READER QUESTIONS: Accor Promo Issues, Securing IHG Rewards Club Platinum Status & Hilton Elite Benefits On Gifted Stay


LoyaltyLobby readers tend to have excellent questions about loyalty programs and I try to answer as many as I can.

Reader Questions Accor IHG HH

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Judy’s Issue With Accor Promo Points Posting

I registered for September offer of Accor (1000/3000/40000 bonus points for 1st/2nd/3rd stay till 31.12.) and spent 3 different nights in October, 1st and 3rd was in the same hotel. I’ve got the first 2 bonus points but haven’t got the 3rd.

I wrote to the customer service and their first answer was their system was wrong and they’ll solve it manually in a few days. Now I’ve got another mail which says that the rate was was not eligible for the offer… It wasn’t reduced rate but it was the same as first stay, unrestricted free cancellation rate.
Could you advice anything regarding to this case?

Here’s what I would do. I would reply to the Accor email that says that the booked rate is not eligible by using a screenshot from the reservation email confirmation and I would circle in RED the rate type and use an arrow as well.

If that doesn’t help, I would file a consumer complaint with consumer/fair advertising ombudsman in the jurisdiction that the reader lives in against Accor.

I have not had personal need to contact Le Club Accorhotels customer support, but the emails and comments are not promising.

Albeo’s Problem Keeping IHG Rewards Club Platinum Status

I am a platinum member at IHG but I will not manage to maintain the status for 2015.So I wanted to buy Ambassador thinking I could maintain platinum till end of 2015 but they are saying that this will be till end of this year and after that gold elite.

Is there a way I could stay Platinum.I have 3 brands and 307.000 points but 11.500 Elite qualifying points and I have been platinum since 2011 and a member since 2006.

Any advise or tips how to go about this?

There are IHG affiliated credit cards in some markets that come with IHG Rewards Club Platinum status.

Other option would be to have couple of stays at hotels that offer very large Bonus Points Packages, as those points count towards the status as well.

One option is to purchase the Ambassador status, which basically pays for itself in couple of International stays, and then sign up for the dining program (read more here) that comes with status upgrade and free night cert. Buying Ambassador gets Gold in IHG Rewards Club and the Dining Club one level status upgrade Platinum.

Mark’s Question About Status Benefits On Gifted Stay

Wondering if anyone knows if the Hilton benefits of membership can only be granted if the member is actually staying and not applicable if the room is gifted to a friend. Is there rules about this in the terms and conditions!? Can someone guide me to this. Thanks

Officially, the status related benefits only apply if the status member is staying as well. In reality, however, you can often get lucky by adding the person that actually stays as the second guest. Some properties are very anal of not extending any benefits, but most will let it slip through. No guarantees.


I’ll try to have this Reader Question piece at least weekly if not more often. More readers can learn from these questions.

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  • Sergey Fedorov

    “I have not had personal need to contact Le Club Accorhotels customer support, but the emails and comments are not promising”.

    Did Aeroplan miles for your Ibis stay post finally?

    • I have one stay to which they didn’t post correctly. I cancelled bunch of stays after the issue rose for not having to deal with them.

  • James67

    Hi John, I am also having issues with IHG. I am missing the 20000 bonus points for applying for UK black visa in spring big win and as a consequence i am also missing the 25000 big win challenge points. I gave it time to sort itself out after promotion ended, 5 months infact. Have called them and emailed them twice but they claim it is too long after big win to credit points. I feel they made an inducment for me to spend 99 GBP annual fee on their cobranded credit card which they failed to honour. Was I wrong to wait 5 months or would you recommend I continue to chase the points? Thanks.

    • I would pursue getting the points. Have you tried Citizens Advise? Seems that in the UK the right place is to open a complaint with Trading Standards.

      • James67

        Thanks John, because a credit card is involved I can raise issue with Financial Ombudsman Service. I am reluctant to do so because Barclays rather than IHG would end up meeting the cost through no fault of their own. I may first raise issue with Barclays and see if they can help. If not then I guess it will have to be Office of Fair Trading. CAB just advises on how to resolve disputes to best of my knowledge. I accept that it may be difficult or impossible to get the big win bonus but I feel I’m entitled to the 20k inducment for taking a fee paying cobranded card. .

        • Duncan

          James67 as you have paid for the BLACK VISA
          try and claim under section 75 as the card issuer (BARCLAYS)
          is jointly responsible IN FULL when a problem occurs –
          for any items OVER £100,00 GBP (even if you only used the credit card to PART PAY the cost off your purchase -£1.00 (ONE pound STERLING)
          the card issuer is still JOINTLY RESPONSIBLE for the TOTAL purchase cost of the goods.
          (and paid the balance using a different method or another card)
          as the visa cost £99.00 the points would have cost over £1.00 to buy so you MAY be able to claim using Section 75
          If not contact your bank and tell them that you want make a “CHARGEBACK” claim this is for purchases using a DEBIT card or ALSO a credit card where the total cost is under £100 GBP
          but is not as good as SECTION 75 for protection in law.
          Look at you will see a guide produced for claiming your money back when you enter either Section 75 or Chargeback into the search box

          • James67

            Thanks Duncan, I am aware of section 75 but not sure how that helps with the 99GBP annual fee. Barclays provided me the 30k points as they were required. The points I am missing are the additional 20k points from IHG for taking and using the card as one of my big win challenges. And consequently afurther 25k points big win bonus for successfully complrting 6 out of 7 challenges because the cc one failed to track. If I raise this through Ombudsman barclays will have to pay the 500 GBP fee despite meeting their own obligations.

          • Duncan

            Hi James As you paid for your accommodation at IHG hotels with your credit card, I assume that the hotel(s) cost over £100- each bill.
            You have received the items that you paid for (Hotel) BUT NOT the
            “free gift” that is included with the purchase.(points and the bonus) –
            the contract of sale has not been completed in full
            the free gift would have cost you at least 517.5USD to buy
            (in a single purchase or more with a few smaller purchases)
            11.5 USD per 1000 points if bought through points .com
            45* 11.5 – 517.5 USD cash
            Plus the status that you may lose and any extras
            if every card customer claimed for being “short paid” in this way
            the bank would not be amused so contact IHG as a result to get this sorted instead of the bank having to compensate you for the negligence of IHG

          • James67

            Now I get it, thanks. Unfortunately the hotel stays were single nights at HI Aberdeen exhibition centre both of which fell short of 100 GBP so section 75 still does not apply. However, I will still make use of your point with IHG along with statement of intent to refer it to both Trading Standards and financial ombudsman service. I have my doubts but hopefully Barclays may have some leverage with IHG in this case. Even if not, hopefully IHG will prefer just to give me the points than have issue drag on. Thanks again.

  • TravelingJewel

    I’ve had IHG Ambassador for several months now, and have received free breakfast at one hotel, and literally nothing at the other hotel (free wifi, which I’d get anyway, water and fruit which never showed up). Unimpressed. No room upgrades and no lounge.

    • You mean at InterContinental hotels? You should receive the minimum of one category upgrade, guaranteed 4PM check out +fruit/water.

  • James Paul

    As a Hilton Diamond member for 15 years, I always book the room in my name, pay with points and my wife has never had any issues using my benefits checking in alone at both Hilton and Hampton properties. She is always treated as a Queen without my presence.