UPDATE: IHG Rewards Club Account Audits & Terminations

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Seems that IHG Rewards Club has become more aggressive closing accounts that it believes are in violation of its program Terms and conditions (access them there). I wrote about this very same issue back in February (read here).

IHG Rewards Club Closed Frozen Disabled Accounts

Until now, I have believed that merely registering for promotions that the member has not been targeted for would not cause account terminations but I have now changed my mind.

In the past, those that got caught playing with multiple IHG Rewards Club accounts, sharing the accounts with other people or reselling/trading PointBreaks were the main target and would only need to be concerned.

During the past couple of weeks, I have had readers contacting me and it happened to two friends of mine as well.

IHG Rewards Club Closed Frozen Disabled Accounts Continue

IHG Rewards Club merely displays the message that the IHG Rewards Club system is unavailable when you try to log in to an account that is closed.

The easiest way to find out if your account is closed or there is an issue with the IHG’s back-end is to use the Forgot PIN function that requires the membership number and the email address. The next screen shows the status of your account.

Here’s what the terms and conditions say about the membership cancellation:

Membership Cancellation. SCH reserves the right to cancel any IHG® Rewards Club membership and revoke any and all unredeemed IHG® Rewards Club points collected by any member for reasons that include, but are not limited to: 1) violation of these Terms and Conditions; 2) misrepresentation of any information or any misuse of this Program; 3) violation of any national, state or local law or regulation in connection with the use of membership privileges; 4) failure to pay for hotel charges; 5) a check to a participating hotel brand that is returned for insufficient funds or is invalid for any reason; 6) commission of fraud or abuse involving any portion of this Program; 7) more than one active account per member; or 8) physical, verbal, or written abuse of hotel or IHG personnel; or 9) action, in any other way, to the detriment of the Program or any of its alliances; all as may be determined by SCH in its sole discretion.

Signing up for promotion that you were not originally targeted for doesn’t appear here at all. SCH (Six Continents Hotels) has the catch all clause number 9:

action, in any other way, to the detriment of the Program or any of its alliances; all as may be determined by SCH in its sole discretion.

that they can use to terminate any account they wish.


I like the Royal Ambassador status and generally like staying at InterContinental hotels. Considering all the competition in the hospitality field, I have really hard time justifying my stays at other IHG brands if it wouldn’t be for the points that they are throwing at me.

If IHG Rewards Club (or Six Continent Hotels) truly feels that the problem is members signing up for promotions that they are not targeted for, they could easily make them account specific as they have done with number of promotions recently such as the getting points back for making Points + Cash reservation (read more here).

In this day and age (internet anyone?), there are no such things as targeted promotions if the sign up is open for all.

Of course most of the membership will not be aware of promotions that are out there (not just for IHG but for other brands as well) but typing a few words into Google (or just visiting LoyaltyLobby.com) will reveal them all.

It would be interesting to know if IHG Care in the Philippines now has a dedicated work force just going through member accounts to find out those that have signed up for a few promos here and there. If they do, most of our accounts will be closed.

The account terminations are not final though. You can contact IHG Rewards Club and they may re-open yours as a one-time courtesy. Maybe the lesson here is to make sure that your IHG Rewards Club account balance doesn’t get too high?

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  • lsed

    John, how many readers have wrote in about this?

    • Several and I have had this happen to actually three/four friends as well. One admitted that he had done something that would violate the T&C’s and he is ok with the account closure, but others not.

      • lsed

        It’s rather reprehensible what they are doing. These codes have been circulating for the longest time. If they were not happy about it they should have stopped issuing them or coded them to make them account specific instead of shutting accounts down without warning!

        • And in the past (mid-2000’s) there were far more codes around that you could stack with your stays and I never heard anybody having their account frozen because of it. I mentioned on one of the comments the stacking of all the various stay codes and racking up a LOT of points.

      • AC

        count my father in as another person who got screwed lately.. he didn’t even sign up for the codes. i did on his behalf thinking i would help him get a couple thousand extra points.. like 50% of the codes i tried didn’t work but the rest seemed to go through. he stayed at hotel and then they told him his account was canceled after he checked out.. such garbage.

        i used the same codes myself earlier in the year and got all of them to post. dunno why my dad who was staying at a IC for 3 nights got his account shut down. he’s been a member for like 15 – 20 years too

  • Denis D

    Mine was closed on May 22 for signing up for promo-codes. I mean that codes 6535, 7757 and so on – everyone did that. After never-ending communication with IHG I was directed to Mr. Kent Fox in Executive Office / Salt Lake City. Then I had to call him, but with 0 result. He just confirmed that these codes were the reason of account closure. I asked him if these codes were personalised why was I able to sign up. No answer. In the end 160K pts lost, incl. 30K purchased, about 80K for BigWin. My suggestions to anyone who used these codes: spend off all the points for stays or miles.

    Can anyone suggest any institution in the US that stands for consumers rights and where it’s worth to submit a claim (like DOT)?

    • Deltasegmentflyer

      @denis I don’t think there is. Also there was a recent Supreme Court case somewhat similar to this and they ruled in the airlines favor and allowed an account to close. Hotels are regulated differently so it might be possible but I would not hold your breath.

      • Sebastian

        Airlines are exempted based on the Airline Deregulation Act. Hotels do not have such an umbrella law and you can still sue. The easiest way in this matter would probably be a complaint to the Attorney General in your state of residence. If no results follow (companies are not obliged to answer them) you might consider a legal avenue.

        • Yep. That what I would suggest as well.

      • The airline case with the Northwest/Delta and rabbi is different. The airline wanted to ditch the customer for number of complaints that he had opened.

    • Denis, have you talked with an attorney about this? Maybe they could write a letter to IHG explaining your position. For situations like this, I use http://www.legalshieldassociate.com/hub/jrh for only a few bucks a month I have access to legal services like consultations, letters and phone calls, plus lots more. With the amount of points you have it would probably be worth it. Good Luck!

    • traderprofit

      It’s called small claims court.
      Denis, what were the promos those codes represented, and when did you sign up for them?

    • Diotallevi

      Hi Denis, I had an issue in the past with IHG when they didn’t award me 60K points for the Big Win because of a glitch in their system. I got nowhere with customer service so I filled a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and they awarded me the 60K. BBB complaints are really easy to file and they have worked out for me about 90% of the time. Not sure this would work for you, but at this point, it couldn’t hurt. I’ve heard it’s also easy to file a complaint online with the State’s Attorney General dept. of consumer affairs. You could also try small claims court to seek the value of the points. I’ve never heard of people doing this with hotel points, but I remember reading a post on Flyer Talk about a guy who succeeded winning a case against American Airlines, I think, to get expired miles back. Just some ideas for you.

    • Mike Dos Santos

      Well, at least the PURCHASED points should be possible to get refunded. Try to enter in contact with your CC provider and talk with them about a CHARGE BACK due to FAIL OF DELIVERY.

    • BTW seems that this Kent Fox is a real person based on his Linkedin profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kent-fox/23/835/56

      If you can use an US address, I would file a case with the Attorney General that you can do online. These companies then to take these more seriously. If you purchased 30,000 points, you can open a dispute with the credit card company for non-delivery of the service.

      • mitpat474

        He is real he fixed a point issue for me , I thought he was professional. this is after emailing Richard soloman however

  • traveller

    What if the account has pending advance purchase stays? Do they get refunded when the account is closed?

    • Mike Dos Santos

      Reservations doesn’t affect any loyality membership, unless the reservations are made by point redeem. Since your question is about paid reservations, you can be sure that they are confirmed. If you decide to cancel them (because you won’t be able to receive bonus points), you can do so, but shall observe the cancellation rules for those advanced purchased reservations. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • I would say that if someone gets booted from the program and have made reservations based on the fact that he/she can take advantage of elite level benefits that the chain offers, he/she has a strong case to have those advance purchase rates refunded.

        • Mike Dos Santos

          As a “person” I completely agree with you, John! Butt the matter of fact is, those reservations (I guess they are not any special loyality stuff) have nothing to do with any benefits. The same way, just as you pointed out on the lounge access in Crown Plaza yesterday, they are benefits, but they have nothing to do with the main reservation and, as you confirmed, a property has no obligation to give you those benefits.

          So, to come back to the reservation issue, if someone makes a prepaid reservation, GENERALLY they are non refundable or have other restrictions. once someone books these rates he/she agrees to the rules. And declining bonus points or other benefits isn’t a reason to cancel a reservation and get refunded – since it is restricted – the full amount, as a sign of “customer service” or to recognise the guest as a “valued customer”.

          Furthermore, I doubt that a hotel chain would make a full refund on restricted reservations on the argument “you guys canceled my loyality program membership”, and the reason for the cancelation of the membership was some bogus attitude.

          Would you refund someone for something in a gesture of goodwill after you found out that he/she cheated you?

          • traveller

            Can’t u just file a chargeback on your cc if u do decide to cancel if they shut your account as u expected to get points when paying for the booking and you don’t get any points when your account has been terminated. Thus you aren’t getting what you’re paying for. I have a colleague sitting across me at work who has done just that a few times without any problems when he needs to cancel any stays. Not that his account has been terminated or anything like that..

          • Mike Dos Santos


            I know what you mean, but in fact you didn’t bought a Lounge Access (unless you have reservation in a Club Level) or an Upgrade, nor have you bought points. When you make a reservation, what you have “bought” is a room for some time. This room the hotel will offer you, it is their part of the contract.

            And unless you can’t show a confirmation of the reservation in which states “upgrade”, “Lounge Access” or “xx points”, you haven’t bought any of those.

            A charge back is a process which isn’t funny to play with, it can even makes your score go down if you do like this too often, because a charge back is only valid if you have paid and the shop hasn’t delivered (or in case of hotels, they didn’t give the room reserved).

            But nevertheless, all I am saying here is just the LEGAL situation of your question. 🙂

  • Mark

    Hi John –
    Are ALL the 4-digit codes individually “targetted”?
    If not all of them, is there any way of working out which are, and which are not?

    • Not all 4 digits are targeted. There are general promotions that IHG Rewards Club uses them for.

  • Nathan

    This is extremely frustrating. My account hasn’t been closed (yet) but I do spend about $500~$1000 bucks at IHG annually. What really annoys me is that some of these codes are listed on IHG’s own “Rewards Club Connect” forum, phone agents have told customers if the code goes through it’s okay, and there’s absolutely no mention anywhere that this would violate T&C of the program. I get the “sole discretion” clause, but to be part of a program where they could terminate you for putting in a wrong 4 digit number before a crappy $130 HI stay does not foster loyalty. The only reason I stay at this brand is to accrue a large amount of points to stay at Intercontinental Hotels.

    • Of course MOST of the accounts haven’t been closed and likely not be closed. It just seem very random who gets whacked.

      • Off IHG For Life

        everybody is at risk

  • Chris

    This is just ridiculous. What are they hoping to accomplish other than piss off a bunch of their loyal rewards members? They should actually target the offers rather than shutting down accounts with no warning for people who are using codes that they know are readily available on the internet. Regardless of how many additional points I earn booking stays and using promo codes. I still pay IHG money for my stays. Beginning to regret making IHG my brand of choice and recently signing up for their rewards card. Just take back the points if they’re that upset. Don;t shut down accounts and take all points.

    • And if we go back few years, one could even sign up for all the different stays promotion variations and rack up maybe 100K+ bonus points for a stay of 15 nights. No accounts were closed.

  • traderprofit

    These are not airlines. Good faith and fair dealing are implied elements of a contract.
    These rules allow termination of an account if you post a review the hotel doesn’t like. They are also contracts of adhesion. Anyone so inclined should determine whether they agreed to venue in a certain location in the Agreement.

    I’m booking away from IHG from this point on, even though I am not aware of any promos I signed up for that were not targeted. Sure, I may stay at a Holiday Inn Express once in awhile.

    I just bought 300,000 points in the Daily Getaways and have rooms reserved in Sydney over New Years. I don’t want to deal with a company that treats it’s customers like what is being reported here. I am voting with my pocket book, and I am a Platinum Ambassador.

    Good luck to the hotel chain….if I didn’t already have a six day stay starting today Shanghai , I’d cancel it too. Sort of too late since it’s Sunday in China already.
    If they really are being as flippant as is discussed, I want nothing to do with the program because I am often paying extra directly through their site.
    What’s next, getting rid of those who cancel too many reservations?
    I am an SPG Plat and I can’t imagine SPG doing this.

    • I cannot recall any other program ever closing member accounts for signing up for non-targeted offers that were open for all to register.

      • Off IHG For Life

        that’s the guts of it isn’t it

  • Jerekz

    John, I have two ihg accounts in two different countries. Every single point in both accounts — about 30k in one and 50k have come from credit card promotions, absolutely no other points or bonuses or stays. Should I try to merge them? Or should I just spend down the smaller one and let it wither away? Or can I continue to have both, even risk doing big wins or similar in the same hotels and countries?

    Advice appreciated

    • I am sure that you are fine. Theoretically you shouldn’t have more than one account. You should not, however, access them from the same IP address or use the same credit card number to guarantee reservations on both accounts.

      • hw

        We, my wife and my, have both an account. we login all the time from the same IP of course as we are on the same network. she doesn’t have a creditcard even, it’s on mine second. of course I can simply sent in ID cards of both if they ask. also, I never stay on her account and she never on mine. we stay always together with 2 rooms, where 1 kids goes with both.

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  • Dave

    For those that have been banned how long ago did you register with the codes? John would a preemptive social media campaign by IHG members maybe get them to relax this stance?

    • Some commented that IHG has closed his account based on the stay that he/she did back in 2013. I don’t believe that they are going through every single account. Difficult to tell what exactly triggers these audits.

    • NotsohappywithIHG

      February 2013 for one paid stay in Asia. Registered for other promo codes in december 2013 but never had a stay

  • Ralph Van Dyke

    I have over 300K+ points in this program and have registered for numerous promos. It sounds to me like I need to burn through those points before having anymore paid stays or using the credit card again.

    • It would be a good idea not to let the points balance too high because you never know what might happen. I have way too many IHG points as well.

  • Ry Wong

    Oh no! so how about the IHG European promotion that requires to present a voucher while check-in….

    • The voucher thing is not a problem as I wrote at the time.

  • hw

    I spend probably 25000 USD annually with them. if they want to loose that…….fine with me. there are other chains. (this is not only the rooms, also food and extras)

    • I am sure that you are fine. Seems that they are mainly targeting low stay accounts.

      • hw

        yes i’m thinking that also. and to be honest, i can understand IHG if they cancel accounts that only are there to get some extra quick points. it’s called a loyalty program, not a get greedy program. but lets see! i even book IHG if it’s not the cheapest or most favorable. i just don’t want to search around 🙂 and i like IC whith their RA program, huge suites and so much more upgrades. especially if in returning hotels you just get more as they perse have to give.

  • Jane

    Thanks for making this post John. Matches widespread suspicions, given that more and more of the codes haven’t been working. (even for more new Plat members like me — what worked last fall, is now finished) Would be nice if Drew Macumber, “Bart” et. al (the ones who have long hawked IGH points on “steroids”) would also be so candid in acknowledging this aspect of the pending demise of the IGH rewards club.

    • Jane

      typos, sorry, obviously I meant IHG — I’m thinking I best use what’s left of my IHG points, asap, before IHG’s nasty, whiny filipino agents come after me too. (pardon my paranoia, but I wonder if they can read email addresses of posters to your blog)

      • They cannot see the email addresses that you have used with Disqus.

  • Jack

    Just burn my last 45000 IHG points in Hong Kong IC, I am very disappointed with IHG and don’t plan on staying with them after this. Time to switch to SPG.

  • Natasha

    Okay. I’m done worrying about this after paying tens of thousands of dollars to this company per year. Where do we go next? My husband has 3 upcoming business trips that needs to be re-booked with someone else. Please provide some good suggestions. We would like to earn points for leisure travel. Anyone?

    • I am not saying that you need to go anywhere but rather to be aware of the issues that may surround this program currently.

      • Natasha

        Right, but it doesn’t hurt to diversify. What is your second choice, John?

        • Rebooking trips is totally unnecessary. If you are happy with the IHG, you don’t really have to consider other choices before your account is closed and reopened after a warning. I would say that as long as you are established member and sign up for the new promos as they come along the chance of getting account frozen is low.

          If you sign up for all the IHG promos and at the same time use he points wisely (PointBreaks etc), it is very difficult to find a program that is as “giving”.

          Accor, Club Carlson, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott & SPG could all be good options depending what you are looking for and if the chains has presence where you and your husband tend to travel.

  • How To Lose High Margin Custom

    after 400 plus all suite all paid for nights last year including an employee at IC, and an average of c 250 suite nights a year for the past several years, they took away my RA statusf or BOGO use, controlled and accepted by the property, they took 2.2m point too, but i told them i’d sue, and they put those back, guess what, we are half way through the year, and IC hasn’t had one night from me, smart call corporate in Salt Lake, if they worked for me, i’d give them a great reference so they cld ruin the other chains, just pathetic, i won’t be going back either

    • lsed

      They took away your RA status for BOGO use??

      • He wrote a long reply to the previous piece I did about this issue that I have linked above.

  • Off IHG Forever

    i was spending 70K a year, they won’t get now, imagine, i’m just one non corporate customer, extend that and do the math, and i know a lot of people that have volume nights at IC, what planet is their loyalty program on? seriously, how to get rid of customers, i have friends in corporate in the UK, but the guy i dealt with in Salt Lake was totally incompetent Michael Lawyer, if i was a director or shareholder in IHG, i’d ask management to write him a great reference so he could sabotage Hyatt or another competitor, as long as that culture exists, they will lose market share and fast, if you can’t get your IT and customer care right, then don’t run your promotions and make it complex if you can’t manage it.

  • Points Surfer

    Cancelling membership for using codes that IHG “allows” to be dispensed for marketing and revenue driving purposes is bizarre……these bait codes can easily be restricted like with SPG,Hilton,etc but they have not been because it must obviously benefit IHG….they control the program?
    I had a bad feeling about IHG end of 2012 so left the program to let Plat expire in 2013…but they comp’d me Plat for 2014 without asking…seems they are all over the map on customer relations from generous to draconian.

    • I think that the inconsistency is the word that we should use. I am not sure if there are just disgruntled IHG employees in the Philippines that don’t have anything better to do?

      • Points Surfer

        Good point…..HH/SPG moles inside IHG CS lol…….employee’s generally perform based on that management measures them by. Quota could be to target and punish real or imagined T&C abusers no matter the scale to rack up “enforcement” scores. That said, sure glad I don’t have all my eggs on one loyalty program basket anymore.

  • Alan

    If they are looking into accounts I wonder how far they will go back. I haven’t registered for any promos with the exception of the current stay x get x one since the start of the first Big Win and the last of the promos finished posting on Christmas Eve. Since then all the points posted have either been Big Win or actual stays which is about 30 so far this year.

    I didn’t sign up for any of the ones that have appeared on blogs or FT this year as something didn’t feel right at the time. All the codes seemed to appear within days of the turn of the year and it seemed like someone had just sat keying in four digit codes to see if something happens.

    I’d like to think that if your account is profitable to IHG they will issue a sort of final warning rather than ban people which seems to be shooting yourself in the foot a bit or is there something else on the accounts which caused them to flag as suspicious.

    John do you have any contacts at IHG that may be able to shed some light on things? If they are stating to ban people I’d like to think they would do the right thing and at least announce that this is no longer acceptable.

    • There hasn’t really been any new codes sans one or two this year. All the others were mostly “leftovers” from 2013 but some with new promo numbers.

      If your account gets closed, you can always call IHG and likely they just give you a warning and you would better then burn the points.

      IHG is very bad at communicating things like this.

  • NotsohappywithIHG

    I was one that had my account reinstated. I only have one IHG account. Never had any BRG. Had only one paid stay in February 2013, used alot of promo codes I found on the website and earned 4000points for my 2 night stay in Asia. Also, had a bunch more promo codes I added to my account this year but never used. CSR gave me one time warning and told me my account was closed because of me receiving points for a promo code I was never targeted for.

    • Alan

      When did your account get cancelled and reinstated?

      • NotsohappywithIHG

        cancelled on may 29th, reinstated on june 2nd

        • AC

          did u call in or write email? my dad’s account got closed and he emailed twice and both times they refused to reinstate him.. i wonder if calling CSR might make a difference?

          • NotsohappywithIHG

            I never email. I called

          • Where are you based? If it is merely signing up for the offer codes that everybody does, I would definitely call. Then if no resolution, I would file complaint with BBB and Attorney General of your state or the state of Georgia, where IHG is based in the US.

  • hw

    I was thinking, if everyone can sign up how does IHG know they even targeted ? If they know they should just not accept the codes. And we would not have this program. How many people sign up (through forums, internet, this site) for codes? Probably thousands extra? If, several got busted, what is several? 25? Might it be that these have really almost no stays and HUGE amount of bonus points? Which for IHG is not favorable.
    But, if IHG knows who they target they must limited the work of the codes.

    • The number has to be tens of thousands (if not larger) that sign up for all these offer codes.

      • hw

        My point: they will simply loose all their GOOD clients. As people into the programs do search the web for codes. I still think there MUST be something else going with those accounts. like , getting huge amount of codes on a few CHEAP stays for example. Which I could accept the argue that you get closed, meaning, it’s a grey area from both sides.

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  • skippie687

    Wife’s closed. Brand new account, 2 weeks old. No stays just some promo codes from this site. Had no points to lose!

  • Off IC For Life

    instead of pissing more and more customers off, they shld fix their IT so targeted members are the only ones that can enroll, then try fixing their customer care, i’ve stopped staying at IC this year, includes employees, last year i paid for 400 plus suite nights, this year, none, threy must be proud of cutting my RA, that’s lost them 70K this year, plus all the long stay clients that moved to RC with us, and there are lots, that Michael Lawyer in Salt Lake is a stellar employee, give him a job anywhere to lose market share in a hurry.

  • Peter

    John, what would you do, we have used like five codes prior to our current stay at IC which now posted as non-qualifying due to using Amb Certificate. I am affraid to call now to adjust it. We are like fifteen years Amb members so loyal for a while, but with all this happening with other accounts… Does this termination happened also to Ambassadors? Should I call? thanks for help.

    • The worst case that can happen is that they give you a warning. Call the regular non-status line and don’t punch in your account number to get the most clueless agent.

  • brotherdez

    Question for all those complaining? Are you registering for one offer you weren’t targeted for here and there? Or every IHG offer available on a single day? I was the latter, was closed, but I can’t complain. Realistically, I knew I was ABUSING the program. Sure they have holes in their system, but I learned how to ABUSE them.

    Number 6 in the above excerpt from the Ts and Cs specifically sites abuse. Oh well, they caught me. Should I blame IHG for this? No. I think most people complaining knew they were abusing the program.

    Now if you are platinum, or Amb, you have more reason to complain. IHG should take more care of those guests. But if you are club, enrolled into the program, registered for every promotion known to man in hopes to get 20K points from a $100, one night stay, then get over yourself. You cheated, and were caught (as was I).

    Time to find another way to take it to the man.

  • Kjak

    Strange. I really had opinion that we are “allowed” to use such codes – if they work. That this is just kind of game (similar to BigWin) created to gain some extra customers. Like me. Before joining IHG I was staying in the hotels only if my company paid for it. All my private journeys started with portals like booking.com or hostelworld. I’m still quite young – this was my world. I was even flying business class from time to time – and then taking Chauffeur-drive service to…cheapest hostel in the area;) But it changes. I noticed that I can earn some needed mile points while staying in IHG hotel. Planed as one-time stay…but I discovered: WOW! there is good fun with all this codes, games, big-wins. I started even to stay in Intercontinental Hotels.Well this is new experience for me, I enjoy it as something totally different, also by booking more expensive room with good view over the city etc. Just for few days. Then I move for another few days to cheapest hostel in the city – to have fun with something totally different. Finally I must say that although IC is ok..nice..is a bit to “posh” for me…and my favourite brand is HI Express, it’s so simple and quite…good place to rest after all this heavy-life in the hostels 😉 Also can’t say anything bad for some HI with nice swimming pools etc.

    and now – we are told that we are just thieves? Why – without just simple notice like “guys, this in not a game, please do not use codes directed not to you”?
    We, young people LOVES GAMES. This was nice part of it.
    It was probably obvious for them…but not so obvious for us.

    My account is not blocked (yet?) but this whole situation is strange for me.

  • Alex

    Hi John, I am recently aware of this risk. just registered for a lot of prom codes, and my next reservation is in next week. Should I call IHG to de-active or cancel these prom codes before my next stay, when they will be redeemed? Does that lower the risk for account termination? Thanks!

    • notacop

      In the same boat. Would like to know if contacting CSR to remove promos would help.
      Also, I never see anyone who was terminated mention specifically how many promos they were signed up for.

  • Off IHG For Life
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  • WorldTraveler but NOT@IHG

    Background: I signed up for an IHG account last year at the same time as my husband. I never used it, we always used his. This summer I started traveling for work so I began using mine. Yes, I used some codes (I was unaware that this was an issue). Also, I may have had a previous account years ago when I was using an older email that I no longer access. At beginning of summer, I stayed a month at an IHG property. I wanted to check to see how many points I got for that stay and was unable to log in. I called for assistance, and got the “you’re account is under review, we will respond in 72 hours.” Which is what I got everytime I called in the next ~5months. Finally, someone responded this month and this is the answer I got when I finally received an answer…

    The matter regarding your closed IHG Rewards Club account has been forwarded to the Executive Offices of IHG.

    It has come to our attention that some of your account promotion enrollment activities are in violation of the terms and conditions of IHG Rewards Club. Such violations are considered fraudulent by IHG Rewards Club and IHG. As such we have closed your IHG Rewards Club account, including forfeiture of all points accrued. You can review the terms and conditions of IHG Rewards Club http://www.ihg.com/rewardsclub.

    Should you wish to discuss this further, you may call me directly at 1-801-887-7469. I am available from Monday through Friday during the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Mountain Standard Time. In the event that I am away from my desk when you call, please leave a valid phone number and the best time when I may reach you. Please be advised that due to the nature of your issue, any communications with IHG regarding this matter will be immediately forwarded to me for handling, and I will only be able to provide you with a response.

    Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss this matter further.

    Best regards,

    Michael Lawyer | Executive Liaison
    IHG | P.O. Box 30321, Salt Lake City, UT 84130, USA
    Tel: 801-887-7469 | Fax: 801-975-1846 | gr.corporateliaison@ihg.com

    [Me] Mr. Lawyer,

    I’m sorry but after six months of waiting to receive an answer on this situation this is hardly an explanation. I made many phone calls to IHG to find out why I could not access my account and each and every call resulted in “you will hear from us in 72 hours” … ha ha more like 4,000+hours.

    Can you explain account promotion enrollment activities which are in violation? I am unaware of any such fraudulent violations that have occurred on my account. However, I do know that I stayed a month in an IHG hotel during the month of June for which I was never credited for and thereafter access to my Rewards account was suspended.

    Also can you provide on which dates the terms and conditions have changed over the past year and what changes were made?

    Email is the best mode of communication as I am currently out of the country … and I doubt you will be able to return my international call.

    [IHG] Thank you again for your contact. Please forgive the informality of this email.

    As per the email given to you previously on November 6th, our decision to close your IHG Rewards Club account remains. While it is generally not in our interest to close a members’ account, our decision to terminate your account due to enrollment into promotions which you were not eligible remains. Any future correspondence from my office will only remind you of our decision previously made. Unfortunately, no further consideration will be given.

    Any future contacts to IHG or IHG Rewards Club regarding this issue will go unanswered. Though I understand this is not the outcome you desired, we are no longer able to assist you further with this matter.

    I still unsure of what actually caused my account to be closed … but know that I will never deal with IHG ever again. My husband has the IHG Credit Card … we will be promptly canceling it.

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