IHG Rewards Club Gold & Platinum Status Match (2014)

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InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) revamped its IHG Rewards Club loyalty program last year (named changed from Priority Club too) and qualifying for Gold and Platinum status became more challenging.


In 2013, IHG Rewards Club introduced new benefits for elite members including Welcome Amenity (points or food and beverage item) in Europe that is expanding to North America this year.

You can read more about the IHG Rewards Club elite benefits here.

Hare are the benefits at glance:


Unlike many other programs, IHG Rewards Club continues to do straight matches to their Gold or Platinum status without fast track requirement.

Here are the programs that IHG Rewards Club accepts status matches from:

Best Western Rewards

Hilton HHonors

Hyatt Gold Passport

Marriott Rewards


Here’s how to request the status match:

1. If you don’t have IHG Rewards Club account, sign up first at www.ihg.com

2. Then you have two choices:

You can either call 1-888-211-9874 (If you are not located in the United States, just use Skype), tell the person that you would like to do a status match from the competitors program and follow the instructions that they give you.

You are likely asked to email screenshot of the competing programs web page showing your status directly to the person’s email that is speaking with you.

If the agent tries to give you the generic ihgrewardsclub@ihg.com email address, try to get their firstname.lastname@ihg.com email address for faster processing of your request.


You can send an email to ihgrewardsclub@ihg.com and request a status match to IHG Rewards Club Platinum.

Remember to include a screen shot of the competing programs web page that shows the status that you have and the date. Don’t forget  to include your IHG Rewards Club account number in the body of the email.

IHG Rewards Club used to be rather slow at replying to emails sent to the generic address, but they have sped up the reply time. You should receive a reply within 24 hours. If you need your status match faster, you must request the agent’s IHG.com-ending email address and they can process the match instantly for you after receiving supporting documents.

IHG Rewards Club status matches are once in a lifetime and for the current year only

IHG Rewards Club status match is officially only once in a lifetime (of the account).

Status matches processed on or after October 1, 2014, will have the status matched for rest of the 2014 and 2015 as well.

Gold Ambassador members that match to Platinum status will get a new Platinum Ambassador package that will come with another free weekend night certificate and some may also get a a voucher for points that you can deposit to your account (5K, 10K or 15K).

You can fast track your Gold or Platinum qualification by purchasing a Bonus Points Package for your stay. You can read more about this option here:

IHG Rewards Club Bonus Points Packages On Steroids (+ Fast Track To Gold / Platinum Status)


IHG Rewards Club has many many promotions that a member can participate in (access them all here) that will help earning points and free nights faster than with most other programs.

The Gold and Elite benefits used to be so-so, but they have tried to introduce new ones such as the amenity points discussed above to get them more inline with Hiltons and Marriotts of the world.

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  • Lee

    Shame no accor matching

    • Bastian

      what u can do is a stopover matchin:
      accor platinum ==> match Best western diamond ==> match IHG

      • Yep. That is the route that I have suggested. Same for Club Carlson Gold members. Match with Best Western first and then use that for IHG PLT match.

  • Christophe Laenen

    I’m a Gold Ambassador yet to receive my Welcome kit. Do you think that once I qualify for Platinum the normal way, I will receive a new kit? (normal being 2 nights with 25000 bonus points package and a few extra regular nights)

    • It can take couple of months to receive the Ambassador kit. They do send you a new kit once you become PLT Ambassador. It certainly does include the free weekend night voucher. Some have not received the additional redemption code for points, however.

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  • DavidB

    I was offered this new Plat amenity the other day at the HI LAX, so it has arrived in NAmerica. (See if I am offered it Sunday night at the HI SEA.) Opted for 1K bonus points (which posted the next day, the stay itself took five days) over a drink at the bar and forget what the other option was. Much like the SPG amenity for Plats.

    As for kits and cards, having been an Ambassador (or RA) for all these years, I have never received a PriorityClub card (since the Ambassador program emerged from the SixContinentsClub) or kit. It seems the Ambassador card subsumes both programs’ status.

    • The amenity is rolled out in North America. I am not 100% sure if all the properties are supposed to offer it by now. There is not need for he IHG Rewards Club Card as long as you are Ambassador (Gold, Platinum or Royal).

      • David

        “Rolling out” is more the operative word. Wasn’t offered or given at the HI-SEA but just checked into the newly reflagged CP Gatineau (nee HI Gatineau/Hull) and was told I would get 600 pts as a Plat member…even on this 5K PointBreak stay. As for not needing a Rewards Club card, I’ve been to lots of HIs/HIXs/Candlewood Suites where they just stare blankly at the Ambassador card (hicktown USA mostly).

  • havai

    puzzled you again didn’t mentioned the fastest and cheapest route to Plat. E. status — simply get the IHG/Chase credit card. yes, $49 fee after first year – but you get free night anywhere in exchange, plus all the usual benefits. Guess that wasn’t part of the deal in this post.

    • panka

      You guys always tend to forget about the rest of the world where there is no IHG/Chase card…

      • jessie

        I have that useful card, lived in US as a foreigner, now living in Europe also as a foreigner. Many of my American friends also read this blog. John can decide what can be included or not in the post at his discretion, but no need to be cynical like this about other comments, I suppose.

        • panka

          I wasn’t. John also mentioned that it’s not available for all his readers, a few hours after my comment.

          • jessie

            yes, it’s kind of him to leave a simple comment on why he didn’t include it. I think, that’s enough. Maybe original poster understands the reason, and maybe some readers from US get a useful tip (IHG/CHASE card) that they can apply. I think it’s really not necessary for you to say “you guys tend to forget….”, isn’t it? Whether you intended or not, it could sound cynical towards readers from US side.

    • Wasn’t part of the post because it doesn’t apply for most readers.

  • Igor

    John, not a big fan of IHG program, but will be travelling to Asia in March and will stay at some of their properties to give them a chance. Followed your recommendation to ask for a name.name@ihg.com address and it worked. The rep even suggested to stay online while I fetch her my other program status. It took 5 mins to upgrade to their platinum. Look fwd to see how they treat their platinum members in Asia. Ciao

    • The Platinum treatment is better in Asia compared to Europe or North America. Don’t be shy asking for a club access or breakfast based on the status. Often the don’t offer those automatically but cave in at the end.

  • guest

    I am Marriott Platinum, of which, the best benefit is the club lounge. I didn’t see that on the above list. Do they not have them or not offer them which most programs that I’m aware of do? Very strange, and if not, being platinum benefit is not worth it.

    • Club lounge access or even a breakfast is not a guaranteed benefits of being a Platinum with IHG Rewards Club. Yes. This is a letdown compared to other programs.

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  • Billy R Bennett

    Just did this by phone. The IHG agent was very helpful and knowledgeable about the offer. She gave me her email address and asked for a copy of my last statement but accepted the screenshot. The only painful part was a very long wait on the phone. Another benefit I noticed is that IHG has added the ability to recognize your phone number so that you no longer need to punch in your membership number and PIN from your phone.

    • I always call using Skype, so no number recognition for me.

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  • adn

    Just tried to status match and they said they do not do it anymore. Is this the same for anyone else?

  • Craig

    I did this about 6 months ago, and logged on today to see that I am now a club member? I’ve emailed them to see why this is the case as their email from the status match stated I had until the end of December 2014 as platinum to qualify for 2015. Not happy! Was going to match to Hyatt, logged on and saw that I am Club and not Platinum! Hopefully they resolve it…

  • Wasted10minsofmytimethanks

    You should maybe remove this page since it’s been over a year since this ended huh?

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