American Airlines Discontinues Oneworld Explorer Awards Without Any Advance Notice


American Airlines have posted the announcement below on its website that effective immediately Oneworld Explorer Awards are no longer available.

American Airlines Oneworld Explorer Awards

American Airlines gave ZERO advance notice of discontinuance of this award type… that is unusual for AA, but not for US Airways.

You can access American Airlines web page for this announcement here.

Oneworld Explorer awards allowed you to mix and match all of the Oneworld airlines and create a trip of up to 16 segments. The number of miles required was dependent on the number of the total miles flown.

There were some stipulations on this award that you could only have one stopover in any given city and that you had to use at least two Oneworld alliance airlines not including American Airlines. You were not required to have any American Airlines segments, however.

Here’s the now defunct distance based Oneworld Explorer Award Chart:

AA Explorer Award Chart 1

AA Explorer Award Chart 2

AA Explorer Award Chart 3


I have issued and flown two Oneworld Explorer business class awards at the 220,000 miles level and was thinking of maybe doing a third later this year. These were very good value for those that were planning to do an around the world trip.

It is truly shocking that American Airlines gave absolutely zero advance notice to its AAdvantage members of this change… that is not acceptable.

This is the way US Airways have dealt with its Dividend Miles members. You have to bear in mind that the current CEO of the American Airlines is the former CEO of US Airways.

Seems that American Airlines will no longer give any advance notice of its AAdvantage award changes, that in my opinion is unethical. I have no longer any faith that American Airlines would give any advance notice of changes to its AAdvantage or elite program. Considering “the new American” is trying to regain a foothold in the market, pulling shenanigans like this that are unfavorable to customers may drive them away rather than to the airline.

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  • Tony

    Here we go, maybe I wont regret crediting my miles this year elswhere… Not the way to do things…

    • brian

      I still have 1 more to fly this June ( LA-ORD- AMM-TLV open jaw JNB-HKG KIX (ITM)-NRT-ORD-LAX. I was told in October at the flyertalk Chicago seminars that these would be coming to an end. It does seem unethical not to give some official advance notice however.

      • Tony

        I saw the writing on the wall and diversified my programs this year 🙂 I have AA Gld for 2015 and I wont bother with plat or Explat

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  • Sriki

    “Let’s hope that American Airlines won’t tinker with its All Partner or Oneworld award chart.” – from your other post

    Oh the cruel joke you played on us… 🙁

    Gotta run and check on my one world explorer ticket for May. Hope AA did not purge it. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Lior

    Very sad news! This was a way to get an amazing value out of AAdvantage miles. I expected negative changes to come, but was really hoping they wouldn’t touch the Explorer Award. Especially without notice.

    I consider myself lucky on this as I just booked an Explorer Award a couple of weeks ago – after I debated whether to book the 25K award or to wait a few months to get enough miles for the 50K award. Had I waited I would’ve missed the train (or, plain).

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  • abby

    shameful. i wonder how many dreams they crushed today? i had pretty much nailed down a very long explorer award and now it’s gone. i honestly despise this airline now and the ahole who is running it like we are cattle.

  • Kyushuman

    I had planned to use one of these this coming summer. Totally sucks that it was done without warning! Ugh.

  • backpackdude

    Had put a 20,000-mile one-way off-peak trans-Atlantic award booking (MXP oMIA oSEA) with a “gateway stopover” (oMIA) on on hold two days ago for the standard 5 days. On trying to ticket it online today, discovered that the PURCHASE link was gone. While trying to book a new one, noticed on the new attempt that it is now asking 20,000 miles for the trans-atlantic flight, plus another 12,500 miles for the domestic portion. Looks like the former-US-now-AA-CEO has canned this AA “gateway stopover” treasure along with this April 8 change as well? On calling AA, I think I might have been lucky to have managed to get it ticketed by an agent at the original 20,000 cost without the call-center ticketing fee (for non EXP members).

  • Jay

    AA is punishing their loyal customers and these changes (overnight) are
    ridiculous. To promise their frequent fliers that they can get an
    Advantage Explorer ticket by “flying often and saving up miles” only to
    pull that option (the only reason I was flying with them in the
    first-place) is border-lining on fraudulent. The least they could have
    done was announce the changes a few months in advance to give users time
    to redeem the awards. Is there anyone in the entire company that gives a
    seconds worth of thought to what might be good for their customers??

    • Absolutely. I still don’t get it why they were not willing to give proper advance notice about discontinuance of this award type. Makes no sense at all.

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