UPDATE: IHG Rewards Club Buy Points 25% To 100% Mystery Bonus (Now Mostly 100% Bonus)

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IHG Rewards Club launched a “Mystery Bonus” promotion for buying points the other week that has an account specific 25% to 100% purchase bonus.

There must not have been that many buyers, as purchase bonus for many has increased from 25% to 100% during the past few days.

IHG Rewards Club Mystery Bonus 100 Percent

You can check your updated mystery bonus for buying points using this link. Note that this offer expires on April 21, 2014.

IHG Rewards Club Mystery Bonus 100 Percent Payment

Here are the prices

60,000 with 25% bonus = 75,000 points for $690 = 0.92 cents per point

60,000 with 50% bonus = 90,000 points for $690 = 0.77 cents per point

60,000 with 75% bonus = 105,000 points for $690 = 0.66 cents per point

60,000 with 100% bonus = 120,000 points for $690 = 0.58 cents per point


My personal “Mystery Bonus” went from 25% to 100% bonus for buying points. I am IHG Rewards Club points heavy at this time and will take a pass on this offer.

Even when the bonus is at 100%, it doesn’t necessarily means that it is worthwhile for you to buy them. You should calculate how you use them and whether it makes sense to purchase at this price.

Here are the terms and conditions associated with this offer:

Offer available for purchases made between 12:00 AM ET March 21 and 11:59 PM ET April 21, 2014 inclusive. Bonus points will be awarded upon completion of the transaction. Bonus points will be awarded to the recipient of the points purchase. Offer is subject to change. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Only purchases made online are eligible for the bonus.

Price includes all applicable fees. Purchased Points are not refundable and are applicable toward all IHG® Rewards Club awards. Members may purchase a maximum of 120,000 points per calendar year and receive as a gift a maximum of 120,000 points per calendar year. Please allow 24-48 hours for points to post and appear in the recipient’s account. All other IHG® Rewards Club Terms and Conditions apply.

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  • Or N

    still at 25% for me unfortunately

  • hc

    25% for me as well… got 83k points on my account

  • Ry Wong

    25% for me

  • Ugh

    WOW the annual limit to buy doubled (from 60,000 pts to 120,000)?? I wonder if there is some kind of structural change coming to the number of points required for redemption or something? These point purchases no longer qualify for Elite status. I was offered 100% bonus points, but will not buy. I’m noticing a major decline in the program, ON TOP OF the horrendous customer service experience through their call centre and e-mail correspondence. I’m contemplating using up all my points and leaving the program altogether. Fed up!

    • IHG has now confirmed that there won’t be huge changes this year. 100+ properties will go down and none should go higher.

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  • Alan

    Nope, mine only went from 25% to 50% 🙁

    • Aaron

      + 1

  • mirror74

    Only 25% (still) for me…

  • Eric

    Mine went up to 100%, I will use them for a expensive room in NYC so instead of paying 473USD I use my buy bonus and gets a nice discount and it’s possible to cancel.

    • Yep. The points rooms are usually best flex in a sense that you can cancel them up to 6PM on the day or sometimes 24 hours before.

  • Greenshadow

    Still only 25% for me 🙁

  • mb

    I get 100,000 bonus but the price is ridiculous, 13.50 for ~10,000 and $11.50 for 25000-60,000.

    • mb

      I meant 100% bonus. duh

  • Andy

    still 25% for me; not that I plan to buy even if they give me 100% bonus 🙂

  • Sharon

    My offer stayed at 50% – no change – so I’ll take a pass this time. Already have over 150,000 stockpiled, but if there is a devaluation coming n the near future, I’d better start using them.

  • Lively

    Mine = 50%

  • jerrymandel

    A poor offer. Assuming 3 nights at 40,000 points per night, that costs $230 per night. I can buy a lot of hotel nights for less than that….and earn points or miles, too.

  • JJ

    Does anyone know if pay with IHG credit card, will it count as ‘net purchase’ and receive 5X Per $?

    • These are processed by Points.com. So, I doubt that they would.

  • torashi

    still 25%

  • Ken

    25%. It may have increased for “many”, but I suspect not most, going on the responses here.

    • Yep.I just checked two accounts and they both moved from 25% to 100%. Thought that it would have been more widespread change.

  • Tal

    still 25%, no change

  • Deem





    I need 58.000 points to be a platinum member, if I buy 60.000 points will I then be a Platinum member??

    • Deem

      No. These are not qualifying points.

      • Used to be until early 2013. Then no more.

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  • lsed

    also still 25% bonus for me unfortunately