IHG Rewards Club Promotion: 3,000 Points “Elite Member Next Stay Bonus” Offer (2014)


IHG Rewards Club has a new “Elite Member Next Stay Bonus” promotion for 3,000 bonus points for one stay. You likely need to be IHG Rewards Club Gold or Platinum member to take advantage of this offer.


You can earn 3,000 bonus points once and need to do it within 90 days after registering for this promotion.

You can sign up for this promotionย hereย or use the promotion code 8834 onย here.

Note that this offer is combinable with all the other IHG Rewards Club promotions that you can findย here.

You should sign up for this promotion when you know for sure that you have a paid stay coming up within 90 days. The expiry date of this offer is unclear.


This is a nice one time bonus offer for IHG Rewards Club elite members that have paid stays coming up.

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  • LJG

    Is this definitely the right code? I get “Your code is invalid” ๐Ÿ™ I am a Platinum member.

    • It is.

      • Jason A.

        “According to our records, you are already registered for this offer.” Just FYI, John: I haven’t done any new registrations this year after January 1st with any of the new codes (the only things I’ve registered are from last year’s fall promos, and I did those around December 1st).

        • Arjuna

          Same thing with me.

        • Although these are all “new” codes that I have not covered in 2013, they might be for the same promotions.

          IHG often has several codes for the same promotion. Must be the case with this one.

          It is just impossible to say. What I can say for sure, that these all worked for IHG PLT US based account that had not done any IHG promos in 2013.

          • Jason A.

            Makes sense. Thanks for the update. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jon

    It says ive already registered, ummm dont think i have…

  • mo

    It said u already registered ๐Ÿ™

  • sebst

    “According to our records, you are already registered for this offer.” ….

    • Kurt

      I am getting the same message as sebst. The promotion does not show up in My Offers, either. Darn, I’d like those 3000 points.

      • Shane

        Same for me… getting the you’re already registered ๐Ÿ™

      • Nothing shows up currently in My Promotions besides the Big Win.

  • Marc

    Code worked for me

  • hw

    i get also message “already signed up” for this one……..not working.

  • Did I have to register for this promotion before I booked a room? I registered today but I booked a stay in February some time ago, will it earn the points? I cannot find TOC of this offer on the IHG site.

    (The above text is almost verbatim what I posted on the page with the 2,000 points promo. Sorry if I wrote too much today.)

    • It doesn’t matter when you have made the booking. All that matters is that you have registered for the promo on the day you check in.

  • Natasha

    It says I am already registered, but I know that I haven’t registered for this 2014 promotion…

    • It must be variant of the same offer that was available in 2013 using different offer code.

      • Natasha

        Thanks, John. We appreciate everything!

  • Tyler J

    I registered for this promotion a couple weeks ago and it went through just fine back then, but it wouldn’t show up in my Offer Status list… as well as a whole bunch of other promotions. I just found out tonight that all the promotions actually went through from my stay last Monday night and is showing in my Account Activity. So strange! I can’t track them, but they’re working!

    • Yes.Nothing seems to be tracking on My Promotions right now besides the Big Win. Let’s hope that IHG fixes this son.

  • Guest

    I’m getting same ” According to our records, you are already registered for this offer.”