Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Plus Sign Up Offer (Upgrade + 4PM Check Out)


Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) has two status levels Gold and a Platinum. They do, however, has Preferred Guest Plus (Gold lite) that comes with guaranteed 4PM check out and a space available room upgrade.

SPG Preferred Guest Plus Sign Up Page

You can get Starwood Preferred Plus for simply being a AAA member, but now there is a direct sign up offer available as well.

You can access this offer on Starwood’s web site here.

Edit: Starwood has extended this offer to number of businesses but there are no Terms and conditions to attached to this offer.

SPG Preferred Guest Plus

Note that there is Starwood Preferred Guest Gold offer available in Asia Pacific region that requires just one stay. You can read more about it here.

SPG Preferred Guest Plus Status

I signed up a family member using the link and the upgrade was instantaneous. You should be able to upgrade your existing account using this offer as well.


This is a great way to get that confirmed 4PM check out without having to pay a penny more (applies to non-resort/conference locations) and a room upgrade.

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  • Katie in NYC

    Unfortunately, the link directs me to an offer for AMI HEALTHCARE INC

    • Steve


      Same here. This seems to be a clear violation and risk that you might want to highlight in the article. I did not sign-up as Starwood would be clearly justified to shut down any accounts that are not members of the company.

      • You can change the name if you wish:

        Note that there are no Terms and condition attached to this offer.

        I will add a note that this is targeted to certain business.

        • shonuffharlem

          It still uses a SET number from a company even if you change the name..I assume that’s AMI Healthcare’s SET #.

  • pawel

    to get upgrade and rewards points I must book at sgp? or I can use site like hotels?

    • Derek

      Book through spg only – expedia, orbitz etc. rates are not eligible for status perks.

      • Correct in almost all cases.

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  • Nathan

    It worked for me but now I’m afraid of violating T&C. Anyway to unlink it?

  • Karl Karlson

    How may I upgrade my existing Account? I cant see any way to put in my Number on the Form..

    • There is a separate link on that SPG’s page to link that to an existing account.

  • alf

    How do i unlnk ?

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  • Dan

    Hi John,
    Any idea if it is possible to get the Gold status by staying with cash and points or even an award stay. I am not sure that they don’t fall under the T&C as well.

    • Cash + Points and pure points stays are status qualifying with SPG. They don’t count towards any promotions, however.

  • Frank Doyle

    How do I use my AAA membership to upgrade? I am an AAA member and my account is still showing the baseline status.

    • You need to call SPG to have them upgrade based on your AAA membership.

      • Jacke

        But most SPG customer representatives have no idea about it…

  • Haley Bach

    If you have the AmEx card you already have Preferred Plus, with the 4pm check out and upgraded within category when available. This just ALSO gives the company reward points for all employee stays. If ya’ll want to sign up with a random business give me a sec and I’ll be back with my link.

  • Haley Bach

    If not filled in the company name is ‘Wild Glass’ and it should list business a
    location as ‘United States’ it is a small retail trade company, artists selling direct to collectors and consumers. We are work with a variety of mediums, warm or kiln glass, hot glass, ceramics, and many more. Mostly sculptors but also painters. If you are an artist wondering ‘what’s this about?’ Find me on Facebook and shoot me a PM.

  • dude26

    My spg account has been downgraded back to “preferred”….I guess starwood has cracked down on this.

  • Felix

    just FYI: I had another SPG account before. Wanted to login – not available. Called SPG. Another number under my email adress. Apparently they merged my two accounts, without noticing me.

  • Joe
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  • Kathie Zettervall

    Preferred Guest Plus (Gold lite) is no longer valid with AAA membership?

  • Jacke

    I asked to link my AAA membership first, and use “AAA” and “298940” to register it, and it works~~ (BTW, I am in AAA mid-atlantic, and I am not sure whether different club has different SET number)

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