IHG Rewards Club “Big Win” Fall 2013 Global Promotion


IHG Rewards Club is about to launch its fall 2013 promotion called “Big Win”. The promotion is for stays from September 1 to December 31, 2013.


There will be number of customized offers for IHG Rewards Club members for a minimum of 1,000 bonus points or 500 miles on first stay and for a minimum total bonus offer of 50,000 bonus points (after x number of nights).

There will be “wins” for staying on weekend nights, exploring different IHG brands and so on.

The website for this promotion ihgrewardsclub.com/win will be up on Monday August 26, 2013, where you can check your targeted offer. Edit: You can already access the website if you are based in North America or use proxy/VPN with North America POS. IHG hasn’t updated their servers/cloud in other regions yet. 


IHG Rewards Club had a promotion “Crack The Case” few years ago for customized bonus offer for different activities. This “Big Win” could be similar.

Don’t forget to email me what your targeted offer is on Monday. I will do an updated post on Monday r Tuesday about different offers that IHG Rewards Club members have received.

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  • Denis

    Through Gary Leff (http://boardingarea.com/viewfromthewing/2013/08/24/ihg-rewards-big-win-promotion-launches-early-details-revealed) it’s already live. I got 89,800 points, for 5 nights, including two Saturdays in two different brands.

    • It doesn’t work globally yet. It opens up if you try to access the page from North America but doesn’t if you try to open it from Asia. They haven’t loaded the page for all of the servers/cloud that IHG uses.

      • Rhaine Tan

        I am in Asia but i was able to register for their win big promotion

  • Rhaine Tan

    I can earn up to 135,700 points for this promotion. So cool!

    • Can you tell the options that you have and how they stack up?

      • Rhaine Tan

        My Offers
        Try one and done
        1,000 Points

        Stay more & earn more
        9,600 Points – stay a total of 4nights

        Explore our brands
        30,000 Points – stay at 2 different IHG brands

        Book with us
        6,000 Points – booked 2 separate stays through an IHG hotel website

        Survey the win
        100 Points – complete a survey

        Live the city life
        12,000 Points – stay at 2 of the participating hotels in Australia or Japan

        Getaway with a win
        9,000 Points – stay at 1 of the of the participating resorts

        Win big
        68,000 Points – complete all of your offer

        A total of 135,700 points

        I found all my offers easy to achieved, my only problem is the Australia or Japan stay as I dont have any plan to go there.

        • Yeah. That is the problem because to get the best pay out you need to fulfill all the hurdles.

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  • Henrik Johansson

    Try one and done 1000 points for my first stay
    Stay more and earn more 11200 points for 19 nights
    Explore our brands 14000 points for staying at 2 brands
    Live the city life 7200 points for 2 stays at participating hotels all over Europe
    Win in a weekend 5600 points for 3 Saturday night stays
    Win big 39000 more points for completing all of the above

    Total: 78.000

    I have 4 of them covered in my bookings already. I have no European travels booked, so we’ll see if I’ll complete the “Live the city life” and “Win big”

    From the Terms I can’t really say if bonus nights are counted. It says “Qualifying nights”, which they are now counted as, but their example says “covers most paid business and leisure rates”

    • The nights need to be points qualifying paid rates. You have rather high night requirement and the “Live the city life” requirement is difficult for most.

      • Henrik Johansson

        Yeah, it looks like they’ve given me a tougher challenge than all I’ve seen so far. 3 Saturdays and 19 nights is a lot. 🙂

  • vviia

    Try one and done 1000 points for my first stay
    Stay more and earn more 4000 points for 4 nights
    Explore our brands 10000 points for staying at 3 brands
    Book with us Book 2 separate stays
    Win in a weekend 8000 points for 2 Saturday night stays
    Win big 25000 more points for completing all of the above

    Total: 50.000

    BTW, if I use pointbreaks to get rooms, can i get night/stay/brand (for big win)?
    thanks a lot

    • Need to be paid rates that qualify for points. Thanks for the breakdown.

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  • Jeff

    Will park and fly package count for stay?

    • As long as there is a night component, cannot see why it wouldn’t.

  • Johnny

    Hi Guys, for the ‘Booking direct really is the best’ promotion. Would using a cashback portal before booking directly still qualify for the promotion? Thanks.

    • As long as you are making the booking at one of the IHG’s website even if you are accessing it via cashback site, it will be a qualifying stay (as long as qualifying rate obviously).

      • Johnny

        Thanks John!

  • brucejk

    0 0 0 0 0 0
    / 158,200 not a bad amt if I can pull it off. a few years back the crack the case program yielded me a whopping 600000 points!

    • Can you post the breakdown? It is interesting to compare all the various offers that IHG has come up this time.

  • andrewleen

    Question, John! If I book two rooms for the same night (say Saturday) at the same hotel (if I reserve it separately, so two reservation numbers), will I get 2 qualifying nights or just 1?

    • “Only one room per member per stay will be awarded the applicable bonus points or miles”.

  • Marco

    Big win 10k 🙁

    Try one and done 500 miles
    Stay more & earn more1,000 miles
    Explore our brands2,000 miles
    Book with us500 miles
    Win in a weekend2,000 miles
    Win big4,000 miles

    • This is essentially 50K points. Do you want miles and not points?

  • Can more than one goal be achieved at the same time?
    For example if I book only 2 nights that qualify for: “2 different IHG brands” on “2 Saturday stays” in 2 hotels from the “Live the city life” list?
    (plus “Try one and done” and “Book with us” points) 😉

    • lukah

      yes.quote from ihg: Try combining more than one offer into a single stay and earn even more Points

    • Absolutely!

  • lukah

    147+k. doesn’t yet open for full breakdown but seems achievable.
    are we looking for reward points inflation after all these had been handed to us?

    • Try to drop a message when you have the full breakdown. They have been bit more conservative with giving out point this year.

      • lukah

        now I see. unachievable.
        25 nights, 14 Saturdays (in 4 months?!), 5 brands (tough for china based) and 15 stays necessary.
        I guess been staying at ihg too much.

  • Stephanie

    Here is mine:
    Try one and done: 1,000
    Stay more & earn more (4 nights): 9,600
    Explore our brands (2 diff. brands): 30,000
    Book with us (2 stays via mobile or website): 6,000
    Survey: 100
    Win in a weekend (2 Sat. stays): 12,000
    Win big: 59,000
    = Total possible point: 117,700

    My current status is Club. I was Platinum two years ago (through some link, not through actual stays! Although I did stay with IHG for several nights that year as a result), downgraded to Gold last year (only points-based stays), then Club this year (no stays).

    I guess I got lucky with mine as I can accomplish all 6 tasks with only 4 nights and no location obstacles. Bit bizarre though, since I certainly haven’t been loyal enough imo.

    • They key here is that those that have been loyal (too may nights) get very high number if nights requirement. This is a VERY good and achievable offer.

  • David Harrison-Brown

    Mine is:
    Try one and done: 1000
    Stay more & earn 15 nights: 9900
    Explore our brands 4 diff: 16000
    Survey: 100
    Live the city life 2 stays: 7200
    Win in a weeked 2 sat stays: 4800
    Win Big: 39000
    Maxmium possible: 78000

    Current status is Platinum.

    Looking at some of the other offers I think ive been done over! LOL

  • Alan

    I am Platinum Ambassador and my Big Win is for 78,200 points.

    Try one and done: 1000
    Stay 7 nights: 7400
    Explore 3 different brands: 14000
    Book 2 separate stays through website: 2400
    Survey: 100
    Get out there – stay at 2 of cited International locations: 7200
    Win in a weekend, 3 Sat nights: 5600
    Spend it to get it, charged with IHG Visa: 1500
    Do all of the above: 39000


    I booked the Intercontinental Milwaukee two weeks ago on the IHG website for a stay August 27th. Will this qualify? In fact, I am already booked for later this fall at two hotels in Europe that will ‘win’ me the 7200 ‘Get out there’ points. Does the promotion work only for hotels booked since registration?

    • The promotion is for stays between September 1 to December 31, 2013. It doesn’t matter when the actual booking has been done.

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  • Bob

    I’m assuming existing hotel bookings for the “win” period will count as part of the Big Win, i.e. we don’t all have to cancel and then re-book !

  • MarilynBrock

    I got
    Try one 1000
    4 brands 2400
    stay 30 earn 14400
    survey 100
    3 cities 12600
    weekend 1680 for 10 saturdays
    complete all for 69000 bonus

    bit peeved really..

    • That is lot of nights but you have 4 months to fulfill the requirement.

      • MarilynBrock

        10 Saturdays is ridiculous!!!

        • That certainly is RIDICULOUS.

  • MarilynBrock

    actually realised it’s 24000 for 4 brands but 30 stays!! I’m a Plat Ambasador..

  • Bob

    I have been a Priority Club Member for about 10 years, Platinum for about 6….
    Mine is a JOKE!!!
    1 stay for the 1,000—pretty standard for everyone
    17 nights for 10,600—(623 per night??? I see some are getting about 1,000 per night)
    5 Brands for 18,000
    Stay in 2 locations that I hardly ever go for 7,200, only 7 cities in the US….
    4 Saturdays for 6,400
    I ALWAYS book online so they did not offer me anything for online bookings
    I was not offered anything for eating at the properties
    My “WIN BIG” is 43,000 Bonus for a Grand total of a tad over 86,000…..

    • You have had too many stays with IHG this year…

  • golferjj1

    I have the stay in 3 locations and it lists two international and three in the US. My question is if you look right below that option it says participating hotels and lists tons of hotels. Does that mean I can do more then just the 5 locations it shows and can do any in the list or does it mean I can only do 3 of those 5 specific hotels. It seems that they couldn’t show the whole list and so maybe we have more then just those few options?

    • Should be all the hotels in the list.

  • Adam

    I am Platinum Elite and my Big Win is for 63,000 points

    Try one and done: 1,000
    Stay More & Earn More (25 Nights): 14,400
    Explore Our Brands (5 Brands): 26,000
    Survey The Win: 100
    Live The City Life (2 Qualifying): 12,000
    Win In A Weekend (2 Sats): 8,000
    Spend It To Get It: 1,500
    Win Big: 63,000

  • hnrequipment

    I am platinum, have stayed at Hilton more this year than IHG but will make a go at mine to retain platinum for next year.
    try one 1000
    stay more, 25 nights 21600
    6 brands 42000
    4 Saturday nights 9600
    win big all in 74000

  • Ash

    Try one – 1000 points;
    stay more 16800 points for 19 nights;
    Explore our brands – 3 for 21000 points;
    book 2 stays through the website – 6000 points
    survey – 100 points
    City life – 12000 points for staying at 2 locations I am unlikely to visit
    Kick back and relax – 9000 points for staying at a location I am unlikely to visit
    Eat it up 2000 points for spending 320USD

    Quite pathetic and with the exception of “try one” probably not achievable for me. Being penalized for having accumulated 49 nights this years just at the point when the frequency of my stays will decrease.

    • The three brands is not that difficult, but this promo for the mos part is that you need to achieve all the hurdles to make it worthwhile.

  • dave

    stay and done – 1000
    stay more and earn more – stay 9 nights and earn 12000
    explore our brands – 3 brands for 21000
    book with us – book 5 stays for 5400
    survey the win – 100 for taking survey
    live the city life – stay in 2 city for 10800
    win in weekend – stay 3 saturday nights for 8400
    win big – 59000

    total 117700

  • Matt in Michigan

    I have Platinum through a PC Visa Card. I have 19 nights in for the year so far.

    2 Saturday – 4800 Points
    Pay for 1 Stay with PC Visa Card – 1500 Points
    5 Brands – 26000 Points
    Try 1 Night – 1000 Points
    Stay 17 Night – 10600 Points
    Survey – 100 Points

    Big Win Bonus – 44000 Points

    • 17 nights is very high requirement considering the number of nights that you have spend so far this year.

  • Matt in Michigan

    Can a Saturday Stay be booked with points or does it have to paid visit?

    • Stays using points are not eligible.

  • Ben

    Try one and done 1,000
    Stay more and earn more 7,000
    Explore our brands 22,000
    Survey the win 100
    Live the city life 12,000
    Win in a weekend 4,800
    Win big 47,000
    Total 93,900

  • Dante

    I am a RA and my big win is 73700points.
    . try one and done — 1000p
    . stay more & earn more — 10600p (17nights)

    . Explore our brand – 14000p (does holiday inn and holiday inn express consider two brands?)
    . book with us 4000p (book twice via web or mobile app)
    . survey the win 100p
    . win in a weekend 6400p (4 Saturdays, since my next business trip will be staying in one of the holiday inn for over 30days, will that help me to achieve both the “stay more earn more” and “win in a weekend”?)
    . eat it up (spend $39 on food or beverage)
    . Win big 37000

    Some questions:
    I just recently get invited to be a RA since i stayed 95 paid nights including 30 at 4 different intercontinental hotels so far this year. However, I did not receive any email or mail saying i am invited to be RA, (i found my status changed to RA when i log into my IHG account few days ago, and I stayed in one IC hotel which they did give me RA privilege), so nothing has been heard about the RA package either. It has been 1 week. Is this normal? or should I call IHG regarding to the RA pack which i care?

    • It can take more than a month or two for you to get your RA package.

  • Little Tea Blog

    I’m matched platinum. I’ve only stayed 3 nights but taken advantage of numerous point offers, so I have about 40,000 points total.

    Here’s my offer. While the total points is nice, the minimum number of stays isn’t so great. 5 different brands is pretty steep! And 4 Saturdays is tough too.

    Try one and done – 1,000
    Stay more (8 nights total) – 7,700
    Explore our brands (5 different) – 26,000
    Book with us (4 separate stays) – 3,200
    Live the city life (2 stays) – 12,000
    Win in a weekend (4 saturdays) – 6,400
    Win big – 56,000

    Total – 112,300

    I figure if I wanted to go for it, it would be better just to try the Live the city life promotion for 13,000 points. The problem is, I don’t see myself traveling to those cities in the near future.

    • You could do this in as few as eight nights. Obviously you have to consider if those Live the cily life cities makes sense for you.

  • Ted

    Current status: Platinum with 11 elite qualifying nights across 3 brands, US based. My offer is for a total of 84000 pts
    1. try one: 1000
    2. stay more 11 nights: 8600
    3. explore brands 5 brands: 26000
    4. Survey: 100pts
    5. Win a weekend 2 Saturdays: 4800
    6. Spend it: use PC credit card for 1 stay: 1500
    7. Bonus if all: 42000
    Seems that stay number is similar to stay so far this year. The number of bonus points is similar to the number of points earned to date. Very rarely stay on Saturdays, spend on their Visa close to zero, so this is all about engaging you more than before. 5 brands is actually not that difficult in the US. 11 nights is the challenge, am also going for Marriott’s stay 2 nights get 5000 bonus….

    • Remember that there is the free night cert offer for Marriott stays starting on September 15 as well that is combinable with the targeted Marriott offers.

  • natalee mayo

    I have been Platinum since 2009. My offer total is 170,200 points.

    Try One: 1,000
    Stay More: 24 nights for 21,000
    Explore Our Brands: 4 brands for 36,000
    Book With Us: 5 stays for 5,400
    Survey the Win: 100
    Live the City Life: 2 cities for 10,800
    Win in a weekend: 5 Saturdays for 10,800
    Win Big: 85,000

    Of course this comes toward the end of my main traveling season! 🙂

    • That is quite nice offer but the Saturdays would be difficult for biz traveler and the cities for the Living the City Life could be challenging.

  • banditrad

    I have stayed 4 nights so far and received normal points but nothing shows in big win, does this track real time as all bookings were direct.

    • Likely tracks on a very long delay.

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  • hasse wiersma

    Here’s mine:
    try one and done: 1000 pt
    stay more and earn more (30 nights): 25900 pt
    explore our brands (2 brands) : 18000 pt
    booking direct (10 stays) is the best: 10800 pt
    survey the win (hope it comes soon can’t click it yet) 100 pt
    win all over the world (2 hotels from the list) 10800 pt
    (hope my trip to sao Paulo goes, otherwise i’m **)
    win in a weekend (7 saterdays): 18000 pt
    (Lucky that most my travel is for conferences which are also on saterdays)
    win big: 85000 pt
    TOTAL: 169.600 pt

    2013 Year-to-date Summary
    Total Points Earned:
    Elite Qualifying Points Earned:
    Elite Qualifying Nights:
    Elite Qualifying Brands:

    • Your number of required nights is quite high, but then it is less than 8 days per month.

      • hasse wiersma

        i just re-booked all my stays for the coming 3 months to get the book direct thing. took me an hour but ok. and i decided to go to sao Paulo anyway for a trip and will take 2 hotels there to get that one. so i’ll finish the big win 🙂

  • Ryan McCormick

    Will my BIG WIN points count towards Platinum Status

    • The base points and stays/brands will. The bonus points won’t.

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  • Rick

    This is mine:

    try one and done: 1000

    stay more & earn more(5 nights): 10100
    explore our brands (2 brands) : 18000
    survey and win: 100
    book with us (2): 6000
    live the city life: 12000
    eat it up: 700
    getaway with a win (1 resort, 3 nights minimum): 9000
    win big 57000

    Total: 113900

    I find city and resort stay particularly difficult, especially they only look at Australia and Japan that I have no intention to go this year and staying in resort for 3 nights is going be boring.

    • You can get at least the Stay More, Book With Us and Explore Our Brands bonuses easily.

      • Rick

        I agree, in fact the rest are fairly easy – only if cities in “live the city life” goes my way!

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  • ma’am

    Try one and done 1000 points for my first stay
    Stay more and earn more 7400 points for 7 nights
    Explore our brands 14000 points for staying at 3 brands
    Book with us Book 3 separate stays
    Win in a weekend 2800 points for 2 Saturday night stays
    Win big 30000 more points for completing all of the above

    Total: 60.000

    IHG Plat.

    • That is a relatively easy offer.

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  • hw

    Done that:

    You earned the Big Win badge!

    just completed with 21 days left….. 169.900 points richer……..