IHG Rewards Club Weekend Stay Promotion: 5,000 Bonus Points For Two Night Stay


IHG Rewards Club has 5,000 bonus points promotion for two night weekend stay.


The Weekend Stay Promotion has been around in previous years and has posted for me last spring (you can read more here and here).

This promotion has two offer codes and you can register for both of them here and here or use codes 6796 and 8645 here.

Note that this offer is combinable with all the other IHG Rewards Club promotions that you can find here.

As has been the case with many of the promotions this past month, these offers maybe from 2013 with new offer codes and won’t work for all. I am not sure if both of the bonus offers post for a two night weekend stay.


The weekend stay bonus did work for me in 2013. It did not post with the stay, but rather as a line on the account activity for 5,000 bonus points. I am nor sure if it is the same case in 2014.

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  • Han

    IHG says to me that it is already registered…;

    • pamela

      do we know if Friday/Saturday will work? or is it just Saturday/sunday? not sure what qualifies as ‘weekend’ under their terms as doesn’t give me any info on the offer status. Would be grateful if anyone can advise as I am trying to book a stay to qualify for this one.

  • Guest

    Thx for all those publications.

    Unfortunatelly some of your readers are dumb as bricks… How in the world can someome write to IHG Facebook page

    “I just had to share this with everyone….I had signed up for emails from LoyaltyLobby; I received all the links for offers for IHG Rewards Club. I stayed at an IHG hotel last Saturday nite, and in addition to receiving the normal points for staying at the hotel, I received an additional 16,500 IHG points. This is FANTASTIC!!!!!”

    • Guest

      I seriously can’t stand dim wits like this. What’s wrong with people?!

    • Ry Wong

      better drop him/her a line privately suggesting to delete that message for everyone’s good….

    • Let’s not be too harsh. Haven’t we all made similar mistakes in the past when we started with the programs and sometimes showered with points?

  • Marc

    Both worked for me. Any idea on the expiration of this offer?

    • It has been going on for a while. I believe that it actually tracks in your “My Offers”.

  • DavidB

    Are there any restrictions to this bonus as has been the case with some of the previous weekend bonuses? Things like: Must have a US residency, stay at a US property…

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  • Will

    I did manage to get the 6796 # to work, one of the few of your codes posted this year that “worked” for me. (and I keep trying them all….. but keep getting the infernal, “according to our records… — which we won’t show you,” ….. frustrating)

    Yet in my email receipt for the successful sign-up, it only says, “This email has been sent to confirm that you have been successfully registered for the promotion outlined below. (then it gives my name & member — and then this:)

    “Promotion: WEEKEND STAY BONUS”

    This one also shows up in my account “offer status,” but again, with no details. (when I click on “terms and conditions” — I get the mindless popup window that so unhelpfully says, “terms and conditions.”)

    So how do you know what this promotion requires a “two night stay” — as per your headline? Thanks.

    • I had many one night weekend stay and the bonus didn’t post. It did post after two night weekend stay, however. It won’t post with the stay itself, but as a separate line in your account history couple of weeks later.