IHG Rewards Club Promotion: 5,000 Bonus Points Elite Member Winback Offer (2014)

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IHG Rewards Club has a second “Elite Member Winback” offer for 5,000 bonus points for one stay. You likely need to be IHG Rewards Club Gold or Platinum member to take advantage of this offer.


You can earn 5,000 bonus points once and need to do it within 60 or 90 days after registering for this promotion.

You can sign up for this promotion here or use the promotion code 3007 on here.

Note that this offer is combinable with all the other IHG Rewards Club promotions that you can find here.


I had great difficulty trying to register for this offer and was unsuccessful.


A LoyaltyLobby reader had successfully registered for the offer and it had posted to his two night stay. Friend of mine successfully registered for this offer as well, but he hasn’t had any paid stays to confirm the posting  of the bonus points.

You should sign up for this promotion when you know for sure that you have a paid stay coming up within 60 days. The expiry date of this offer is unclear.


This is a nice one time bonus offer for IHG Rewards Club elite members that have paid stay coming up soon. I have no idea about the eligibility of this offer, as it doesn’t seem to work for all (it didn’t for me).

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  • Ian

    Nope, not for me either

  • mileswhore

    Thanks for posting this – I realized I lost my platinum status and was able to get it back to platinum

  • Peter

    Hi John ,
    Do you know if stays on the special Christmas offer post as qualify stays?

    • They shouldn’t, but sometimes they may.

  • hw

    this looks like to not combine with 3006 (as 3006 did not work for me as i already registered for 3007)

  • hw

    PS> i just checked; this one is not in my offer status (others are). i just had a stay posted. this one did NOT post for me! (did register and did get email confirmation i registered). what posted for me was: Anniversary bonus (this should be for 60 or 90 days but it posts only once and now also finsihed in my offer status), i got new stay bonus and welcome back bonus.
    no others registered got posted. (except the amb accelator but that’s normal after 20 nights).
    but; tomorrow mus tpost a another 1 night stay; lets see what comes there.

  • okra

    The code you entered is invalid for
    your membership. Please check the qualification requirements for your
    country, region or program. For further assistance please visit the IHG® Rewards Club Customer Care Center page.

  • Barbarella

    In my case it says “already registered” and indeed I had entered it last year but have not stayed at IHG since then

  • Andres

    Didn’t work with the code 3007, but it did with the 3006

  • Marc

    Unsuccessful for me

  • meesha

    unsucessful for me too. called the IHG agent and she said that code is not in there system.

    • You should never ever call IHG regarding a code that doesn’t work or your membership.

      This promotions posted for a LoyaltyLobby reader and friend of mine was able to successfully registered for it as well, so it does work for some.

  • Michael

    No go for me either….and ‘3006’ shows up as ‘already registered’. Should I try again later?

    • If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. These promos seems to be rather complicated right now. Some work and some don’t.

      • Alex

        non 3006 nor 3007 works for me Spanish address, also I have registered for 7 promos in 2014 with email confirmation, but only 4 appear on my status bar ?????

        • The “My Promotions” doesn’t seem to be tracking all the promos right now. You just have to wait and see what actually posts.

  • treklov

    none works for me. Only big win, for which I registered weeks ago.
    The rest are all unsuccessful

  • keitchai

    I have successfully registered for either 3006 or 3007 for 5000 points I am not sure which one. but after I have stayed with Holiday Inn Express, there is no 5,000 bonus points from this promotion

  • Cam

    Didn’t work for me, but I got the last 3000 one, so no complaining from me.

  • AZ

    3007 didn’t work for me, 3006 worked –> ELITE MEMBER WINBACK BONUS.

    Platinum Ambassador from Middle East.

    • There are quite a few promos out there with multiple offer codes.

  • PutinLei

    Do all the promotion code safe for club memeber if he has not received any promotion code from IHG official website?

  • PutinLei

    Some friends said it would be not safe when you registered the code doesn’t belong to you-as you haven’t receive the codes from IHG official mailbox,it would

    make your account to be closed by IHG

    • I have heard that this has happened to some. I am going to write a piece about it later today.

  • Tim O’Brien

    worked for me, US based

  • MB

    Just tried, 3006 worked, 3007 did not – Gold Elite.