IHG Rewards Club Book Direct 2013 Promotion: Earn Up To 8,000 Bonus Points (Update)


IHG Rewards Club has launched a Book Direct promotion for 2,000 bonus points per stay for up to 4 stays and total of 8,000 bonus points. This offer is valid for stays between July 10 and October 31 December 31 (extended), 2013, and requires registration.


I originally wrote about this promotion the other week here, but the information on the IHG’s website was conflicting and IHG later removed the web page altogether.


You can access the correct website for at ihgrewardsclub.com/bookdirect and you can register for this promotion using promotion codes 2619 or 4994.


Note that only stays after registering for this promotion will count towards the bonus points. The terms and conditions have some blurb that this offer would be valid only for select recipients, but this offer is NOT exclusive, as hotels have these leaflets out there in the front desks.


You never know, what you find at the time of checking in to a hotel. Bunch of these leaflets were nicely on a stand for guests to take with them.

IHG must be trying to generate more direct bookings and has thus launched this promotion and now has a proper web page up with correct info as well.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

A ‘direct booking’ is defined as a booking of a qualifying stay through a direct InterContinental Hotels Group channel (e.g. booking made through www.ihg.com, www.ihgrewardsclub.com, www.intercontinental.com, www.crowneplaza.com, www.holidayinn.com or www.holidayinnexpress.com and any other direct InterContinental Hotels Group website or any Central Reservation Office). A stay is defined as one night or consecutive nights at the same hotel, regardless of frequency of check-in/out. A stay is qualified when paying qualifying rates, which include most business and leisure rates. Only one room per member per stay will be awarded the applicable bonus points. All bookings and stays are to be completed by 31 October 2013. No retroactive points will be awarded for stays prior to registration. Subject to standard IHG® Rewards Club Membership terms and conditions and earning structure, which can be obtained by visiting www.ihgrewardsclub.com. This exclusive offer is valid for original recipient only and cannot be combined with other promotions.

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  • dolphinyong


    Few months ago, I have made a reservations on ihg.com for my stay in September. Will this count for the bonus points?

    • Yes. You just need to register for this promotion. There is no requirement to make the reservation AFTER registering.

      It has to be point eligible stay,however. No award, F&F or cash + points etc.

  • hkghkg

    do the points post for your stays? they certainly do not for me although i signed up and the offer appears on my list.

    • I haven’t had them post yet either. This is not uncommon with the “new” IHG. Some of these promo points no longer post with stays, but only after your stay. This doesn’t even seem to track on my promotions. Likely a huge mess going forward again.

  • uofm_boxer2k1

    I’ve had multiple “direct book stays” since the 10th and have not had any points post. I called yesterday and was told that the points were only awarded for stays within Asia. I informed them that this isn’t what I’ve read and that I didn’t appreciate the treatment as a platinum member but they did not care. Thought I’d share my experience with this promotion…

    • Jumbooze

      I haven all my Direct book stays since the 10th (total of 6 nights) in Asia (Taipei and Hong Kong) but perhaps they will say that they meant India, and no I haven’t received any points, and I’m Plat AMB

      • I have some Asia stays posting in the next few stays, so we’ll see.

        • Jumbooze

          Hi John O.
          Did they post yet? Any news?

          • I have had four stays posted after registering for this promotions but nothing has tracked. I think that this is likely just a delayed posting problem that has plagued quite a few recent promos. There is absolutely no requirements per the flier that I took for having an account in certain area or to have the stays in Asia.

          • Jumbooze

            Hi John O,
            Any luck? Have you gotten any points?
            No movement in my account so far…

          • Nada so far. I am likely NOT going to go after IHG due to the numerous other promotions that I have been able to take advantage of this time.

          • Jumbooze

            Looks like they extended the promo until end of December, could explain why no points show up and that we will have to wait like 8 weeks after that…

          • I have now updated the expiry date of this promo on this piece to reflect the adjusted date.

    • Interesting. There is nothing on the terms and conditions on that flier that I picked or on the IHG’s website that would indicate that there would be a geographical limitation.

      • uofm_boxer2k1

        John, did you pick up the flyer at a hotel in the US? Thanks in advance!

        • Bangkok but there is absolutely nothing that would indicate that the bonus points would only be eligible for stays in Asia. For the record none of my stays in Asia triggered this bonus and the promotion tracker is still at zero.

    • kris

      Same for me – no extra points at all for direct booking.

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  • nobreakfast

    Received the following feedback: After further review, we have confirmed that the promotion is valid for members residing in Asia, Middle East and Africa only who book stays through OTA’s or online travel agencies. We apologize if you have received an offer not applicable to your region.

    • How did you book? If you booked directly with IHG, you can email them the copy of the flier above and the PDF of the Book Direct web page. The terms and conditions have no mention that this promotion would NOT be valid worldwide. The usual IHG Rewards Club Customer “Service” nonsense.

  • Phil

    I bag on PC a lot…but I just got my new Platinum Elite package in the mail and they are giving me Platinum Elite Status through 2014!

    • That’s great!

      • Phil

        Thanks to your summer promotions article I was able to nab 21,000 points on one stay. Keep up the good work!

  • David Passmore

    IHG ned to ask themselves why guests don’t use their own booking channels – perhaps I can offer some insight.
    I want an airport stay at LAX for 1 night – Crowne Plaza website quotes me $157.92 – (approx 102 GBP).
    I booked the same hotel for the same night using a comparison site and got the room for £66 GBP.
    I am a IHG platinum member – but extra cash in my pocket means more to me than a few points on my account.
    Their guaranteed price is a waste of time as it would not apply in my case to to the different currencies used for each quote.
    Go figure!

    • The currency issue is a drawback and the T&C’s of the IHG BRG less customer friendly than I would like to see them.

  • Andrew H.

    I used the Book Direct 2013 offer through IHG and now, a week after my stay, I am being told that using this offer made my two night stay an unqualified one. No points, no qualified stays, nothing.

    • The rate that you pay determines whether you have a qualifying stay or not. Absolutely nothing to do with promo sign ups.

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  • Tom

    I emailed CS and got the response that the bonus point will only be credited after the promotion ends. Is this true?

    • Jumbooze

      I had the same reply

    • Interesting. IHG rarely has promos where the points would only post after he promotional period. Let’s hope for the best!

    • Jumbooze

      Hi Tom/John,
      Any development on this promo for you guys? I have 0 points so far but the promotion has ended now…

      • Nothing. I earned so many points in 2013 from promos that I was not originally targeted that I will let this to slip through.

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  • lsed

    None of my stays posted for the bonus. Anyone else got theirs posted?

    • Nothing has posted. This will likely post after the promotion is over.

      • lsed

        good to hear its not only me =)

        • I am still almost sure that these will post in a batch at some later date. I don’t usually follow up with IHG for non-posting promos but this is different as I have the FLYER that I picked up during my stay at their hotel in Bangkok.

          • lsed

            Yeah the physical flyer does make it legit.

            Thanks for sharing!

          • Dave

            I was just reviewing my account after a recent stay, and it now shows that the Book Direct runs until Dec 31st. Is this normal to extend a promotion like that?

          • They have done it at least with one other promo previously, but a week later they switched the end date back to the original one.

  • Tim O’Brien

    IHG have told me this isn’t good if you’re US based, has anyone heard that before? has anyone received the points? i know they’ve pushed the end date out, i thought it may well be just a sweep at the end? John, you mentioned you received the promo offer at the property, was that outside of the US, europe or asia?

  • Tim O’Brien

    i received the 8K today, i quoted the code 2619, and they manually added them, up until today i had been told two different responses, one it was by region and two that there would be a sweep 4-6 weeks after the promo end date being December 31st IIRC (no longer on the offers page) i cannot recall if that was the original end date or the extended end date? and there may well still be a sweep

    • The original end date was October 31, 2013. I don’t think that they have automatically credited these promo points to anyone’s account.

    • panka

      I am getting the same responses to each of my mails. I try not to give up. 2,000 points were credited as goodwill, only.