Hilton HHonors “Choose Your Reward” Vote For 4th Quarter Promo

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Hilton HHonors launched a “Choose Your Reward” vote today that allows members to choose the promotion starting on November 1, 2014.

Hilton HHonors Choose Your Reward

You can vote for double points starting on your second stay OR 1,000 bonus points for each night consumed Thursday to Monday.

You can vote on Hilton HHonors website here.

Diamond member votes cast as 4, Gold cast as 3, Silver as 2 and Blue member as 1.

What should I choose?

The double points is certainly better if most of your stays are during midweek and your weekend daily folios are in excess of $100 at full service properties.

Hilton has generally posted these 1,000 bonus points per night promo point even for award stays. So, if you are redeeming over weekend, you might get 1,000 Hilton HHonors points back per night.


Hilton HHonors Choose Your Reward Vote Count

Once your vote, you can also choose a charity where Hilton will donate some money. It also shows the current vote tally between the choices…

Hilton HHonors Choose Your Reward Vote Count Live Front Page

… that is very different from the one on the front page. Which one is correct?


This is certainly the first time that Hilton HHonors allows its members to decide about a promotion. They should have had an option for free night certificates as well! It is almost certain that the Double Hilton HHonors points per night will win, as it is the most beneficial for those that travel during the weekdays.

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  • dmodemd

    It’s also nice they tip us off earlier as to what the promotion may be so we can prepare accordingly.

  • Dutch Marmot

    Any idea on when the promotion is going live? The Trippe/Double your points promotion is set to expire on 10/31 and it would be nice to be signed up right away