American Airlines November (2013) Buy Miles Offer: Up To 30% Bonus


American Airlines has a new offer for buying AAdvantage miles and this time offering 30% bonus, when buying the maximum allowed per account during the calendar year that is 60,000 miles.


This offer is valid for purchases made up to December 31, 2013, and you can access it here.


The price of 78,000 miles purchased under this offer is 1,808.75. That comes to 2.32 cents each.


If you need more American Airlines AAdvantage miles and don’t need them urgently, you are better of by purchasing US Airways Dividend Miles. You can access the latest US Airways offer here.

The airlines are merging later this year and the frequent flier programs will do the same sometime in 2014.

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  • Kumar

    I was hoping it would be a 50% year end bonus like last year.

    • Maybe there is another short term offer too? Last year the offer was available for those as well that had already bought the maximum number of miles.

      You could always load up on Dividend Miles at a cheaper price. They will certainly become AAdvantage miles next year.

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