IHG Rewards Club Promotion: 2,000 Bonus Points For One Stay Within 60 Days (2014)

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IHG Rewards Club has a new promotion for 2,000 bonus points for a stay within 60 days after you sign up for it.

Edit: Could be that you can only earn this bonus offer once.


You can earn this 2,000 bonus points unlimited number of times during the 60 day period.

You can sign up for this promotion here or use the promotion code 9990 on here.

Note that this offer is combinable with all the other IHG Rewards Club promotions that you can find here.

You should sign up for this promotion when you have your next IHG coming up to maximize the 60-day promotional period. The expiry date of this promotion is unclear.


IHG Rewards Club had a similar promotion for the first time in 2013. This is a great bonus offer for those that have number of stays coming up within the 60-day period, as you can earn it unlimited number of times.

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  • pranaynigotiya

    Hi John, under this promo can i split the nights into different stays to get maximum result ? for eg. if break and book 3 consecutive night stays into 3 one night stays then will i get 2000×3 = 6000 bonus points?

    • Nope, any amount of consecutive nights in one hotel is just one stay and bonus codes are based on stays.

      • Henrik Johansson

        That is the rules, yes, but I have managed to get 4 conescutive nights under 2 reservations count as 2 stays. I had a booking for 3 nights, then contacted the hotel and asked them to add another night. I couldn’t update my reservation online, because the hotel was full. I got a new reservation for my new night. I also had to pay (“check-out”) twice. I had the same room of course, so it only meant I had to stop by the reception and pay.

        • It may work but likely not very often.

  • Ales

    Thanks for code. There is any point offer (code or link) for referring new friends to become IHG Reward Club members?

    • Nicola Cassolato

      Unfortunately, no more.

      • Yep. There was a promo last time maybe five years ago.

  • NutalieDumsom

    I registered prior to my 2 stays and did not get the points for my 2nd stay any suggestions?

    • wardhog

      Mine also did not post. I have one for 1,000 points for 60 days that did post both times

      • Could be that these offers are now only onetime, although they used to be fr multiple times over 60/90 day period. I have added a note above.

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  • hw

    sign up worked; will know in few days if it will post. does not show in my offer. i do have more stays in april then coming 60 days; but as validy time is unclear i just signed up anyway; will have 10 stays for sure int he nxt 60 days. (i’m in berlin soon for 7 days; as i’m only to sleep with own car. i will just hop from one holiday inn / IC / crown plaza for 7 stays.

  • hw

    it emails to after sign up.

    This email has been sent to
    confirm that you have been successfully registered for the promotion outlined

    Member: X

    Member Number: X

    Promotion: 2,000 BONUS POINTS FOR 60 DAYS

    Track your progress and see how close you are to new rewards.

  • georgebaz

    Do I have to register for this promotion before I book a room? I registered today but I booked a stay in February some time ago, will it earn the points? I cannot find TOC of this offer on the IHG site.

    • You have to register for this offers before your stay. There is no need to register at the time of making the reservation.

  • Shane

    Good one, thanks! Worked for me and have a stay coming up later this week 🙂

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  • Nicola Cassolato

    Hey John, I love this articles that try to clarify all the IHG promo codes (as opposed to a simple list on FlyerTalk in which you never know which code works and which doesn’t :))!

    Just a heads up, as per FT this code seems to be a one-off promo, and not a recurring one.

    Keep up the good work!

    • I have added a note above that this maybe one time use only.

  • Rick Jordan

    Did not work for me: The code you entered is invalid for your membership. Please check the qualification requirements for your country, region or program. For further assistance please visit the IHG® Rewards Club Customer Care Center page

  • hw

    its not for 60 days, its a one time:

    Get started!

    You need 1 stays for the next award.

    Cumulative Earnings

    You have earned 0 of 1 possible awards.


    Qualifying Stays:

    Jan 12, 2014

    Start Date:

    Apr 12, 2014

    End Date:


    • I have added a note above that this maybe for onetime only.

  • Kurt

    It came back that I was not in the correct country or region. I’m in the US.

    • This definitely worked for a US based account.

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