IHG Rewards Club Next Stay Promotion: 1,500 Bonus Points

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IHG Rewards Club has 1,500 bonus points “Next Stay Bonus” promotion for one stay.


Note that this offer is from 2013, but seems to still work for those that have not previously registered for it.

You can register for this offer here or use code 7641Β  here.

Note that this offer is combinable with all the other IHG Rewards Club promotions that you can findΒ here.


This promotion did work for a new IHG Rewards Club member in 2014 that had not previously taken advantage of this bonus points promotions. It did not, however, work for my account that already did it in 2013.

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  • will

    as per usual, “according to our records, you are already registered.” (even though my offer status page currently says I’m only signed up for the 2014 big win — but experiences at end of last year tells me that may, or may not be accurate? Horrendous uncertainty.) So far this year, as far I can verify on the “offer status” page, I’ve only been able to confirm signing up for one new offer apart from the BW. (though I did have a few early last month that seemed to register) I’m starting to read elsewhere of other platinum members getting “warned” — or told they’re signing up for too many promo codes. I gather also that it’s generally not a good idea to inquire, as even asking can get a microscope put on your account. I of course don’t want to “abuse” the system, yet I’m starting to wonder if IHG is somehow trying to discourage us from even trying. How on earth do I even know for what we’re already registered. (esp. when we get messages saying “you are already registered” — but of course, the verification page says we’re not)

    • okra

      “According to our records, you are already registered for this offer.”

      Platinum Ambassador

    • The offer status in 2014 is not up to date. It won’t show up all the offers that you have sign up for and what will eventually post after a stay.

  • Marc

    I was able to register. I had not registered for this in 2013.

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  • Cam

    I was able to register, so fingers crossed.

  • Shane

    Already registered πŸ™

  • Kurt

    It allowed me to sign-up and I got the confirming email. I’m a US Platinum level. I sign up for everything John shares with us so I doubt I missed it late last year. Staying Monday night, so I’ll see if works soon.

    • Did it post for you?

      • Kurt

        It never showed up on “My Offers” page but I got the points after my stay last week.

        • Great! Working just as it should.

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