

  • Kei

    So basically I got a do a proper survey after doing all these profile survey to get the 600 miles?

    • That is based on the email that I received from United. I have added a screenshot of the email body text to further clarify this.

  • Uri

    I was offered just 300 miles for the same thing (maybe because I am silver not gold?)

    • Dizzy

      Same thing for me. Original link says 600, then after I go thru, it says only 300 for first survey.

  • Jason Mickleby

    Hell no, they want your business phone number, and intend to call to verify. God knows what else they will bother you with on a constant basis. Not worth 600 points.

    • As I said above, you need to answer to quite a few questions and must make the decision if it is worthwhile for you to participate or not.

  • kris

    is the US post address required to participate on it?

    • I am not sure but friend of mine that was in Thailand got blocked based on his IP address.

  • Thomas

    only 300 for me too, but no problems signing up.

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  • Alan

    I hope this doesn’t signal the end of their relationship with eRewards – I rely on them as a way to keep my account active 😀

  • Dean

    If you label yourself as a student you avoid all the work-related questions. If you have a bit of free time here and there, this is a great opportunity. I’ve earned 1160 miles in two days.

    • That is fantastic! How many miles do you usually get per done survey?

      • Dean

        50 or 60, though there have been a few were they double the amount you can get. I do one in the morning, two at work, and one or two at night. The miles add up quickly and have already been added to my United Account.

  • Flyboy

    no matter how many survery I take. They keep saying I am not the right candidate. I got 0 miles so far. Scam.

    • This is often the case with all kind of surveys because they want to eliminate people that work in the industry etc.

  • Alan

    I did a few surveys and they’re offering me Amazon vouchers I’m exchange for the points I’ve collected rather than United Miles! Have emailed them to ask what’s going on.

    • Interesting. Could it be something to do with the market you signed up in?

      • Alan

        Yes, quite possibly – although very annoying if so as those of us in the UK may still have United accounts that we want to keep active! I’ve emailed Opinion Miles Club to query it.

  • ChicagoDB

    Hi All,
    Keep trying the surveys regardless…I only got 300 mile sign-up bonus (I assume the 600 is for Mileage Plus Credit cardholders (like so many other point rewards/incentives)…yes, the initial “background” survey was a bit long….and I also have had numerous “not the right candidate” results…in some cases I have answered enough questions to feel entitled to a completion bonus (say about 70% of the survey according to progress bar on some)…then been “not right” and got nothing…
    BUT I have now earned closed to 3,000 miles in under 10 days! If you keep trying the surveys, you can probably expect to be able to earn about 125-200 miles per day (I have been spending about an hour of otherwise free/wasted time each evening which might just normally go to watching TV…and instead have been doing these surveys AND watching TV)…I am finishing about 3-4 per evening. At that pace I could earn over 100,000 miles per year just from doing the same thing! cha-ching!
    I certainly hope there is no “yearly program cap” 🙂
    I have noticed a couple of things…firstly that you will only end up with about 15-17 per day to try (since all are independent research outfits, there is no set number of available projects/surveys to try. In the vast majority of cases you will “wash-out” fairly quickly if not suitable for one…in a handful of cases you might get rejected 10-15 mins into some of the longer ones (which sucks and is annoying)!
    The good news though is that in most cases there is a “progress bar” which can be very encouraging in keeping you focused on completion…
    Secondly, I have noticed that if you do attempt a bunch and get “washed-out” after being qualified by the few questions in the initial “screener” (and your profile)…OR if you have been tossed a bunch of long surveys with fairly skimpy miles rewarded (such as 50 points/miles for a survey that they estimate will take 40 mins.) that you will suddenly get tossed a bunch of short/easy ones (40-50 miles for 2-5 mins of time, etc.) AND/OR you will be getting offered surveys with say 60 miles for 30 mins + 115 miles (because you are “valued”).
    All in all, I have found this to be a very easy way to rack up free miles…it is far better return on time/effort than “e-Rewards”…I do those also (for both United and AA program miles) and those take a lot more time/effort. I have already earned more miles doing Opinionmiles in 10 days than I have in 2 months doing e-Rewards!
    I should probably be keeping it my own little secret so it will stay this way 🙂
    Oh, I left out one other great thing…these miles post to your United MileagePlus balance almost instantly each time you complete one! I wish to hell American would do this program…I need miles there 😉

  • icashootnstar

    I agree! Don’t waste your time with the Opinion Miles Club scheme!

    In August 2013 I signed up for the program and, tolerably, I
    did not qualify for the first survey I tried. I had only spent about ten minutes
    filling in the pre-survey questions to determine this. So, no harm, no foul.

    The second survey, however, I did qualify for. I spent
    almost half an hour completing it. At the end the site acknowledged that I had
    finished it but that I had to install some software on my cell phone. When I
    declined, it kicked me off the system!

    A subsequent appeal to customer service resulted in a
    completely canned “non-answer”. In the best tradition of lousy customer
    service, the answer was a long-winded “you’ll get the points in a few weeks”.
    Big surprise, but guess what? No points.

    Today (11/7/13) I logged on again to see if there was
    anything new. The site says that my email address isn’t even in their records.

    Bottom line- If you want to send your worst enemy on a fool’s
    errand, tell them to try out the Opinion Miles Club.

    • Your experience seem to be somewhat contradictory to others.

      • icashootnstar

        But oddly, the concensus on other boards is very much in line with mine. Perhaps your readership is seeing something others are misaing?

        • At least the observations by ChicagoDB are very positive. Of course something could have changed ever since.

  • Ripped Off

    Total scam — you could spend hours responding and then they refuse to give points, claiming you didn’t actually complete a survey — unbelievable! Recommend that you avoid at all cost and complain to consumer fraud department of your local district attorney’s office or attorney general.

    • If you had bad experiences with them, you can certainly file the complaints.