IHG Rewards Club Promotion: 1,000 Points PER Stay “Kick-Start Gold” Offer (March 21 – May 31, 2014)


IHG Rewards Club has a separate “Kick-Start Gold”  offer for 1,000 bonus points PER stay between March 21 and May 31, 2014.

IHG Rewards Club Kick-Start Gold Promotion 1036 Graph

You can earn 1,000 bonus points unlimited number of times and need to do it within the specified time-frame after registering for this promotion.

You can sign up for this promotion here or use the promotion code 1036 on here.

IHG Rewards Club Kick-Start Gold Promotion 1036

Note that this offer is combinable with all the other IHG Rewards Club promotions that you can find here. Note that you must choose between this or the other promotion for 1,500 points for ONE stay during the promotional period (access here)

You should sign up for this promotion when you know for sure that you have a paid stay coming up during the promotional period.

Thanks for a LoyaltyLobby reader who forwarded the offer email that he had received from IHG.


Great! Two new bonus offers from IHG Rewards Club, but you must choose between them. If you have more than one stay, you should choose this 1,000 bonus points per stay offer.

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  • Ry Wong

    successfully registered…and will have a crowne plaza stay tomorrow, so will be able to see next week!

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  • sididdly

    This is so frustrating! I registered for the 1500 bonus points this morning as at the time it didn’t seem to conflict with anything. Now I am unable to take up this offer. Particularly galling because I am currently racking up 3 or 4 stays per week during this period.

    • I did it as well. They have never done something like this previously.

    • Steve

      sididdly, same here.
      @John, maybe you can put a huge disclaimer on the other post to only apply for it if they reader is positive they will only have one stay during the offer period.

  • User Name

    John you might want to start putting disclaimers/warnings that registering for offers for which you were not targeted may result in closure of your account, and loss of points/benefits. I’ve been reading so much about it recently on FT that I’d hate to see someone lose their entire account with 100k+ points just for a few thousand bonus points.

  • migube

    I just registered but had a stay monday, will it count?
    I plan a stay next week for 4 days, so this will only count for 1 Stay ?
    Will it count 4 times if I rebook the same hotel for 4 different days, or do I have to change hotel every night?

    • Aaron

      Yes, it will most probably count.
      You will have to change hotel every night if you want it to count as 4 different stays.

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  • hw

    crap! just did the other one!!! have really 15 stays coming up. 🙁

  • Swa

    Just received the 1500 points and like many others I also registered for the 1500 and have more stays coming up 🙂
    1.5K points on next stay from 3/21/14-5/30/14
    1,500 pts.