IHG Europe Summer Weekends 50% Off Sale: Book May 15 – July 31 & Stay July 18 – September 28, 2014


IHG has launched a fantastic Summer Weekend sale (Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights), although there can be some midweek availability at some properties, in Europe between July 18 and September 28, 2014, that must be booked by July 31.

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014

You can get 50% off of best available rates at participating properties that IHG has provided a list below, although the participation is much widespread.

You can access this offer on IHG’s website here.

Note that you must use the specific link to book this offer. The rate does not come up on regular search.

The rate must be booked minimum of 3 days before your intended arrival, is nonrefunable and noncancelable.

The terms and conditions state that you must provide a membership ID or a filled form below.

Download (PDF, 62KB)

You can put your place of employment or LoyaltyLobby to the field of where you received this discount from. I am close to 100% sure that the properties are not requesting this form.

Here are the participating properties that IHG has listed on its website but it is NOT complete. Just use he search for any city in Europe that you plan to visit this summer to see if there are participating properties.

(Last updated: 28.04.2014)


  • Holiday Inn Salzburg City
  • Holiday Inn Vienna City
  • Crowne Plaza Salzburg – The Pitter
  • Holiday Inn Vienna – South
  • InterContinental Vienna


  • Holiday Inn Express Antwerp City – North
  • Holiday Inn Brussels – Schuman
  • Holiday Inn Gent – Expo
  • Holiday Inn Hasselt
  • Holiday Inn Express Hasselt
  • Holiday Inn Express Mechelen City Centre
  • Crowne Plaza Brugge
  • Crowne Plaza Brussels – Le Palace
  • Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport


  • Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers


  • Holiday Inn Oulu
  • Holiday Inn Helsinki-Exhib & Conv Ctr
  • Holiday Inn Helsinki City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Helsinki – Vantaa Airport
  • Crowne Plaza Helsinki
  • Holiday Inn Helsinki – West Ruoholahti
  • Holiday Inn Turku
  • Holiday Inn Tampere


  • Holiday Inn Blois – Loire Valley
  • Holiday Inn Bordeaux – Sud Pessac
  • Holiday Inn Dijon
  • Holiday Inn Paris – Montparnasse Pasteur
  • Holiday Inn Calais – Coquelles
  • Holiday Inn Calais
  • Holiday Inn Strasbourg – Illkirch
  • Holiday Inn Garden Court Clermont – Ferrand Centre
  • Crowne Plaza Toulouse
  • Holiday Inn Lille – Ouest Englos
  • Holiday Inn Lyon – Vaise
  • InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu
  • Holiday Inn Express Marseille – Provence Airport
  • Holiday Inn Resort Nice – Saint Laurent du Var
  • Holiday Inn Nice
  • Holiday Inn Paris – Gare de Lyon Bastille
  • Crowne Plaza Paris-Republique
  • Holiday Inn Paris – Elysées
  • Holiday Inn Express Paris – Canal de la Villette
  • Holiday Inn Paris – Montmartre
  • Holiday Inn Paris – Marne La Vallee
  • Holiday Inn Paris Opera – Grands Blvds
  • Holiday Inn Paris- Ch. De Gaulle Airport
  • Holiday Inn Paris – St. Germain des Près
  • Holiday Inn Paris – Versailles – Bougival
  • Holiday Inn Express Amiens
  • Holiday Inn Reims – City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Strasbourg – Sud
  • Holiday Inn Thoiry – Geneva Airport
  • Holiday Inn Toulon – City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Toulouse Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Strasbourg – Centre


  • Holiday Inn Express Berlin City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Berlin – City West
  • Holiday Inn Express Berlin City Centre-West
  • InterContinental Berlin
  • Holiday Inn Berlin Airport – Conf Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Neunkirchen
  • Holiday Inn Express Cologne – Troisdorf
  • Holiday Inn Express Cologne – Muelheim
  • Crowne Plaza Berlin – City Ctr Nurnberger
  • Holiday Inn Berlin City East-Landsberger
  • Holiday Inn Berlin City Ctr E.Prenzl.Allee
  • Holiday Inn Express Dresden City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Dusseldorf – City North
  • Holiday Inn Express Dortmund
  • Holiday Inn Express Frankfurt – Messe
  • Holiday Inn Frankfurt Airport-Neu-Isenburg
  • Holiday Inn Dresden
  • Crowne Plaza Heidelberg City Centre
  • InterContinental Düsseldorf
  • Hotel Indigo Dusseldorf – Victoriaplatz
  • Holiday Inn Düsseldorf – Neuss
  • Holiday Inn Leipzig – Günthersdorf
  • Holiday Inn Minden
  • Holiday Inn Express Munich Airport
  • Holiday Inn Munich – Unterhaching
  • Holiday Inn Express Essen – City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Essen – City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Munich – South
  • Holiday Inn Stuttgart
  • InterContinental Frankfurt
  • Holiday Inn Express Frankfurt Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Stuttgart Airport
  • Holiday Inn Wolfsburg City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Singen
  • Holiday Inn Zwickau
  • Holiday Inn Express Guetersloh
  • Crowne Plaza Hannover
  • Crowne Plaza Hamburg – City Alster
  • Holiday Inn Hamburg
  • Holiday Inn Lubeck
  • Holiday Inn Express Augsburg
  • Holiday Inn Munich – City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Munich – Messe
  • Crowne Plaza Wiesbaden
  • InterContinental Berchtesgaden Resort
  • Holiday Inn Berlin – City East Side


  • Crowne Plaza Dublin – Northwood
  • Crowne Plaza Dublin – Blanchardstown
  • Crowne Plaza Dundalk


  • Holiday Inn Express Foligno
  • Holiday Inn Express Bologna – Fiera
  • Holiday Inn Genoa City
  • Holiday Inn Express Milan – Malpensa Airport
  • Holiday Inn Milan – Assago
  • Crowne Plaza Milan – Malpensa Airport
  • Holiday Inn Milan – Garibaldi Station
  • Holiday Inn Milan Nord – Zara
  • Holiday Inn Rome – Aurelia
  • Holiday Inn Turin – Corso Francia
  • Holiday Inn Venice – Mestre Marghera
  • Crowne Plaza Milan City
  • Holiday Inn Milan – Linate Airport
  • Crowne Plaza Milan – Linate
  • Holiday Inn Naples
  • Holiday Inn Express Parma
  • Holiday Inn Salerno – Cava de’ Tirreni
  • Holiday Inn Rimini
  • Holiday Inn Rome – Eur Parco Dei Medici
  • InterContinental De La Ville Roma
  • Crowne Plaza Rome – St. Peter’s
  • Holiday Inn Express Rome – San Giovanni
  • Holiday Inn Verona – Congress Centre
  • Crowne Plaza Verona – Fiera
  • Holiday Inn Express Reggio Emilia
  • Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George
  • Holiday Inn Nola – Naples Vulcano Buono


  • Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – South
  • Crowne Plaza Amsterdam – Schiphol
  • InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam
  • Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Amsterdam
  • Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Sloterdijk Station
  • Crowne Plaza Amsterdam – South
  • Holiday Inn Express Utrecht – Papendorp
  • Crowne Plaza Den Haag – Promenade
  • Holiday Inn Eindhoven
  • Holiday Inn Ijmuiden – Seaport Beach
  • Holiday Inn Leiden
  • Holiday Inn Express The Hague – Parliament
  • Crowne Plaza Maastricht
  • Holiday Inn Express Rotterdam – Central Station
  • Holiday Inn Express Arnhem

  • Crowne Plaza Geneva
  • Holiday Inn Express Zürich Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Affoltern am Albis
  • Crowne Plaza Zurich

United Kingdom

  • Holiday Inn Express Aberdeen City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Aberdeen – West
  • Holiday Inn Ashford – Central
  • Holiday Inn Ashford – North A20
  • Holiday Inn Aylesbury
  • Holiday Inn Garden Court Aylesbury
  • Holiday Inn Basingstoke
  • Holiday Inn Express Banbury M40, Jct. 11
  • Holiday Inn Belfast
  • Holiday Inn Express Bradford City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Brighton – Seafront
  • Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Birmingham – South A45
  • Holiday Inn Express Birmingham NEC
  • Holiday Inn Birmingham M6, Jct.7
  • Hotel Indigo Birmingham
  • Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC
  • Holiday Inn Express Redditch
  • Staybridge Suites Birmingham
  • Holiday Inn Express Birmingham – Star City
  • Holiday Inn Express Birmingham – Snow Hill
  • Holiday Inn Solihull
  • Holiday Inn Express Shrewsbury
  • Holiday Inn Express Tamworth
  • Holiday Inn Walsall M6, Jct.10
  • Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Walsall M6, Jct.10
  • Holiday Inn Brentwood M25, Jct.28
  • Holiday Inn London – Brent Cross
  • Holiday Inn Bristol Airport
  • Holiday Inn Bristol City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Bristol City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Bristol – Filton
  • Holiday Inn Express Burnley M65, Jct.10
  • Holiday Inn Bolton Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Burton upon Trent
  • Holiday Inn Express Cambridge-Duxford M11, Jct.10
  • Holiday Inn Cambridge
  • Holiday Inn Corby – Kettering A43
  • Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Bay
  • Holiday Inn Cardiff City Centre
  • Crowne Plaza Chester
  • Holiday Inn A55 Chester West
  • Holiday Inn Chester – South
  • Holiday Inn Express Gatwick – Crawley
  • Holiday Inn Coventry – South
  • Holiday Inn Coventry M6, Jct.2
  • Holiday Inn Kenilworth
  • Holiday Inn Derby – Riverlights
  • Holiday Inn London – Bexley
  • Holiday Inn Express Dundee
  • Holiday Inn Express Dunfermline
  • Holiday Inn Express Doncaster
  • Holiday Inn Doncaster A1 (M), Jct.36
  • Holiday Inn Edinburgh
  • Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh – Royal Mile
  • Holiday Inn Edinburgh – City West
  • Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh Airport
  • Hotel Indigo Edinburgh
  • Crowne Plaza Edinburgh – The Roxburghe
  • Crowne Plaza Edinburgh – Royal Terrace
  • Holiday Inn Glasgow – East Kilbride
  • Holiday Inn Ellesmere Port/ Cheshire Oaks
  • Holiday Inn Rotherham-Sheffield M1,Jct.33
  • Holiday Inn Express Sheffield City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Sheffield
  • Holiday Inn Farnborough
  • Crowne Plaza Marlow
  • Holiday Inn Express Newcastle – Metro Centre
  • Holiday Inn Gloucester – Cheltenham
  • Holiday Inn Express Gloucester – South M5, Jct.12
  • Holiday Inn Glasgow – City Ctr Theatreland
  • Hotel Indigo Glasgow
  • Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Glasgow – City Ctr Theatreland
  • Holiday Inn Guildford
  • Holiday Inn Harrogate
  • Holiday Inn Hull Marina
  • Holiday Inn High Wycombe M40, Jct. 4
  • Holiday Inn Ipswich – Orwell
  • Holiday Inn Ipswich
  • Holiday Inn Express Ramsgate – Minster
  • Holiday Inn Leicester
  • Holiday Inn Leeds – Brighouse
  • Holiday Inn Express Leeds City Centre – Armouries
  • Holiday Inn Leeds – Garforth
  • Holiday Inn Leeds – Bradford
  • Crowne Plaza Leeds
  • Holiday Inn London – Gatwick Airport
  • Crowne Plaza London – Gatwick Airport
  • Holiday Inn London Gatwick – Worth
  • Holiday Inn Express Lichfield
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Park Royal
  • Holiday Inn London – Brentford Lock
  • Holiday Inn London – Bloomsbury
  • Holiday Inn London – Camden Lock
  • Holiday Inn Express London – City
  • Crowne Plaza London – The City
  • Crowne Plaza London – Ealing
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Earl’s Court
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Epsom Downs
  • Holiday Inn London-Elstree M25, Jct.23
  • Crowne Plaza London – Heathrow
  • InterContinental London Park Lane
  • Holiday Inn London – Kensington Forum
  • Holiday Inn Aberdeen – Exhibition Centre
  • Holiday Inn London – Heathrow Ariel
  • Holiday Inn Express Harlow
  • Holiday Inn London – Heathrow
  • Hotel Indigo London – Paddington
  • Holiday Inn London-Kings Cross Bloomsbury
  • Crowne Plaza London – Kensington
  • Holiday Inn Express Aberdeen – Exhibition Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Limehouse
  • Hotel Indigo London Kensington – Earl’s Ct
  • Holiday Inn Express Antrim – M2, Jct.1
  • Holiday Inn London – Oxford Circus
  • Holiday Inn London – Heathrow M4,Jct.4
  • Staybridge Suites London – Stratford City
  • Holiday Inn London – Regent’s Park
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Stansted Airport
  • Holiday Inn London – Stratford City
  • Holiday Inn Express Slough
  • Holiday Inn London – Shepperton
  • Holiday Inn Express London-Royal Docks, Docklands
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Stratford
  • Holiday Inn London – Sutton
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Southwark
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Heathrow T5
  • Holiday Inn London – Commercial Road
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Watford Junction
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Wandsworth
  • Holiday Inn London – Wembley
  • Holiday Inn Slough – Windsor
  • Holiday Inn Express Birmingham Oldbury M5, Jct.2
  • Holiday Inn Express Windsor
  • Crowne Plaza London Docklands
  • Crowne Plaza Birmingham City Centre
  • Crowne Plaza Liverpool -John Lennon Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Liverpool – Hoylake
  • Hotel Indigo Liverpool
  • Staybridge Suites Liverpool
  • Holiday Inn Liverpool – City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Bristol – North
  • Holiday Inn Express Cambridge
  • Holiday Inn Express Canterbury
  • Holiday Inn Express Derby – Pride Park
  • Holiday Inn Hemel Hempstead M1, Jct. 8
  • Holiday Inn Luton-South M1, Jct.9
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Dartford
  • Holiday Inn Express Droitwich M5, Jct.5
  • Holiday Inn Maidstone – Sevenoaks
  • Holiday Inn Express Manchester City Centre – Arena
  • Holiday Inn Express Crewe
  • Holiday Inn Express Manchester – East
  • Holiday Inn Express Lincoln City Centre

United Kingdom continued

  • Crowne Plaza Manchester Airport
  • Holiday Inn Maidenhead/Windsor
  • Holiday Inn Lincoln
  • Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh – Waterfront
  • Holiday Inn Express East Midlands Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Exeter M5, Jct. 29
  • Holiday Inn Express Glenrothes
  • Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport
  • Crowne Plaza Glasgow
  • Holiday Inn Milton Keynes
  • Holiday Inn Express Greenock
  • Holiday Inn Milton Keynes -East M1,Jct.14
  • Holiday Inn Express Glasgow – City Ctr Riverside
  • Holiday Inn Express Inverness
  • Holiday Inn Express Leeds – City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Leeds – East
  • Hotel Indigo Newcastle
  • Holiday Inn Express London -Chingford-Nth Circular
  • Holiday Inn Newcastle – Jesmond
  • Staybridge Suites Newcastle
  • Holiday Inn Newcastle – Gosforth Park
  • Holiday Inn Washington
  • Holiday Inn Derby – Nottingham M1, Jct.25
  • Holiday Inn Express Nottingham City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Nottingham
  • Crowne Plaza Nottingham
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Croydon
  • Holiday Inn Newport
  • Holiday Inn Norwich – North
  • Holiday Inn Norwich City
  • Holiday Inn Norwich
  • Holiday Inn Express Norwich
  • Crowne Plaza Heythrop Park – Oxford
  • Holiday Inn Express Oxford – Kassam Stadium
  • Holiday Inn Oxford
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Greenwich A102(M)
  • Holiday Inn Express Kettering
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Hammersmith
  • Holiday Inn London – Kingston South
  • Holiday Inn London – Mayfair
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Wimbledon South
  • Holiday Inn Express Liverpool – Albert Dock
  • Holiday Inn Plymouth
  • Holiday Inn Express Liverpool – Knowsley M57,Jct.4
  • Holiday Inn Portsmouth
  • Holiday Inn Express Poole
  • Crowne Plaza Liverpool City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Perth
  • Holiday Inn Express Peterborough
  • Holiday Inn Express London – Luton Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Dunstable
  • Holiday Inn Rochester – Chatham
  • Holiday Inn Reading-South M4, Jct.11
  • Holiday Inn Reading – M4, Jct.10
  • Crowne Plaza Reading
  • Holiday Inn Reading – West
  • Holiday Inn Express Hemel Hempstead
  • Holiday Inn Rugby-Northampton M1, Jct.18
  • Holiday Inn Garden Court A1 Sandy – Bedford
  • Holiday Inn Basildon
  • Holiday Inn Stratford Upon Avon
  • Holiday Inn Express Stafford M6, Jct.13
  • Holiday Inn Express Folkestone – Channel Tunnel
  • Holiday Inn Express Southampton M27, Jct.7
  • Holiday Inn Southampton-Eastleigh M3,Jct13
  • Holiday Inn Fareham – Solent
  • Holiday Inn Southampton
  • Holiday Inn Express Southampton – West
  • Holiday Inn Winchester
  • Holiday Inn Express Strathclyde Park M74, Jct.5
  • Holiday Inn Express Manchester – Salford Quays
  • Holiday Inn Colchester
  • Holiday Inn Express Colchester
  • Holiday Inn Express Milton Keynes
  • Holiday Inn Express Newcastle City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Express Newport
  • Holiday Inn Swindon
  • Holiday Inn Express Northampton M1, Jct.15
  • Holiday Inn Northampton West M1, Jct 16
  • Holiday Inn Northampton
  • Holiday Inn Express Portsmouth – Gunwharf Quays
  • Holiday Inn Preston
  • Holiday Inn Taunton M5, Jct.25
  • Holiday Inn Peterborough – West
  • Holiday Inn Express Bath
  • Holiday Inn Express Stirling
  • Holiday Inn Express Hamilton
  • Holiday Inn Leamington Spa – Warwick
  • Holiday Inn Express Swindon City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Haydock M6, Jct.23
  • Holiday Inn Runcorn
  • Holiday Inn Warrington
  • Holiday Inn Express Swindon – West M4, Jct.16
  • Holiday Inn Express Braintree
  • Holiday Inn Huntingdon – Racecourse
  • Holiday Inn Express Nuneaton
  • Holiday Inn Express Preston – South
  • Holiday Inn Express Swansea – East
  • Holiday Inn Lancaster
  • Holiday Inn Darlington – A1 Scotch Corner
  • Holiday Inn Stevenage
  • Holiday Inn Express Stevenage
  • Holiday Inn Leeds – Wakefield M1, Jct.40
  • Holiday Inn Stoke on Trent M6, Jct.15
  • Holiday Inn Express Taunton M5, Jct.25
  • Holiday Inn Woking
  • Holiday Inn York
  • Holiday Inn Express Warwick – Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Holiday Inn Express Bedford
  • Holiday Inn Express Stoke on Trent
  • Holiday Inn Express York
  • Holiday Inn Darlington – North A1M, Jct.59
  • Holiday Inn Salisbury – Stonehenge
  • Holiday Inn Express Manchester Airport
  • Holiday Inn Southend

Here are some rate display for July 19, 2014, at select InterContinental hotels in Europe. There are some rates starting from 20 euro upwards in some cities for Holiday Inn Express etc. hotels.

InterContinental Berlin

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Berlin

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Berlin Rates

InterContinental Frankfurt

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Frankfurt

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Frankfurt Rates

InterContinental Budapest

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Budapest

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Budapest Rates

InterContinental Warsaw

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Warsaw

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Warsaw Rates

InterContinental Madrid

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Madrid

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Madrid Rates

InterContinental Athens

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Athens

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Athens Rates

InterContinental Rome

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Rome

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Rome Rates

InterContinental Paris

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Paris

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Paris Rates

Note that the rate plan was loaded only or other than Club room inventory was sold out on that weekend that I searched for.

InterContinental Vienna

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Vienna

IHG Europe Summer 2014 50 Percent Off July 18 September 28 2014 IC Vienna Rates


This is a fantastic sale and all these rates qualify for IHG Rewards Club points and stay credit as well. If you are unsure, just take a screenshot of the page that during the booking process shows the number of base points that you earn for your stay.

I am not sure if IHG has intentionally included most of the hotels for this sale even when they are not listed at participating property on the long list above? I doubt that these rates will stay around for a long time.

You can find much lower rates for Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express and sometimes even for Crowne Plaza hotels if you don’t need InterContinental level stay quality.

At these rates, it makes zero sense to redeem points for these hotels. Just pay, register for promotions and collect more IHG Rewards Club points.

Here are the terms and conditions of this sale:

• 50% off Best Flex represents a saving of 50% off our Best Flexible rate per room, per night for two adults sharing a standard double/twin room (inclusive of VAT).
• Bookings must be made at least 3 days in advance of first night of stay.

• Offer available for stays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights (with some limited midweek availability – please check when booking).

• Member ID or IHG voucher will be required at check-in as proof of eligibility for this offer.

• Offer only available at participating European InterContinental Hotels; Resorts, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Staybridge Suites and Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels.

• Offer available for reservations made between 15th May 2014 and 31st July 2014 for stays in the period 18th July 2014 to 28th September 2014.

• All bookings are subject to availability of rooms allocated to this offer at participating hotels.

• Room only rate for InterContinental® Hotels; Resorts, Crowne Plaza® Hotels; Resorts, Hotel Indigo®, Holiday Inn® and Staybridge Suites®. Breakfast included for Holiday Inn Express® Hotels.

• Full payment must be made at time of booking; no amendments permitted; no refunds will be given (except where prohibited).

• This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

• This offer cannot be redeemed with IHG Rewards Club points.

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  • Nathan

    I can’t find any of the summer rate, but I do see a lot of the ‘Exclusive Member discount’ that is around 30% off. This is different, right?

    • Different offer. Remember that this mainly available during the weekends on the stay window that I reported above.

  • adrian

    Do we really get points ? During booking it shows me you will earn 0 points

    • Now that I checked again, it does show it as 0 points. Well. It often shows points when you shouldn’t earn them and now 0 when you should.

      Let’s have a look at the Terms and conditions (as a matter of fact I did reread them yet again before I put this post up):

      “Eligible Charges Worldwide include the following Qualifying Room Rates
      paid for hotel room nights: including the hotel’s Advanced Purchase
      Rate, Best Flexible Rate, worldwide sales negotiated rate,
      national/regional/local government rate and specified leisure rates as
      confirmed by IHG’s HOLIDEX® Plus reservation systems. Points will be
      awarded for Qualifying Room Rates booked through IHG central reservation
      offices, IHG web sites, travel agents or directly at the hotel. In
      addition, in North, South and Central America and the Caribbean, points
      may be collected on locally negotiated rates if these rates are
      discounted less than 30%. At Asia Pacific hotels, Qualifying Room Rates
      also include all locally negotiated rates.”

      This is not a locally negotiated rate, so the max 30% discount doesn’t apply.


      “Points are not issued for stays at the following reduced room
      rates (Non-Qualifying Room Rates; Non-Qualifying Stay): net wholesale
      individual and group rate, certain package rates, employee discount
      rate, friends and family rate, crew rate, special discounted contract
      rates, seasonal worker/crew rate, 50% travel club discount rate,
      distressed passenger rate, IHG® Rewards Club Reward
      Nights/Airline Hotel Reward rate, most rates booked through most
      third-party web sites, complimentary hotel stays and any other rates not
      defined as a Qualifying Room Rate.”

      The 50% off rate mentioned here refers to discount clubs such as the Entertainment book (now gone).

      • Martin Martinez

        So to be clear, we don’t get any points for/when using this promo?

        • There is nothing on the terms and conditions of this rate that would make it ineligible for points. If the stay posts as non-qualifying, you just need to contact IHG and have them to fix it.

          • Han

            I’ve talked about this rate with IHG customer center(Both chatting and mail), They said that it is “non qualifying rate”, so there is no point or stay count. They think that this rate has too much discount for accepting qualified stay.

  • Ry Wong

    What is a “Member ID”? Anyway booked the Ireland one and hope no problem

    • Here’s what it says on the rate rules:

      “Member ID or IHG member voucher is required at check-in (voucher can be downloaded from the IHG partner website).”

      I have written about these partner offers previously with some orgatinations such as runner enthusiasts. They always have this “voucher” or “IHG Member Voucher”.

      Just download the PDF that I had up on the post and fill it out just in case. There is no problems using this rate.

  • EarlVanDorn

    I booked a July stay at the Heidelberg Crowne Plaza about two weeks ago for 80 euros all in without using any type of code or link. With this “special” the price is 83 euros. So for some cities this may not be the best of deals.

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  • hw

    Nice offer; I opened in two browsers the search (with and without the offer). i’m actually still waiting for the pointbreaks coming soon. we want go holiday in July. I will see next week. if it’s gone it’s gone. if not……. but i’m swimming in points so need to spend those too at some point.

  • whirly

    Just checked the Amsteredam Amstel IC for July 19:
    Summer Rate 50% Off
    Non-Refundable Rate
    Deposit required
    Must purchase 3 days in advance
    From ‎ € 1,945.00

    Hahaha, what are they on PCP?

  • Anyone with any feedback if this rate ever qualified for normal/bonus points?

    • C K

      Did not qualify for points. E-mailed IHG customer care after stay for retrospective points but was told simply not a points qualifying stay.

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