IHG Rewards Club Gold & Platinum Status Match

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InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has been revamping its rewards program this year and the name of their frequent guest program was changed from Priority Club to IHG Rewards Club on July 1, 2013. The status match program has been tweaked as well.


Previously, it was possible to get the IHG Rewards Club status in just fewstays, when all the points earned counted towards the 60,000 points minimum. Starting in January this year, only the base points and some other activity specifically included by IHG counts towards it, however.


IHG Reward Club still continues to match to their Gold and Platinum status from the programs below:

Best Western Rewards

Hilton HHonors

Hyatt Gold Passport

Marriott Rewards


IHG Rewards Club used to match from Accor’s Le Club Accorhotels/A Club and Club Carlson, but no longer does. It is still unclear if they continue to match from Choice Privileges.

Here’s how to request the status match:

1. If you don’t have IHG Rewards Club account, sign up first at www.ihg.com

2. Then you have two choices:

You can either call 1-888-211-9874 (If you are not located in the United, just use Skype), tell the person that you would like to do a status match from the competitors program and follow the instructions that they give you.

You are likely asked to email screenshot of the competing programs web page showing your status directly to the person’s email that is speaking with you.

If the agent tries to give you the generic ihgrewardsclub@ihg.com email address, try to get their firstname.lastname@ihg.com email address for faster processing of your request.


You can send email an email to ihgrewardsclub@ihg.com and request a status match to IHG Rewards Club Platinum.

Remember to include a screen shot of the competing programs web page that shows the status that you have and the date. Don’t forget  to include your IHG Rewards Club account number in the body of the email.

The email route is sometimes a black hole, so I would strongly suggest that you call and get the ihg.com-ending email address of the agent.

IHG Rewards Club status matches are once in a lifetime and for the current year only

IHG Rewards Club status match is officially only once in a lifetime (of the account).

Sometime later this year, the matched status will carry all the way to early 2015, but it is unclear, what the exact cut off date will be.

Gold Ambassador members that match to Platinum status will get a new Platinum Ambassador package that will come with another free weekend night certificate and a voucher for points that you can deposit to your account (5K, 10K or 15K).


IHG Rewards Club has made both qualifying for status and getting status matched more difficult during the 2013.

They dropped matching from Club Carlson or Le Club Accorhotels that have been the easiest programs to get status without setting your foot to their hotels.

You can still match from Club Carlson Gold or Le Club Accorhotels Platinum to Best Western and then use your newly minted Best Western status for IHG Rewards Club Gold or Platinum match.

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  • Rhaine Tan

    Really? Le Club status match is no longer on their List? I got a Gold Ambassador status and last June 24, I had a status matched with my Le Club Platinum. And now I am a Platinum Ambassador. I contacted IHG also after i got my status match approved for my Platinum Ambassador kit but they told me that it is only a new card that they will be sending to me and not the whole platinum ambassador kit…

    • You got it matched on June 24 this year?

      I think that you will be positively surprised by the time you get the new Platinum card (and likely the whole kit as well like me in 2012). Keep us updated!

      • Rhaine Tan

        Yes this year, its only last month, June 24… After you gave me the link for Le Club Platinum sign up… I got my Le Club Platinum then I contacted IHG for the status match. Then I forwarded to them the welcome email of my Le Club Platinum (as they told me that they are not accepting any screenshots). 10mins after i sent my email, i received a phone call from IHG informing me that my status has been approved. Ohhh, i hope its the whole kit!! Still waiting for it, they told that the delivery period is 7weeks for my location…

        • Jancker

          Something that happened to me (honestly by accident) was that I status matched to Platinum with Club Carlson on the 15th of Jan and then took the Ambassador option for points. I was waiting for the kit like 8 weeks and thought, strange that it hasn’t arrived yet, so I called and they apologized. I then saw an entry in my account that they sent it with FedEx and sure enough 2 days later I had the kit. That afternoon my doorman handed me a package he took for me, which was the first kit. So now I have two, not that I am really going to make much use of it, but you never know. Rhaine, you should receive the full kit though, not just a card.

          • Rhaine Tan

            I hope so… *crossed finger*… i will give you an update if i received already the package….

        • PeterB

          I obtained similar email on 28 May (they then had accepted my Le Club Plat screenshot) but only for Plat – having not twigged the advantage of buying Ambassador 🙁 – now pondering whether to buy now as will be staying with InterC in Singapore in August.

  • Michael

    If I now have IHG Platinum Elite status which I had earned through the Priority Club Visa card, do you think I will receive a Platinum Ambassador amenity kit? Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • If you sign up for the Ambassador, you will become Platinum Ambassador and you will receive Platinum Ambassador welcome kit.

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  • Natasha

    Hi John, Regarding the Ambassador Accelerator – We just resigned for a 2nd year. However, the Ambassador Accelerator period we currently have in “my offers” ends in December. Shouldn’t the new package have come with a “fresh start” for accruing these nights for additional points? Thanks for all that you do!

    • It should automatically extend before the end of the year. You only need to sign up one.

  • hannah

    I think the change happened July 1, when they changed the name. I tried to match in June 22nd, called them and the agent said they will match le club. She refused to give the personal email after a few attempt so I sent my screenshot to generic email, haven’t heard from them for 2 weeks, called them again post-July 1st, and the agent insisted that they “never matched le club”, which I knew wasn’t true. She told me they only match hotels listed by John above, and I think she did mention Choice but not 100% sure… Anyway, I was planning to do Marriott platinum challenge anyway, got Marriott status immediately, and matched Marriott status with IHG. This time, the agent gave me her personal email and everything was set by the time I hang up the phone. Take home message — you really need to get agent’s personal email, otherwise you may not hera from them again or they can say different things and screw you over.

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  • Gearmoir

    You put the different email address in your blog : ihgrewardsclub@ihg.com & ihgrewardclub@ihg.com
    s is very important . The right email address is ihgrewardsclub@ihg.com ;P

    • Thanks for spotting the missing of an S. I fixed the second link.

  • WalshB

    After a few exchange of emails when I asked for IHG Platinum match using my Accor Le Club Platinum status, the answer was negative (which I expected having read recent comments in this blog), just when I thinking of using my Hilton Gold instead, then came this email today –

    Foremost, we sincerely apologize for the delay in response. We have experienced high email volume than normal.

    Your information was received today regarding your elite status. Please be advised that “Le Club Accor hotels” the loyalty program of Accor hotels is no longer part of our Status Match program.

    As a goodwill gesture, we have upgraded your status to Platinum Elite with IHG Rewards Club. This status will remain in effect through the end of 2013.

    • That’s great. They are really behind with the emails.

      • GP

        I was told the turnaround time for email responses is 14 days.

  • GUEST666

    i asked for their own email address and got some BS that they weren’t allowed to give it out. Anyway I was persistent and after putting me on hold for 8 minutes they told me they could give me. I made them spell it out 5(!) times to make sure I didn’t get it wrong. Then emailed it to get a delivery failure – email address doesn’t exist response! Not very helpful at all.

    • I always use NATO alphabet for spelling foreign names.

      • GP

        I just spoke with an IHG Rewards customer service agent, and she happily offered to give me her direct email address, when I mentioned that I hadn’t received a reply yet from the generic address.

  • Dennis

    If I am just the Hilton Gold member, is it possible to obtain IHG platinum by status match? Thanks

    • I am not 100% sure. Why wouldn’t you ask them and report back here what they told you?

      • GP

        Hi Dennis. Hi John.

        The minimum status levels required for IHG Platinum Elite are:
        Best Western Diamond
        Hilton HHonors Gold
        Hyatt Diamond
        Marriott Gold
        Ramada Diamond
        SPG Platinum

        I just checked with an IHG Rewards Club customer service agent.
        So, yes – Hilton HHonors Gold is status matched to IHG Platinum.

        If you want a full year’s benefit, better to apply at the beginning of the calendar year, since the status upgrade expires in December…

        • Thanks!

          It is still unclear, what the status cut off date is. At least last year, some got their status extended for this year as well.

          • GP

            Hi John. I was just informed that for complimentary status match upgrades, that the calendar year of the application date is strictly applied, even if at the end of the year. So, to make the most of the status match upgrade I was advised to call back in early January.
            Apparently the exception made for late-in-the-year applications is for reward upgrades.

          • They have not strictly applies it on previous years, so I am not 100% sure if the information you received is correct.

  • TravelingJewel

    Thanks to this status match, I’m now Platinum with IHG. I’m gold with Hilton, Hyatt, LeAccor and Club Carlson, but with very few actual nights/stays at those hotel groups because most of my rooms are direct billed. Do you think that hotels that I already hold gold or silver status with would status match up to this Platinum level?

    • Different hotels have different levels i.e. Hilton and Hyatt have Diamond as their highest. Some may – some may not.

  • pacifico

    Hi John,
    Its a bit out of question, but do you know if I deposit my Virgin Altantic Flying Club miles into IHG Rewards Club 1:1 ratio, will it count towards for elite status qualification? Thanks!

    • That is a good question that you really shouldn’t even consider doing. Although the fuel surcharges on Virgin Atlantic can be high, I would never ever convert them to IHG Rewards Club points. This is VERY poor value. It is still relatively easy to get IHG Rewards Club to match all the way to PLT status.

  • Mike Reed

    Just worked for me. I don’t stay with IHG much, but in small towns with no Starwood brands it’s better than a Super 8. Matched Hilton Diamond (which I’m dropping this year) to IHG Plat. Haven’t seen the expiration date yet. Thanks for a helpful post.

    • The new Holiday Inn Express hotels are quite ok for limited service properties and don’t get me started about the Crowne Plazas. If you travel internationally, InterContinental hotels are very good but then you need to be Royal Ambassador.

  • Chris

    Thank you! I called and rep had me email screenshot while I was on the phone. She received my email and updated me to platinum right then on the call.

    • That’s fantastic. It really is the best way to handle the match to get the reps email address and do it while they are still on the phone. No excuses and they can do it instantaneously.

    • WOW

      Which one did you match?

  • Chris

    And rep said that if I waited until October 1st to match, that the status would be good for all of 2014 too, but I upgraded today since I have upcoming stay before then, so my status only good for remainder of 2013.

    • That’s great! I will write an update tomorrow about this.

  • WOW


    do you know if there is a way to mach Accor Platinum with other status (not only IHG)?


    • IHG no longer matches Accor PLT. There is an updated piece on this. You can match Accor PLT to Club Carlson Gold or Best Western.

      • WOW

        So if I match with Best Western then with BW I can also match it with IHG, right?

        • Yes.

          • WOW

            Got it.

            I sent my request on 16th and today I received the attached email. Thanks for your hint and support

            Dear Mr. XXXXXXX,

            Thank you for contacting the Best Western Rewards® Service Team!

            As per the Promotion Status Match…No Catch we are pleased to inform you
            that you have been upgraded to Diamond Elite. This is the Best Western
            Rewards® level that corresponds to Accor Platinum.

            A new card has been ordered for you and will arrive within 4 weeks.

            Best Regards,

            XXXX XXXXX | Best Western Rewards® and Reservations Specialist | Best
            Western Rewards® Department Milan CRO

          • That’ great!

          • WOW

            Yes….now I will book a couple of night and then I will ask also IHG status match.

            With Best Western can I match also other status?
            If yes, which one?


          • Club Carlson.

  • pd154

    Status matched earlier this year with Hilton gold, received IHG Platinum. Have 57000 IHG points, what will I need to keep the platinum?

    • Depends on the number of BASE points that you have earned and the number of different IHG brands that you have visited.

  • Great thanks for the heads up, just emailed to update status 😀

  • Nicodemus

    Just called today to try and do status match. Was told that even though it’s after October 1, that the status will expire on December 2013 and would not be valid for 2014. Any thoughts?

      • Nicodemus

        Ok, I called again today, explained the situation to the CSR before she asked me any questions (I was on hold for over 30 mins before speaking to her). THen I asked her if I could email her directly the screenshot of my Marriott Gold membership (from RewardsPlus – I am 1K on United) and the screenshot of the email from the updated post. While on the phone, she upgraded me to Platinum, and I am waiting for the confirmation email. My IHG rewards status page shows platinum, but it will be nice to get the confirmation email showing until Dec 2014. I will report back.

        • That’s the way to go. Get the email address and sort it out while on the phone.

          • Derek Chiu

            I did it tonight and they confirmed that the status until December 2014! It took all of 5 minutes to complete. I called the agent, they asked for proof via email and I sent it immediately. They processed it, I refreshed my screen and I was Platinum. I used my Hilton Honors account. Also had a verifying email sent to me before I got off the phone with the agent! All in all very efficient.

  • Ryan McCormick

    Did my status match from Le Club Accor to Best Western to IHG the other day. Worked perfectly – thanks John!

  • Lynn

    Excellent suggestion – After receiving Gold Hilton status from joining Milepoint, I I followed your recommendations in this article and was granted platinum status in the same day – thank you!

    • Yep. Working as “intended”!

  • Jeff

    Hi John, I just got upgraded to Platinum thru status match. I was a gold Ambassador – just wondering if IHG will send me the above mentioned Platinum Ambassador package as mentioned in your article above


    • They have made some changes this year, so let me know what you end up receiving.

  • bbar2000

    Cheers for the info guys, status matched Hilton Diamond to IHG Platinum

  • Tom

    All done today while on the phone. Took 5 minutes. Brilliant!

  • Micah Ditmore

    Sent email to the generic email above this morning at about 9 am and had my response with upgrade to Platinum at 9:55 am. Valid through the end of 2014.
    Thanks for the tip!

  • Rikkster

    Here’s a good contact for status match he is good and very responsive leonardo.pamatmat@ihg.com

  • Nick

    I just called the number above today, and was told they are no longer doing any Status Matches.