Hilton HHonors Diamond Status Match / Challenge (2014)


Hilton HHonors has several public fast track offers for Gold status that require 4 stays within 90 days of signing up for the offer. These don’t require you to have any prior status with Hilton or any other hotel chain. You can read more about one of the offers (MVP) here.


If you work for a large corporation that has relationship with Hilton, it doesn’t hurt to ask your travel department about instant Gold or Diamond offers that Hilton may have extended to your employer.

You can access Hilton’s web page for Diamond status benefits here.

Here are the instructions for requesting a Diamond match from Hilton HHonors:

Hilton not only wants to see the status that you have with any of the following programs, but your 2013 activity with them also:

Marriott, Hyatt, Starwood, IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), Fairmont Presidents Club, Choice, and Accor.

You can send the account statement by email to: hhonors@hilton.com

Hilton usually extends a Diamond challenge that requires you to complete 21 nights within 90 day period and gives you instant Gold status for this time.

Hilton doesn’t usually offer challenges that are based on STAYS, but doesn’t hurt requesting one. They may offer you one that requires 10 stays (not nights) within the same 90 day period.

If you complete the challenge in 2014, your Diamond status should be valid until March, 2016.

Ways to get instant Diamond?

Hilton sometimes extends the instant Diamond status for those that can show high number of nights/stays from a competing program.

They don’t usually offer this and it maybe better to request it over the phone.

If you are comped instant Diamond status, you must fulfill the usual re-qualification requirements of 30 stays or 60 nights (or 100K base points) by December 31, 2014.


Hilton’s status match is not the easiest one and requires a relatively high number of nights during the 90 challenge period. The MVP and other fast track offers that Hilton offers for Gold status are easy, however.

If you are after the Diamond status and able to do some hotel hopping, it could be worthwhile to ask for the stay based challenge instead of the night one.

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  • Andrew Seftel

    I’m HH Gold at the moment, with ~50 nights last year and 20 so far this year. Will do another 21 nights in the next 90 days. But, I don’t have a lot of nights last year or status with anyone else – just IHG gold with 9 nights in 2013. Do you think it’s worth asking for the challenge?

    • Dr Mama

      I would definitely ask. And if they so no the first time, ask again. I would recommend emailing the regular Hilton HHonors address NOT the diamond email address. This advice is based on my own personal experience. YMMV.

      • Dr Mama

        Oops–if they SAY no the first time!

    • Andrew Seftel

      I received 21/90. They replied to my email in six minutes. Very impressed.

      • HH is sometimes really fast with their emails. If you can easily do it, why not?

  • Kevin

    Is there a limit on how many times one can match status in a lifetime? Thanks as always!

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  • jessie

    I just contacted Hilton by email and got this response: “As you have reached the highest achievable level of membership with one of our hotel competitors, we are happy to extend a special one-time offer to fast track to Diamond tier level. If within the next 90 days, from today’s date, you record 21 eligible nights at any participating HHonors hotel, your account will be automatically upgraded to the Diamond tier status.” So I asked for STAY-based challenge, but the response was: “You will receive Diamond status after you have completed the 21 nights, the fast track offer is for nights only, you will have Diamond status until March 31st,2016. The HHonors account has Gold status as of now.”. Do you think I can call them to request “stay-based challenge” one more time? Or just better give up a stay-based offer?

    • They have been offering stay based challenges as well. Sometimes it pays to give them a call. It is easier to suggest and feel what they can or are allowed to offer. Nothing wrong asking to have a word with a supervisor either.

  • Points Surfer

    FYI but as a lowly no status HH member for years I did a Diamond Challenge in 2013 for Stay 8 or 16 nights in 90 days = Diamond and Gold during the process…..It “seemed” like having a local Hilton affiliated Hotel Manager call HH and set it up worked out really well. I told them I was shifting from many years at a nearby HI to Hiton based on room cleaning issues ( got as bad a bed bugs at the end ) and they jumped on it. I mean why not if you bring them business and they reciprocated admirably…..HH is not the points honey pot that IHG/PCR used to be but its a clean room and lots of redemption options elsewhere and the Hilton world looks better as a Diamond…..but I suspect Gold is fine too.

    • If you can get the hotel manager to set it up for you with their local office, it is the way to go. The stay based challenge would be my preferred choice.

      There are benefits for being Diamond over Gold, but not as great as with SPG or Hyatt.

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  • DanteIV

    John, sorry to ask here. But do you have a link for Marriott status match? Not the “Gold/Plat taste” one. I got IHG and SPG plat to compete. Much appreciated.

  • dana

    I just called HH about this challenge. I was informed that they would only honor a status match if you “earned” that status with the competitor. If you achieved it with a challenge or promotion with the competitor, they won’t give you a status match.

  • Rob

    I currently have Gold status with MR and I was thinking about the Hyatt challenge, but they do not have that many properties. I travel to a lot of small towns and Marriott has always been a familiar brand less I go with Motel 6 or HoJo. Hilton is the next best thing, but I am new to this stay vs. night issue. Stays = multiple nights? MR runs on nights for status. If I stay 21 different times with Hilton I will meet the requirement, correct? I typically stay 2-5 days on the road once a month. I am not sure that I would make it with stays, but if hotels were close enough, I could check in/out between hotels and earn night easily.

    Just a lot of work.

    Thanks for enduring my newbie question. 🙂