• Gareth

    last year they closed my platinum elite account without notifying me. Upon enquiry they told me that I had misused my account by signing up for points offers that I was not specifically targeted for. They then went ahead and cancelled 3 stays at Crowne Plaza Dubai that were paid for with points. I have lost all respect with IHG since then and specifically don’t stay at their properties any more, if that’s how they treat loyal platinum members.

    • disqust101

      Boo hoo. You game their award program and then get all bent out of shape when you get caught? Unreal.

      • Will

        Wow, you must work in the Philippines office of IHG…. Essentially every person who signs up for the codes IGH codes posted here are folks not specifically targeted for these promotions. Nice snark to accuse us all of “gaming their program.” Indeed, and so we all should turn ourselves in to have our accounts terminated? Is that your game?

        • aw

          It is probably bad idea to use the same credit card number for more than
          one account. If you have someone as an additional user on your account,
          the number doesn’t change.

          what does this mean

          • Seems that IHG does some tracking based on the CC numbers used as well. If your family has (husband/wife) both have an account, don’t use the same cc to guarantee/pay the folios.

        • T

          If you are doing something wrong, you are doing something wrong. It does not matter who else is doing it.
          Using codes you are not supposed to used is “gaming their program”. You can try to justify it by saying “everyone else is doing it”, but you are not changing the fact that you are doing it. Take some responsibility for yourself and your actions.

          If you get caught cheating the system, you get caught cheating the system. Just because others are doing it too does not take away from the fact you were cheating the system.

          • Guest

            “Gaming” something does not mean you are cheating that something. When hotels “game” their industry, they are not cheating their industry. When customers or the hotels cheat, use the word cheat. When customers enter codes they found online (akin to coupons codes), they are not cheating the hotels. They are “gaming” the hotel programs that allow them these actions. It would be far easier (for everyone) for the hotels to restrict the redemption of codes to who they want to redeem the codes.

      • Will

        Put differently, are you an IHG monitor, monitoring these and other web sites with a mind to shut us all down, or by chance do you work for a competitor, and as such, are delighted to accentuate mistrust, bad will and fury towards IHG.

  • That’s really messed up to close people’s accounts…

  • Ben

    Its hard to find a list of these rules, so I don’t know if I am doing anything that could get me banned. I am a platinum member with over 300 stays last year so that would be devastating.

    Recently I used points to book 2 rooms for me and a friend at a hotel on the point break list. The person at the front desk seemed to be under the impression that this was not allowed since your points are only for booking rooms for you even though the booking site lets you select number of rooms greater than one when booking a reward night. Now I am scared that this might have flagged me even though I have never seen such a rule posted if it does indeed exist.

    • ArkansasTraveler

      You can book rooms for others with IHG Rewards using your points if you call in, so there is no problem with what you have done. The customer service rep told me that the easiest way to actually do this online is to add their name to my reservation even if I am not going to show at the hotel. I think you had a misinformed front desk clerk.

    • Paulo

      I’ve noticed most of the promotions I had registered on my account have vanished last week, even though they were valid for another few months. My recent stays did not pick up these bonus points, so I can only assume IHG removed them? I won’t be contacting them to query as I stand to lose 900k of points should they close my account.

      Points bookings can have multiple rooms at the same property – you just can’t book more than 1 room per reservation, which is a pain when you need 2 rooms.

      The Big Win points can take up to 6 weeks to post. I just realised my multiple stays in different brands in the same city don’t qualify for the City Life target 🙁

      • There have been occasional glitches with these promos showing and not showing up.

    • There is nothing on the terms and conditions that would limit the award rooms for just for the account holder OR one room at a time at the same hotel.

  • Steve A

    You’ve now got me scared to contact IHG about a question/problem with a stay I just had qualifying for the Big Win on-line booking bonus. I sign up for most of the promos in your blog and don’t want to risk losing all my points. OTOH, I might lose out on 40,000 points if I don’t complete that category. Should I contact IHG CS or just let sleeping dogs lie?

    • disqust101

      Sure, go ahead and contact them. What’s the worst that can happen (other than account closure)?

      • Steve A

        Account closure = losing 125k IHG points.

    • guest777

      Also contacted CS about online booking bonus of big win because it has not yet posted for me. Was informed that online booking bonus will take approx. 6 weeks longer to post

      • Steve A

        Thanks for the info. That’s very good news, as long as the on-line booking bonus does eventually post without needing any follow-up on my part.

        • I think that you should be fine to call. Big Win is a legit promo and they have had problems with the online bookings posting correctly towards the promotion requirement.

  • Marius

    So they conviniently use their own imcompetency to get rid of certain customers, thats interesting until someone from the EU decides to sue them for freezing their account ^^. Nowadays they have to assume that promotion codes are public in the internet. It cannot be my responsibility to figure out wether or not i qualify as long as i can register for it. I seriously hope for IHG that there where some other things wrong with those accounts otherwise I would certainly not continue to stay with them.

    • hw

      I would like to know from which region those accounts are from. because the reasons mentioned indeed in the EU will not be sufficient to close. anyhow; before the big win in 2013, I changed holidays so that 1 of the 2 rooms was on my wifes name. of course we got a lot of nights and points. and was paid with 1 creditcard. her account was indeed closed but after a call to IHG they re-opened the account without problem; we also paid for Ambassador status on her account. Look, if we travel with the family and she has a room and I have a room; at the checkout; of course I pay with the same card. and the booking also with 1 card; we are a family. She doesn’t even have her own creditcard.

      • BTW this closing of family members accounts is really nuts.There is nothing on the IHG Rewards Club T&C’s that would limit the membership just to one per address.

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  • DavidB

    I have no sympathy for the first case given the massive level of abuse described. Accounts are for personal use and booking rooms for other people and using country of convenience addresses are clearing abusing the program. I’ve read several similar stories over the past couple of years on FlyerTalk and have little compassion for those abusers.

    • on the passenger’s side

      you probably work for or otherwise have close connections to hotel industry as well.. most people have opposite point of view than you have = they see the greedy industry and big corporations the bad guys in this, so it’s okay to “abuse” their stupid systems that allow customers to do these kind of reservations and to apply for promo codes they weren’t targeted for.

      • DavidB

        I have no connections with the travel industry and no interest other than keeping things fair and ethical when it comes to frequent flyer/guest programs. You can’t prove IHG or any other major chain has been unethical or otherwise following illicit business practices, so what gives you the right to be judge and jury? What constitutes “greed” to you? I have had my disagreements with IHG and the way its promotions tend to be less generous to its best customers, but is that any reason to cheat and book other people on my account to earn more points and status? I have managed quite within the rules to reap significant benefits from paying the lowest legit rates and receiving upgrades and perks well beyond what I paid. Why should I abuse this relationship by trying to cheat IHG? Obviously we have differing perspectives on morality and ethics. Just don’t complain if some day your account(s) gets audited and shut down.

        • You could always question the “Book Direct” promotion from last year that has not automatically posted for anyone. They were giving out pamphlets at some hotels about it.

          I believe that not releasing a list of hotels that were moving up/down award categories is a questionable business practice.

    • Lee

      Totally agree. Abuse the system – get banned. Simples

    • Using same credit card number on two difference accounts shouldn’t be a red flag. If you add an authorized user husband/wife, the card number stays the same. Having other people staying on your account is entirely different matter obviously.

  • Cam

    Pretty dumb to call up chasing points for a promo that you know you weren’t targeted for.

    • I always advise people not to do this.

  • lukah

    I register for all promos here. but im not greedy in case some don’t post; I wasn’t targeted anyway. it’s still a good program.
    with all those points, it’s advisable to keep burning them, just in case points get lost. got such shitty offer for big win (14 Saturdays in 4months) that I decided to speed-up burning; stayed about 25 nights free last year, and am on track to repeat it this year.

    • Your Saturday requirement is crazy. It is always a good reminder that it doesn’t make sense to horde points, but to use them strategically.

  • IHGSince99

    There are two sides to every coin….IHG has traditionally “allowed” loop holes and even published or leaked random codes to test the ripple affect. I can only conclude they knowingly allow double dipping with loose controls to attract new members and drive revenue “because” if it was indeed wrong in their eyes then their system would function like Hilton Honors or SPG….Strict and unbending. Should IHG become Hilton Honors or SPG it would kill their membership totals and drive customers away and they know their client base is points driven and fluid. The “baiting” of the market place with layers of codes and promotions is intentional, they do it for a reason as it could easily be restricted with a few key stokes. Because you “can” use them means IHG endorses it with business goals in mind…..the largest Hotel Loyalty Program membership in the world…restrict access and your database drifts away and you lose strategic bragging rights.
    So IHG maintains and sponsor’s the sport of points chasing as a marketing & sales tool.
    That said, having multiple accounts is obviously going to eventually catch up to you so don’t be surprised…its like speeding, just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should so don’t cry then you get caught. Having one account , playing authorized offers ( because IHG control’s it all ) and paying for multiple rooms for friends and family is not abnormal and should not be any issue.
    Funny that Survey from Hell was brought up….when they closed everyone’s account because their IT messed up and a few crooks were robbing the IHG bank….. IHG’s fault clearly and customer’s paid for it.

    • Agreed. But sometimes I feel that one department is not aware of other one is doing at the IHG when it comes to all these promos that we tale advantage of.

  • lsed

    Have a friend who’s account was also closed. Account was relatively new, did a status match then loaded up the codes. Few weeks later his account was closed due to the abuse of codes.

    He’s since opened another one and done the status match.

    Few months back I spoke to an FTer who told me about this issue being discussed on some Chinese frequent traveller forums. Apparently IHG even tracks the IP address. So if you want to have multiple accounts you should consider using different IPs if your accounts have a high balance.

    I’m surprised they closed the member’s AMB account that was 2 years old. If it was a duplicate account shouldn’t they just close one account and leave the main one?

    I think letting others stay on your account is not that obvious for IHG to pick up on as opposed to signing up for tons of promo codes

    • IMHO closing someones account is a drastic move. They should just inform what the person has done wrong and maybe withdraw some points.

  • passenger111

    I’ve complained twice about my Big Win/ Book Directly-bonus not posting to my account… and it never has regardless.
    I decided to let it be as long as I still some 100 000 points laying around there, but now that I have moved my points on to miles, I could revisit the subject..

    It’s a matter of principle, let they close my account if they please.
    But it shows how easily they let their customers to be left without points unless the customer feel the need of constantly harassing them.

    • There has been problems with some Big Win hurdles not tracking correctly and it can be PITA to get IHG Rewards Club CS to fix them.

  • aby

    This is bullshit. In an terview, a top IHG executive states they were aware people sign up for things they were not targeted for and that if it was a problem, they could address it. He basically gave approval to the practice by saying the people who did this were smart travellers and that IHG wanted smart travellers.

    THAT was a green light. if i am shut down and points are taken, i will sue in small claims court and use the interview as evidence. this game playing by loyalty programs, shutting down accounts and STEALING points needs to stop. when a company advertises and partners with MMS and other blogs dedicated to gaming the system, the programs/banks are endorsing the smae thing they ban accounts for doing.

    • HBG

      Totally agree with you aby. Keep us posted specially on the Small Claims Court….

    • lsed

      Could you kindly share this interview link?

      Thank you

    • Personally, I don’t believe that signing up for these promo offers would be gaming the system. There has been in the past less than questionable articles by some bloggers that have suggested their readers to do deval/reval and I have always steered away from even covering those. That kind of activity does get your account shut.

  • Former Loyal IC Customer

    i had my account suspended and couldn’t access it online, after 384 paid for suite nights last year (105 for an employee) they wouldn’t tell me why, just you’ll get a call back within three days, this was during a 124 night stay, the property GM changed, the new GM decides to change the agreed negotiated rate and also payment terms demanding payment twice monthly mid stay, i was disgusted, never had any hotel property try to change the rate mid stay or demand payment prior to checkout, they have credit card authorisations as security, made the payment and we moved the business to Ritz Carlton, after contacting the UK and Salt Lake, i told them i would sue and i would, and i may still, they put c 2.1 m points back in the account, but downgraded from RA to Ambassador, that’s how they treat loyal customers, the years before averaged 250-300 nights a year, all IC suite stays, all paid nights, for long term stays the properties (some six and seven months) would accept a BOGO per week, an offer they made, that’s an IHG employee made in writing that i accepted, their whole explanation for downgrading was excessive BOGO on the account, when infact from a legal perspective, i was made the offer by the IHG employee, and i accepted that offer. They’ve lost c 350-400 paid for suite nights this year, but in addition a few thousand more nights of corporate friends that moved to a negotiated deal with RC, i’m writing to the Board members, explaining how to lose market share, and nominating the IHG employee from Salt Lake that dealt with the issue, if i was a Board menember or shareholder of IHG and found out we lost 350-400 paid for suite nights over a BOGO issue when the Director of Rooms, an IHG employee offered it, i would be very annoyed, and look to find the employees that made that call, and get rid of him, write him a good reference and send him off to ruin a competitor’s business, not good for business or shareholders, i also emailed Ruth Negus over the issue, employees, senior management and ultimatley the directors and the Chairman have to take responsibility for a culture that really isn’t about rewarding loyal customers. I was very loyal to IHG

    • That is just really weird. The property really shouldn’t care about the BOGO usage because those can only be used during weekends (business hotels empty and lower rates) and it now only works at Best fexible rates compared to any rate in the past.

      So, their reason was simply extensive BOGO usage? Did you buy those off of eBay or how did you have access to so many of them?

      • Former Loyal IC Customer

        yes it wasn’t the property worried about the BOGO’s, infact it was the Director of Rooms from the property, an IHG employee who made the offer that i have in an email, and my acceptance of it, it was corporate that got annoyed, saying it was excessive BOGO use, my position is how could it have been excessive had it not been for IHG property offering and accepting one a week, i couldn’t force them to, it was their call entirely, absolutley not mine, initially closing the account, then reinstating it, and then puting the points back in, and infact they reinstated RA for a month, that covered a stay, it wasn’t till i phoned in about a RA nomination i made, that when they went back to Salt Lake to check, Salt lake declined the nomination and a second time within three weeks reduced to Ambassador, the BOGOs were being used once a week on a long term negotiated rate. We are a private business with not the min 2K nights PA required for corp rates, but I have many corporate colleagues that don’t use their BOGOs. From a legal perspective, it’s cut and dry, their employee made an offer, i accepted, and they were in the governing position, a position capable of accepting whatever number they wanted to, i on the other hand had no such control or influence in their acceptance.

  • Uno Neo

    I have used some of the promo code from here and got my account terminated. I have called the hotline twice with 3 emails earlier and were told the excecutive officer will call me back but only got a simply email reply from IHG.
    Becereful with using of the promo code here, IHG IT system don’t prevent you from making mistakes and switch you off without even informing you. Once you can’y login , that’s it for your account and points.
    Below is the email from executive office:
    The matter regarding your IHG Rewards Club account has been forwarded to IHG’s Executive Office and I am following up with you. It has come to our attention that some of your recent IHG Rewards Club account activities are in violation of the terms and conditions of IHG Rewards Club. Such violations are considered fraudulent by IHG Rewards Club and IHG. As such we have terminated your IHG Rewards Club account, including forfeiture of all points accrued. You can review the terms and conditions of IHG Rewards Club via

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