IHG Rewards Club “Into The Nights” Promotion: Earn At Least 2 Free Nights, 50,000 Bonus Points Or 10,000 Airlines Miles September 4 – December 31, 2014 (Big Win Returns)

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IHG Rewards Club is about to launch its next global promotion called “Into The Nights”. This is the third version of the Big Win and valid for stays between September 4 and December 31, 2014.

POST YOUR TARGETED OFFERS HERE: IHG Rewards Club “Into The Nights” Promo Registration Now Open & Post Your Personalized Offers

IHG Rewards Club “Into The Nights” Promotion Earn At Least 2 Free Nights, 50,000 Bonus Points Or 10,000 Airlines Miles September 4 – December 31, 2014

IHG Rewards Club members will receive personalized offer based on their recent stay history with IHG. You can earn minimum of 2 free nights, 50,000 bonus points or 10,000 airline miles.

You can find your personalized offer starting on September 4 from here (note that the link doesn’t resolve yet).

Once the registration is open, I will have another post up where LoyaltyLobby readers can post their personalized offers, so that we can compare them. You can find many fall 2013 offers on my post here and spring 2014 ones here.

Here’s press release from IHG:

ATLANTA (Sept. 4, 2014) – InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is kicking off the fall travel season by offering IHG® Rewards Club members more opportunities to earn toward free travel through its next hotel rewards promotion, “Into the Nights.” The promotion offers members at least two free hotel nights at any IHG®-branded hotel anywhere in the world including InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo® Hotels, Holiday Inn® Hotels, Holiday Inn Resort® Hotels, Holiday Inn Club Vacations®, Holiday Inn Express® Hotels, Staybridge Suites® Hotels, Candlewood Suites® Hotels and EVEN™ Hotels once a tailored set of offers is complete.

“We put great value on a loyalty program that builds relevant, rewarding travel experiences and cultivates a meaningful relationship with each participant over time,” said Bruce Lahood, vice president, Global Loyalty Consumer Marketing, IHG. “When our members told us they wanted a free night component in our next IHG® Rewards Club promotion, we created an even more valuable set of personalized offers. Members choose the reward for their loyalty that matters most to them — bonus points, miles or even free nights. It’s rewards on their terms.”

Registration for the “Into the Nights” promotion begins on Sept. 4 at www.ihg.com/freenights. Once registered, members will receive their tailored set of offers and begin earning
IHG® Rewards Club bonus points or bonus airline miles when they stay at any IHG®-branded hotel between Sept. 4 and Dec. 31, 2014.
How it works:

  • Current IHG® Rewards Club members and new members can register for the
    “Into the Nights” hotel rewards promotion at www.ihg.com/freenights.
  • Members will receive custom offers to earn bonus points or bonus miles such as: stay more and earn more or stay on the weekend
  • Stay period begins Sept. 4 and ends Dec. 31; members can stay to start earning
  • Members can track their offers and rewards via a customized Rewards Tracker at www.ihg.com/freenights.


This is indeed the same promotion that I wrote about yesterday (read more here), but Lufthansa had got the start date wrong. In the past couple of Big Wins, the targeted offers varied greatly based on your recent stays with IHG. Some offers were great and some almost unattainable. I have stayed a lot at IHG as of late, so I would imagine my version require 20 to 30 paid nights between September 4 and December 31, 2014.

Remember to come back here once the registration is open, so that we can compile a list of all targeted offers out there.

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  • hw

    super! looking forward too! and my wife too.

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  • Do reservations usually need to be made after registration?

    • IHG has never required that.

      • Henrik Johansson

        SOme of the challenges in the last Big WIn said that the booking had to be made within the Big Win dates, so it excluded bookings made before. Not all challenges were like that though.

        • Thanks for correcting me.

    • backpackdude

      As soon as I was notified by IHG, in late December 2013, of its January 1 – April 30, 2014 Big Win, I reserved three stays for early January, which IHG waited till mid April (and three email inquiries later) to finally advise me that they were not eligible stays because they were reserved before the validity period of this promotion: the period starting January 1. I’d go through the fine print carefully before I end up reserving “too early” again (as in immediately after IHG has notified me of any promo). This attempt to disqualify me is apparently consistent with similar attempts made on members who had paid extra for more than just a “basic” breakfast stay (where they opted to pay for an extra 1,000 or 5,000 points), and those members who had stayed for breakfast on a weekend night instead of a week night. In the end, I did get through all of my Big Win hurdles, albeit at a cost of three more nights.

  • DavidB

    Guess my hotel down in J’burg got the jump on this one and put up the poster a couple of days early…but mystery solved. (Sorry for the fuzzy photo.) Thanks for tracking down the “mystery”.

    • Thanks for the shot! IHG just sent me an updated one that I have now put up here.

  • Christopher Mac Holland

    hmmm hold my breath on this until I see my offer..

  • adrian

    maybe asked already many times, but always unsure, If I have a reservation and Check out on 1st of January 2015 does this count for the IHG promotions?

    • For December 31 ending yes.

  • Evan

    Just in time! My IHG points account was getting low.

  • Perfect! New stays, new points and more stays! 🙂 Last PB list was pretty nice, so… 🙂

    • The next PB list should be out in less than 3 weeks as well.

  • will s.

    While waiting for the bw/night details, have noticed that we have yet to see any IHG “last minute” 50% off deals for first weekend of September? Not happening this month?

    • You are right, although they have been less than stellar recently. Maybe they have “Social Flash Sales” soon?

  • Perfect news for IHG members 🙂

    • Probably, although in previous promos some members with limited past stays got very good offers as well. Interesting to see tomorrow what the options this time are.

  • across

    Can anyone sign up or is IHG still shutting down account for that?

    • This is certainly open for all as it is the official non-targeted fall promo with personalized offers for those with previous stay history with IHG.

  • Hilde

    It seems that one of the conditions is to download their app. I am still using a dumb phone. any suggestions around this requirement.

    • Travel Is Free

      I once got around this on an expedia $25 coupon for mobile apps by simply going to m.expedia.com
      Who knows what will make it work but guess we’ll find out soon.

    • Wait until you see your personalized offer. If it requires registration or booking using an app, maybe you can just borrow someone’s smartphone to do those activities?

  • DanteIV

    personalized……? Mine is for sure gonna be Mission impossible…. Stayed ihg over 150 nights this year so far….

    • Ben

      Yes most programs seem to penalize you for staying more than what is needed to maintain platinum status. I stayed over 300 nights last year, but I had to distribute the nights over many different chains to avoid diminishing returns.

      It is dumb that loyalty programs punish loyalty from true frequent travelers.

      • My advise is always to spread the love around if you can manage top status with multiple programs. Then you can choose the best promotion that suits you and have greater variety of hotels to choose from.

    • Mine is going to be very challenging because more than 50+ nights this year with IHG.

  • freddy

    Do you have the choice to choose either free nights, points or miles?

    • Well. When you go to check your personalized offer, as long as your earning preference are points you will be presented with points version and miles one if your preference set to airline miles. Not 100% sure how the free night version will work. We should know tomorrow.

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  • Don

    Well, I’ve had a quieter IHG year in 2014, but they still want weekends and brands – 13 nights (that’s fair), 5 brands!, 4 Saturdays, 3 weekend stays of min 2 nights, 2 stays with breakfast and bonus points, 2 stays booked on the app. 55k of points for doing all the tasks, and need to complete 6 out of 7 to get the 22k bonus points.

  • niky

    link just takes me to normal offers page where promotion doesn’t appear 🙁

    • Click to the updated post that has a new link that works already.

      • niky

        maybe it’s for US based only – logging on from UK and no mention of it.

        • See the second paragraph above!

  • Jamo

    The following link is working:


    But it appears (in the URL) to be for US customers. It did however allow me to log-in. I won’t be taking part this time as the goals and rewards are silly and pretty much unachievable for me. I may hit one or two of them, but 34 nights, 6 saturdays, more points for staying more weekend nights with 2 additional nights. There is one rewards for staying in hotels 4 times, outside my home country. I should manage that.

    When the forum is up for the offers, I’ll screen shot it and post it.

    Silly me, I didn’t read the update paragraph! Sorry.

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  • Bob Dobolina

    Great that I have to Google IHG deals when I am a Platinum member for ~10 years with 80-100 stays per year?

    • Yes – this is something I’ve raised in feedback in the past – a couple of years back they apologised and even credited some stays prior to my offer registration. There should be an option to be automatically enrolled in and notified of all offers you become eligible for. When the same thing happened last year though they refused to credit stays prior to registration quoting the terms and conditions! Well I’d have read those in detail had I known about the offer in the first place.

  • Seems very hard to register – perhaps there are site problems. And there is no way to view the targeted offers. Just the message: ERROR The request could not be satisfied. Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront).

  • Kat

    Has anyone had problems with the dashboard not updating progress on this promotion? I’ve hit some of the targets but I’ve not gotten my points or goals accounted for on the dash.

    • The dashboard updated with a delay. Give it some time.

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  • Nico

    Can I please get confirmation on the following:
    a) That any stays which have not been booked through the link next to the “challenge” line, will also be recognised
    b) That reservations made before I registered the offer (but stay is AFTER the registration) will be recognised

  • Nico

    Can I please get confirmation on the following:
    a) That any stays which have not been booked through the link next to the “challenge” line, will also be recognised
    b) That reservations made before I registered the offer (but stay is AFTER the registration) will be recognised

  • SFO_FT

    Would like to use my free nights from this promo during summer 2015, but won’t (by 31Jan15) know where/when. Will this be possible? Thanks.

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  • Dave

    Checked a few of my ‘dream’ IHG hotels (over water bungalows in Bora Bora) and there are plenty of availabilities for paid reservations but reward night stays have been almost completely blacked out. (there is usually only 1 day available every week or couple weeks for reward points). I wonder if we will see a lot of the high end Intercontinental Hotels and the expensive places blacked out for reward stays during key periods so they don’t have to antee up on the promotion? Most weekends in Rome at the Intercontinental are blacked out for points as well.

  • kelly

    thanks for sharing such an good post. do check the site link it may help you a lot.


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