IHG Rewards Club Promotion: Big Win Spring 2014 (Preview)


IHG Rewards Club’s Spring 2014 global promotion is an updated version of the Fall 2013 Big Win. The promotion is valid for stays between January 1 and April 30, 2014.

Please visit an updated post about this promotion:

IHG Rewards Club “Big Win” Spring 2014 Promotion (Registration Now Open & Post Your Offers)


IHG Rewards Club members are presented customized goal based on their previous activity with the chain. According to IHG the offers are now better targeted and may more emphasize certain IHG brands.

You can access the promotion here.

I will do an updated post once the registration is open and can confirm the base version of the Spring 2014 Big Win.

I again encourage readers to post their targeted offers, so that we can all compare them.

Here’s the press release from IHG regarding this spring promotion:

ATLANTA (Dec. 16, 2013) – InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is kicking off 2014 in a big way by offering loyal IHG® Rewards Club members more opportunities to earn free travel through the next installment of its hotel rewards promotion, “The Big Win.” This is a first of its kind promotion, which provides each loyal guest with an individually tailored set of offers.

“We have found that introducing tailored offers through “The Big Win” has been beneficial for both our guests and our hotels,” said Jim Sprigg, director, Database Marketing & CRM Solutions, IHG. “So, this January, we are launching a new and improved version of ”The Big Win” promotion based on guest feedback, with offers that are even more relevant and appealing to diverse types of guests who are loyal to the IHG family of hotel brands, including select offers with a greater focus on our individual hotel brands.”

Pre-registration for “The Big Win” promotion begins on Dec. 16, 2013 here. Once registered, members will begin earning IHG® Rewards Club points or airline miles when they stay at any IHG®-branded hotel between Jan. 1 and April 30, 2014. This includes the InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo® Hotels, Holiday Inn® Hotels, Holiday Inn Resort® Hotels, Holiday Inn Club Vacations®, Holiday Inn Express® Hotels, Staybridge Suites® Hotels and Candlewood Suites® Hotels brands. IHG’s scale and diversity means that our hotels can meet our guests’ needs whatever the occasion – whether an overnight getaway, a business trip, a family celebration or an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sprigg added, “Other hotel promotions still tend to be one-size-fits-all, whereas every offer in “The Big Win” promotion varies based on a guest’s travel pattern.”


The fall 2014 2013 Big Win was a great promotion for some or maybe I should say to most.

There were some customized offers that were practically impossible to complete such as visiting two resort properties in Asia when the program member was  based in Europe.

I am eagerly waiting for the customized offers that we are going to see this time (and lets hope that there are other stackable offers as well).

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  • Evan

    Only one stay away from completing my fall Big Win! 80,000 points, here I come!

    • Completing here Big Win at IC Club lounge.

      • ansku

        The link doesn’t work for me, using Chrome ; does that effect on it?

  • Susan

    I am looking forward to another Big Win challenge… I do have to say, though, that I hope one of the things they do is stay on top of it a bit more. Maybe they only run the sweeps for it once a week. I finished my last stay this past week-end and although the stay has posted, the Big Win hasn’t updated. Altogether with the Big Win and the promos added to the stays (7), I have earned close to 140K points (and my Big Win was only 76K). Definitely a win-Win.

    • The website doesn’t update too often, but the points have been posting for me.

  • hw

    Yezz count me in! just won last week 169900 points in the fall promotion. they should add something like complete it in half time earn double 🙂

  • DavidB

    “The fall 2014 Big Win was a great promotion for some or maybe I should say to most.” Hardly. Most every RA/Platinum I know who frequents IHG properties received impossible objectives, including myself. Haven’t been to Australia or Japan in two years, but my “must stay” properties were both in those countries! Not to mention having to monitor the consistent mis-posting of stays as non-qualifying that were qualifying so targets could be met. These promotions have pretty much turned me off from staying at IHG properties and moved me to other chains. When I see colleagues who have stayed much less at IHG properties, and yet receive more achievable and generous targets, why should I give this company more of my money?!

    • Seems that some stays that I had to all in to get posted didn’t post as booked online. Going to write a piece about this that people should check the promotion postings carefully.

      Yes. Some received impossible offers.Let’s see what offers people get this weekend.

      • Tim O’Brien

        maybe the should offer an ‘o’r option to RAs for example if you have a long term say happening in one IC, that IHG benefits well from, would be nice to see something like “or 60 nights” within the promotion period.

      • Kat

        My offer is:
        6 nights total 13200
        1 Best Rate Stay w/ Breakfast 3000
        2 Saturday Nights 7200
        5 Stays booked via Mobile App 15600
        2 Holiday Inn stays 7200
        Finish my 6 offers 46000

  • Monika

    Same happened to me as to DavidB. Looks like they have had bad year in Japan and Australia and tried to improve it this way. For me points appeared quite on time under ‘Big Win’ topic. Does anybody know if the booking of 7 stays via website must be done for this year stays or can it be for 2014?

  • Bob

    I finished my Big Win about 4 weeks ago… When I first signed up and saw my requirements I thought I was doomed but I lucked out this time…. My boss decided to take a bunch of trips during the month of October and first week of November. I had to have 17 nights, 5 brands, 4 Saturdays, and 2 Cities…since I met my requirements within 30 days I am afraid they are going to really put the whammy on me this time…. I will let y’all know what I get…..

  • Natasha

    WE missed ours due to the number of nights. It was very high. I’m hoping for a more reasonable offer that is attainable this time…

  • Barney

    Its more or less the same challenge as the BIg Win in Fall:

    Stay 5 Nights: 8400 points
    3 Brands: 17400 points
    Survey: 100 points
    Live city life (2 nights): 9600 points
    2 Saturday nights: 4800 points
    WIn big: 41000 points

    For a total of 81500 points! Its quite doable.

    I had only 3 paid stays this year.

  • MilesFromBlighty

    6 Nights – 8,800 points

    4 Brands – 19,200 points

    1 stay at the Best Flexible with Breakfast rate – 2,000

    2 Saturday nights – 4,800

    3 Holiday Inns – 5,600

    Big Win Bonus is 40,000

  • scubaccr

    FFFFFFF’ing rubbish for 1Q2014 just like 4Q2013, Non-starter , UN-achievable
    SO… 1Q2014, HH Diamond challenge looking my task instead

    5 tasks including 100point survey, so really 4tasks. WinBig bonus needs 5of5 tasks completed, although I read elsewhere some IHGers need 5/6 or 6/7 tasks to trigger the final Win Big bonus.

    So My BigWin results (or lack of) will be

    4Q2013 = 1100/96000
    1Q2014 = 100/195900

    Reaon I am upset, I get both same impossible tasks again. and missing the easy stay once for 1000 points, the only task I collected on !

    4Q2013 8 Saturday nights (currently at 2 of 8 with 16days to go)
    4Q2013 4 Europe cities (currently at 2 of 4 with 16days to go)

    Survey = 100
    Stay More Nights (27) = 30,600 (4Q2013 was 20nights for 11,500, at 8/20)
    More Brands (5) = 31,200 (4Q2013 was 4Brands for 16,000, at 3/4)
    City Life (3 in Europe) = 16,800 (4Q2013 was 4Cities for 9,600, at 2/4)
    Weekend Saturdays 8 = 19,200 (4Q2013 was 8 Saturdays for 9,600, at 2/4)
    WinBig (5 tasks of 5) = 98,000 (4Q2013 was 48,000)
    Total=195,900 (4Q2013 was 95,800)

    So I will collect 1Q2014 , 100/196,000 points ….utterly pointless (no pun intented)

    I will be asking for HH diamond challenge for 1Q 2014. Once I earn HH Diamond, the lure of IHG is greatly diminished, even thouigh I am IHG Royal Ambassador at Intercontinentals, and get good Platinum treatment at my regular Crowne Plaza hotels. With HH-D, Hilton stays will be comparable and/or better even, just will miss my free great mini-bar at certain IC hotels.

    20 stays HHD challenge seems better user of my time/money here ?? !!

  • Alex

    Hello Everyone, my offering is like this:

    23 nights: 25’800 points
    5 different brands: 31’200 points
    2 stays with best possible rate incl. breakfast: 3600 points
    Survey: 100 points
    3 live the city life: 16’800 points
    4 saturday nights: 9’600 points
    5 stays in holiday inn: 10’800 points
    Win big: 98’000 points

    This is massive but as I have many trips planed and in Q1 already booked hotels in 4 different brands, around 10 nights, different cities, few fairs over the weekend. It might be possible that I could reach the total challenge. But the year is long…

    Wish you all nice festive season and a happy New Year.


  • zhuo

    Mine is 174k! Need to stay four separate nights at two different holiday inns and two
    different holiday inn expresses, a total of four nights including two
    Saturday nights. No city requirements.


    Here is my offer for 2014 Spring Big Win:
    15 Nights for 18600
    5 Separate Bookings(Online or mobile) for 4300
    3 Saturday Weekend Nights for 8400
    4 different Intercontinental Stays for 19200
    3 different stay in the Greater China locations for 16800
    Survey Points for 100
    Big Win Bonus 67000
    Grand Total of 134400
    I can easily achieve all the offers.
    One thing to add, I missed my fall big win because of the 2 different location in north american. ( Since I am based in Asia, those 3 different locations in Greater China is not fairly easy).
    J. Z.

  • Chu

    I had 5 stays at IHG properties this year and got the default 50k big win challenge that I will be completing soon. My big win 2014 spring offer is:

    Stay a total of 4 nights 8000 points
    Stay at two different brands 16000 points
    Book one best flexible rate with breakfast 2000 points
    Stay two Saturday nights 8000 points
    views.dashboard.offer.r.copy 6000 points (not sure what this is)
    Book two separate stays using IHG app 8000 points
    Stay at two Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts 16000 points
    Complete 6 of your offers for an additional 28000 points
    Total = 92000 points

    Can be achieved with 4 nights so very doable just that the trips I am planning till April don’t have any IC properties. Will need to relook and see if I can squeeze something in between =)

  • Cherry

    My offer is:
    stay a total 6 nights = 8,800 points
    stay at 2 different brands = 9,600 points
    book 2 separate stays with mobile device or ihg web = 1,900 points
    stay 2 sat nights = 8,000 points
    views.dashboard.offer.q.view = 600 points (useless, i don’t fly these airlines at all)
    change your view (2 holiday inn express hotels) = 8,000 points
    complete 7 of the offers = 37,000 points
    survey the win = 100 points
    total 74,000 points
    at least 3 bookings (of which 2 has to be holiday inn express) and must be on weekends (to include the 2 sat offers) and in total 6 nights

  • digo amer

    i need someone to transfer 50000 points to my account, for whom are interested, please contact me by email to discuss the price.- mezo50000@yahoo.com

  • Mark

    10,400 points for 10 nights; 20,800 for staying at five different brands; 7,200 points for booking five stays through the app; 2,000 for booking one stay with breakfast. 27,000 if I do six of the eight they offered