IHG Rewards Club Promotion: 1,500 Points “Kick-Start Club” Offer (March 21 – May 31, 2014)

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IHG Rewards Club has a “Kick-Start Club”  offer for 1,500 bonus points after one stay between March 21 and May 31, 2014.

IHG Rewards Club Kick-Start Club Promotion 1034

You can earn 1,500 bonus points once and need to do it within the specified time-frame after registering for this promotion.

You can sign up for this promotion here or use the promotion code 1034 on here.

IHG Rewards Club Kick-Start Club Promotion 1034 Tracking

Note that this offer is combinable with all the other IHG Rewards Club promotions that you can find here.

You should sign up for this promotion when you know for sure that you have a paid stay coming up during the promotional period.

Thanks for a LoyaltyLobby reader who forwarded the offer email that he had received from IHG.


This should finally be a new bonus offer, as I was able to register for it, and not a spill over from 2013. Let’s hope that there are more one-time bonus offers coming our way soon.

I have never previously seen such a tight window for a promo that is explicitly laid out even on the”My Offer Status”.

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  • nitram

    I never get any offers sent to me (registered address has moved from europe to middle east to asia and has always been a po box). Still glad the codes here sometimes do post, just worried of all these stories of accounts being closed.

    • Astoria

      IHG massively closed accts in China that booked Points Break Hotels & used Code! So be careful!

      • I believe that there must be something else going on with most of those closed accounts.

        • Swa

          I heard a rumor about members in China (not only Chinese) exploiting the system with multiple account, stacking points and blocking point break rooms. The point break rooms are sold afterwards ! Maybe true maybe not but I always say where smoke is, is fire …

      • Cam

        I don’t undestand. Used this code? Codes they were entitled to what?

  • Travelista

    Thanks again, John!

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  • Will

    Wow, this one actually works for me, first time since January. Thanks.

    • This seems to be a new one for 2014.

      • Alex

        Dear John

        I guess they are made for the US, here in Switzerland I was unable to register for neither of the both mentioned ones.

  • missed 1

    doh, had a stay on the 22nd….still, will be useful for my next one.

  • Kurt

    Stop! Before you sign-up for this promotion, read John’s posting about the 1000 point offer. The 1500 point offer is 1-time. The 1000 point offer is unlimited times. You can’t be signed up for both. I should have signed up for the unlimited stays 1000 point offer because I’ll be staying several times before the deadline instead of the 1500 point 1-time offer. The sign-up for the 1500 pt offer was easy but I was locked out of the 1000 point offer because I had already signed up for the 1500 point 1-time offer. Oh well… these are all points I would not even know about without John and Loycalty Lobby.

  • Jiabao

    I have a stay checking out on May 30th, so by the time it posts it would be after May 30th. I wonder would it be counted towards this promo?