Marriott Rewards “Enhances” PlusPoints Program: Earnings Slashed, Max 4 Transaction Per Day & FourSquare Dropped Altogether

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Marriott Rewards introduced PlusPoints program back in May (read more here) that allowed (and still does) members to earn maximum 2,000 points per month for various social activities.

Marriott Rewards Plus Points Enhanced

The PlusPoints is still in beta and it should be valid from April 8 to November 8, 2014. It is unclear if these dates are still in place or if they have been withdrawn.

You can access Marriott PlusPoints website here.


Marriott Rewards Plus Points Enhanced Earning

– FourSquare no longer earning option

– No points given for liking properties on Facebook that used to be 250

– Earnings for following property on Twitter slashed by 90% from 250 to just 25

– You can earn points for maximum 4 transaction per day (previously unlimited for Facebook/Twitter likes and limited one for others)

– Only earn points for Social Check-Ins on Facebook (previously four earning options)

– The only POSITIVE enhancement is that the number of participating properties has increased a lot.

Here are the current participating properties:

  • Marriott Rewards
    • Hashtag: #LoveMarriottRewards with #MRpoints
  • Marriott Hotels
    • Hashtag: N/A
    • Properties

Marriott Rewards Plus Points Enhanced Participating Properties 1

Marriott Rewards Plus Points Enhanced Participating Properties 2

Marriott Rewards Plus Points Enhanced Participating Properties 3

Marriott Rewards Plus Points Enhanced Participating Properties 4

Marriott Rewards Plus Points Enhanced Participating Properties 5

Marriott Rewards Plus Points Enhanced Participating Properties 6

Marriott Rewards Plus Points Enhanced Participating Properties 7

  • Renaissance
    • Hashtag: #RenHotels
    • Properties
      • Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hote
      • Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hote
      • Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Cente
      • Renaissance Austin Hote
      • Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hote
      • Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hote
      • Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel
      • Renaissance Cleveland Hotel
      • Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel
      • Renaissance Dallas Hote
      • Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel
      • Renaissance Esmeralda Indian Wells Resort & Spa
      • Renaissance Las Vegas Hote
      • Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hote
      • Renaissance Nashville Hotel
      • Renaissance New Orleans Arts Hotel
      • Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette Hotel
      • Renaissance New York Hotel 5
      • Renaissance New York Times Square Hote
      • Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld®
      • Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel
      • Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hote
      • Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel
      • Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hote
      • Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel
      • Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel
      • Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hote
      • Renaissance Washington, DC Dupont Circle Hote
      • The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel
      • The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Sp
      • Vinoy® Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club
  • The Autograph Collection
    • #AutographHotels with #MRpoints
    • Properties
      • None; participating at the brand level only


This change means that you have to do 4 activities on at least 20 days a month to get the 2,000 points, which is the maximum allowed. Previously, you could have just done eight Facebook likes or Twitter following in a minute or so and be done. The time required to get the 2,000 points has grown exponentially.

Personally, I value my time more than this new “enhancement” requires you to spend. I believe that this PlusPoints was a good idea, but these new “enhancements” trashed the program. I cannot see anybody else putting up with the required time than those that REALLY want to get the free points out from Marriott. Likely not the most desired target group for the company.

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  • Bill Rubin

    I don’t see how Marriott Rewards can CHANGE the points awarded based on the ORIGINAL rules AFTER I’d already “followed” 8 appropriate properties on July 7 AND received confirmation emails from Marriott Rewards on July 7 and 8 indicating I would receive 250 points for each if I was still following them in a week. That’s fraudulent and illegal. How can I pursue the proper credit for the 2000 points I’m due based on the rules and my confirmations BEFORE they changed the terms?

    • d001

      Maybe it is time to start unfollowing all those properties and just tweet for that 25pts they’re now offering. Didn’t get the promised 250 pts either 🙁

      • Bill Rubin

        Following and unfollowing and then following them again after a month was what I had been doing…for 250 pts per follow per month. I won’t even bother now. What a sham. Glad I have Marriott Gold status simply for being UA Lifetime Gold. Now I remember why I stick with SPG and Hyatt.

  • FreeTravel20s

    If anyone’s interested, here’s a quick and easy way to still automatically maximize Marriott Plus Points. At 2k per month x 4 months, that’s still enough for a category 1 redemption…

  • Clueless

    What’s a Facebook Social Checkin? I can’t even see how to do that online. (I don’t have a smartphone if that makes a difference)

  • Roger Wilco

    Yesterday 3×250 points posted – this was for FB likes BEFORE the gutting but were due AFTER it. Took a while, but post they did.

  • Souren

    On the Instagram and Twitter links are not “LIVE” for me, I can’t click on them. Only Facebook is. Did anyone else have that problem?