Daily Archives: Jul 14, 2013

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This morning, I had the hotel TV set on BBC World New and saw that there was going to be a feature on Fast Track weekend travel program about frequent flier miles or airline miles as they called them. I had to delay going to breakfast for half an hour to catch the show. You can access BBC Fast Track program’s website here.


The show featured two set of travelers; BA Gold member that was trying to redeem for Cyprus or Sydney and a couple that were trying to use their Singapore Airlines KrisFlier miles for their sons 30th birthday in Singapore. They both failed! [click to continue…]

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What is it with hotels & false fire alarms? I am staying at a hotel, when a fire alarm goes off, at least once a year and so far they have always been false. This happened last time couple of months ago. If you have had a good or bad compensation experience, just drop me an email. I will post the best ones in coming weeks.


LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about unfortunate incident at a newly opened Holiday Inn Express hotel in Rotterdam – Central Station on June 25. Multiple fire alarms had gone off between 10PM and 1AM. Guests staying at the hotel had to evacuate twice and obviously no one could sleep. [click to continue…]