IHG Rewards Club “Set Your Sights” Promotion Base Offer For New Accounts & Post Your Targeted Offers Here


IHG Rewards Club’s Set Your Sights-promotion is valid for stays between January 1 – April 30, 2015, and has personalized offers for members based on their recent stay history.

IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights Promotion Spring 2015 U

Although the registration was supposed to be open starting tomorrow (Monday the 15th), you may be able to access the registration and your personalized offer already today (Sunday the 14th).

You can access and register for this offer here or using direct IP address here.

Please remember to post your offer as a screenshot to the comments section, so that we can compare offers. It would be helpful if you could also include your IHG Rewards Club status and the number of qualified nights that you have had so far in 2014.

Note that when you ad a photo/screenshot using Disqus (the comment system that LoyaltyLobby uses), it won’t show up immediately, but it will take few minutes.

Here are previous targeted promotions with personalized offers:

Big Win Fall 2013: IHG Rewards Club “Big Win” Fall 2013 Promotion Default Option

Big Win Spring 2014: IHG Rewards Club “Big Win” Spring 2014 Promotion (Registration Now Open & Post Your Offers)

Into The Nights Fall 2014: IHG Rewards Club “Into The Nights” Promo Registration Now Open & Post Your Personalized Offers

Set Your Sights” Base Offer For New Accounts

IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights Promotion Spring 2015 Base Offer

The base offer again is very lucrative. You can earn total of 50,500 IHG Rewards Club points by completing as few as two stays and total of 3 nights.

Note that each individual hurdle has bonus point and you must complete all or x-number of them to earn an additional “achievement bonus”. The total number of bonus points including the “achievement bonus” is shown on the headline.

My Personalized offer:

IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights Promotion Spring 2015 M

I am surprised that it is not MORE difficult than this. I don’t have to purchase the Dining Program to complete the challenge, although it has nice 10,000 bonus for doing so. I may end buying it anyway, as it comes with a free night award.

IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights Promotion Spring 2015 M Abroad

Seems that there are glitches with the hurdles this time as well. I need to stay X times outside of the country where my account is based to become a Globetrotter. Regardless what the X number is, this is one of the easiest hurdles for me to complete.

IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights Promotion Spring 2015 S

I have had already more than 80 qualifying nights this year not counting 10+ BRG nights + 20 or so PB nights.


Let’s hope that the promotion this time is less problematic and works as intended, although the Into The Nights gave me plenty of opportunities to write about (and probably still at least another piece or two coming before its all over).

So, remember to post your personalized offers below and screenshot would be the best way to do it.

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  • Jeff

    the link seems down, not working for me…

    • I have now added a new link that is basically an IP address that should work for all.

      • George M

        I tried both. The link wouldn’t load, and the direct IP address gave me a red security warning page and Chrome wouldn’t let me continue. I’ll just have to wait.

        • fraslin

          in Chrome, look below the warning and you can open it up and click proceed anyway.

          Here is mine below, will likely pass on most – 19 nights for 14,000 points is not worth it. Could get most of the way to requalifying for platinum on Starwood with all that. They should simplify. These just keep getting more and more complicated.

          • adz

            3nights at ihg property is one challenge
            can this be consec at same hotel (ie one stay)

          • Guppy

            Gold member
            21 stays this year so far

      • Hw

        When i login says “sorry was an error”

  • Jon Garside

    Brave of them to reuse the same infrastructure that failed so badly last time. Still if the website works I will be grateful of the 17 days or so heads up to plan out this quarters campaign. I am going to finish with 5 rollover nights for next year, and I am already planning redemption’s for the wife and I, with two planned mini vacations (this year was all work). Off course the proof of the pudding is in the eating – I qualified out the first section of this quarter with a stay last weekend (damn Saturday nights – the one I get to have in my own bed), and have the second bonus set with a ‘date nights’ stay locally between xmas and ny. But the tracking has been painful.

  • Jon Garside

    Well mine is a complete crock. I could just about pull in 17 nights (which isnt inconsiderable $$$ given how many are in NYC) but 5 weekends, Saturday + 1 other. They have to be joking. Ill be divorced if I am away that much. Promotions such as this are to drive incremental revenue, not change the profile of client. I can off course hope they screw it up again and that I will revert to another plan. On the basis of this though, Ill be spending the next quarter in Marriotts.

  • thatsthatmattressman

    Here is mine.Potential for 59,900 pts.

  • ricoh

    My offer is Earn 73,700 total bonus points

  • Jay

    Surprised that my wife’s account is still easier than mine even after she completed into the night while I totally ignore it. She is platinum and 4 nights this yr.

  • Jay

    Mine is not bad at all but need to figure out whether I’ll really spend 10 nights.

  • Guest

    Here’s mine, as a Platinum member.

    I wonder if the sixteen nights I’ve already booked for Panama count?

  • George M

    Here’s mine, as a Platinum member.

    I wonder if the sixteen days I have already booked in Panama will count?

    • BTW for some reason your screenshot didn’t post. You could edit it and try attaching again. As long as they are qualifying nights,not sure what the problem could be.

      • George M

        Tried, still doesn’t appear. I’ll blame Windoze 8. Total 52,400 points, 26,000 are bonus on completion of four offers. One is stay five nights, earn 8,400 points, which should be covered by my Panama trip. I’ll be in Europe for three weeks in April, so the challenge should be easy to complete.

  • Gold member, haven’t stayed IHG much in last 12 months, need Premium Visa anyway and can manage 3 Saturdays … what’s not to like!

  • bluecat


    • bluecat

      Platinum level, 4 stays this year, and just completed Into the Nights.

      Seems like an okay offer, compared to others’, but the 2nd one is a timeshare presentation, so no thanks.

  • smokie

    Here is mine

  • Yossi

    does this stack with into the nights?

    • Into the nights ends 12/31…this one starts on 01/01…they are completely separate offers.

      • The stay that you have over the NYE could apply to both promotions. This is how IHG used to work. I have tested it for couple of years, however.

  • Gareth~ XX

    My offer is what you call “lucrative offer for new accounts.” I opend my IHG cards 3 month ago, and have about 10 stays for the past 3 monthes. I also completed half of “into the night” promotion and about to have one more stay to get another free night. I’m glad that I’m still considered as a new account. Here is my offer, exactlly same as “into the night” except only one weekend stay is required.

    • lexlim

      how to get finish offer 1″ download the IHG app”? I’ve already downloaded the app on my mobile phone but still no progress. Can anyone help?

      • Gareth~ XX

        Simply twitter IHG and ask them to update,

        • lexlim

          thanks Gareth 🙂

      • You could always try unistalling the app and installing it again. Then log in with your account. You can always take a sreenshot and email or Tweet it to IHG Rewards Club.

        • lexlim

          thanks john for the advice 🙂

          • lexlim

            John, what is the IHG email adress for this promotion? I couldn’t find proper email for this promotion on their website. thank you

  • tim

    Platinum 71 nights so far this year

  • Mark Flynn

    This one could be tough for me. Do not want to pay for the Visa, and 28 nights is going to be tough going.

    • Andrew Patterson

      mine is similar not very impressed by the offer!

  • Dan

    Decent offer this time. Last promo i totally ignored because it was ridiculous. Not sure if i should try it again. IHG totally lost my trust after the mess with big win and my account beeing temporarily frozen.

    • Yeah. This is a very good offer. Essentially 13K bonus per night if you only do the required nights/stays.

  • Kieran

    Here is mine, I’ve just earned 3x platinum so think the my target is quite tough.

    29 nights, 4 hotels in 4 different countries and I’d would have to spend $1,270 on food and drink!!!!

  • Matty matthews

    Like the last promo
    I have exactly the same as you again John

  • FlyingFinn

    Well, considering how buggy “Into the nights” is – I’m still waiting for a stay from September to register into it among other things I’m not holding my breath for any more IHG promos.

    Anyone had success with “Into the nights”? Especially the 2000 bonus points package challenge?

  • Brian Findley

    My offer is insane … stay 48 nights? What a bunch of asshats. I will only stay at IHG if I’m stuck..

  • hw

    4000 USD on food and bev? no way! further 35 nights and 9 IC’s.

    • You must have been wining and dining a lot! Otherwise they wouldn’t have given you such a hurdle.

  • Jeff

    Here is mine, Platinum member, 2 stays this year. The Vacation Package makes this a non-starter.

  • Susan

    I figure I might get 20,000 points from various elements, but never the whole lot. The credit card is a naughty one to include, and 4 two-night weekends is asking a lot.

    Earn 50,000 total bonus points

    Complete your offers and earn bonus points towards the rewards that matter most to you.


    offers complete

    Point Value

    Offer Name



    Congratulations on Your Bonus

    Congratulations on achieving the bonus in our previous promotion. Stay once and earn 5,000 bonus points.


    Stay More, Earn More

    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 14 nights and earn 12,000 bonus points.


    Go Places with the IHG App

    Earn 2,800 bonus points when you download, sign in and book 3
    stays with the IHG App. The IHG App allows you to get mobile-exclusive
    rates, access your virtual membership card and more.


    Saturday Stays Bonus

    Stay 4 weekends, including a Saturday night and another night, and earn 6,400 bonus points.


    Earn More, Faster

    Earn 2,000 bonus points when you book 1 Bonus Points Package stay and get to your next reward faster.


    Earn When You Redeem

    You earned your points, now use them how you want. Redeem
    your points for anything from a gift card to a Reward Night and you’ll
    earn 1,000 bonus points.


    Get the IHG® Rewards Club Premium Visa®

    Apply for the IHG® Rewards Club Premium Visa® and earn 2,000 bonus points


    Your Achievement Bonus

    Complete 6 of 7 offers to earn an additional 18,800 bonus points.

  • Susan

    John, do you know if nights booked with the Flash Sale rates are Qualifying?

    • If they post as qualifying stays, they will count towards this offer as well. Some had problems those stays posting last year. I don’t have personal experience, however.

      • Susan

        Thanks! I will let you know after we have stayed in early Jan.

  • Flying Dutchman

    Congratulations on achieving the bonus in our previous promotion … sounds a bit odd actually.
    I did not join, register, nor book for “Into the Nights 2014” or would they refer to the fall 2013 “Big Win” promotion? Wondering if the one stay (first) line actually would provide bonus points based on this knowledge as than the achievement bonus would be void instantly?!

    (yep, following all your posts re. ICT at IHG, that would not surprise me)

    If it would apply, than the offer is quiet reasonable.
    6 nights in total, partly booked via the app of which 2 weekends including 2 nights of which 1 Saturday, covering 1 bonus points package + $ 60 on F&B.

  • Guido

    Platinum, but only 6 nights this year

  • My and my GF tasks. Nice. 66k point in just 5 stays. 🙂

    • Kavita

      Is this offer valid on stays book under Travel Agent Discount Rate?

  • Proverbialfunk .

    I JUST Got my 1st IHG Card with the 50,000 Promo 2 weeks ago. We havent setup the Account yet – I don’t know if they GAVE Us a Loyalty # with our new CC, or if I have to call up to tie them together… When we got the UnitedMilage Plus card we had to merge two different accounts and it was a minor pain.

    With this promo – is there any reason not to sign up now as a new account, or will I not see any promotions until i get the 50,000 from our 1st card? Thanks!

  • Guest

    Mine are pretty good, it’s just I need to stay at a Holiday Inn Vacations Resort, but the one closest to me isn’t participating.

  • Will S

    John, Yosi below asks a good, if simple question — wondering if this new promo “stacks” or overlaps with “into the nights.” ?? Above, yes, you indicate that the new promo “set your sights” begins on Jan 1st. Yet I just signed up for it — and lo and behold, when I check my offer status, I see both “into the nights” and “set your sights” promos as live — and on the latter, I kid you not, it indicates start date as Dec. 15th — today. I haven’t as yet finished out my “into the chaotic nights” promo…. I do hope that my signing up for the new promotion hasn’t already cancelled out the previous promo…. With the chaos at IHG, I wonder…. I’m doing four stays later this week — am about to find out. (if they’ll count for one or the other, or both? Any clues?)

    • Into the nights ends on December 31st and Set Your Sighs begins on January 1st. The stay that you have over the NYE should post towards both of the promotions (at least have in the past).

  • Ripper3785

    Platinum Elite via CC, 2 qualifying nights this year. (both award)
    Wife’s has same status via CC, 1 qualifying night, much worse offer

  • Buffyw410

    another really lofty goal…

  • Lgr58

    Platinum Ambassador- Just received mine. Will not be able to do the 6 weekends. Have a full year planned vacation wise already and no room for this. My company travels are from Tuesday through Friday and the last couple of promotions where I only needed 2 single Saturday night stays, I would book the cheapest Candlewood Suites close by for $50-$60 to make those stays. Here I need not only 6 Saturday nights, but either a Friday or Sunday paired up with them them. I wonder if I told them that this was not an option, could they come up with another hurdle for me to make during the week? Would they consider or is this written in stone do you think?

    • Unless they post some points manually your account, I don’t think that they can override these offers.

    • josmon10

      I’ve got the exact same as you. I’m Platinum, just finished my best year with IHG (212k points), but once I renewed Plat I basically stayed somewhere else. I’m not going to spend 6 weekends in hotels in the next 4 months, and the previous promos have proved just as disappointing, so I guess than in 2015 it will be the same story: get 60k elite points and bye until 2016.
      So much for my loyalty, IHG…

    • Lgr58

      Here is the response I received from the service center. I wrote them back again and asked they send my e-mail up the chain as there should be somebody in upper management that can tweak the system or maybe not, worth the try? I am like you josmon10, already Platinum through 2015, but will do enough to renew my Ambassador status by April. Was only 35K points last year unless that changes.

      “Thank you for contacting IHG Rewards Club regarding your Platinum Ambassador
      account. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

      We would like to inform you that each members will receive their tailored
      offers. There are different offers and each member will receive a combination
      based on their profile, stay and spending habits, as well as, their affinity and
      loyalty to IHG®. As much as we wanted to send you a different hurdle, however,
      the set of offers sent were system generated. We hope this clarifies your

      We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused
      as we value your loyalty. Should you require further assistance, please feel
      free to contact the IHG Rewards Club Service Center again.”

  • Brandon Dente

    Platinum Only 31 Nights this year


    John, I appreciate all the efforts you make on our behalf, but did I just screw myself royally by signing up for this promotion without first receiving notification from IHG??

    I ask because my promotion registration now shows 12/15/15 along with the Into the Nights Offer of 9/4/15, but only the Into the Night Offer appears on the overall My Offers available page. Furthermore, the terms and conditions for the ITN can be accessed from the page that denotes my registration date, but when I try to access the terms and conditions from the page that denotes my registration date, I get an X.

    Now, I usually wouldn’t worry much about this except for the fact that IHG has been Naziesque in eliminating accounts that have signed up for promotions that they were not eligible for and I am wondering that since I had not received an e-mail notification of this offer yet, that my signing up for this account early has put all my carefully earned points now at risk?????????????????????

    • You will be 100% fine. IHG Rewards Club emailed us the information about this offer, so that I can write a piece about it.

  • greggmarshall

    Not yet gold

  • It would be awesome if they fixed the current promotion before rolling out a new one. We can dream can’t we?

  • Lydia Li

    Mine’s quite tough on the last one – 3 stays with points and cash..

  • Dave

    Gold, 7 nights this year

  • calwatch

    I am not a frequent IHG user – no stays in the Into the Nights promotion. If I do stay at IHG I may use the base promotion. The 80,000 (targeted offer) for the IHG credit card seems much better than the puny 2,000 for this promotion.

  • sebst

    Mine’s not too bad. I won’t join the Dining Rewards, so it’s 57,100 for 11 nights.

  • Kyushuman

    I’m Platinum, with about 20 nights this year (14 of them were Point Breaks award nights). My offer for the October-December promo was only like 35,000 so I ignored it. This one I will do– seems to be 8 nights in 3 countries, no brand specific. Already have some bookings in Netherlands so am on my way! 😀

    Earn 104,100 total bonus pointsComplete your offers and earn bonus points towards the rewards that matter most to you.0 of 7offers completePoint ValueOffer NameProgress5,000Congratulations on Your Bonus
    Congratulations on achieving the bonus in our previous promotion. Stay once and earn 5,000 bonus points.14,400Stay More, Earn More
    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 8 nights and earn 14,400 bonus points.12,000Travel with the IHG App
    Book 2 stays with the IHG App and earn 12,000 bonus points.14,400Globetrotter Bonus
    Earn 14,400 bonus points for staying at 2 IHG Hotels outside of your country of residence. You’ll earn for one hotel stay per country.3,000Earn More, Faster
    Earn 3,000 bonus points when you book 1 Bonus Points Package stay and get to your next reward faster.1,000Earn When You Redeem
    You earned your points, now use them how you want. Redeem your points for anything from a gift card to a Reward Night and you’ll earn 1,000 bonus points.2,300Spend on your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card
    Book and pay for one stay with your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card and earn bonus points.52,000Your Achievement Bonus
    Complete 7 of 7 offers to earn an additional 52,000 bonus points.

  • mb

    pretty sorry offer. Worst ever IMO. Platinum, I have about 130 stays this year paid, and about 23 reward nights.

  • Phong Huynh

    Here is mine. Platinum member, but only 8 nights this year, 3 brands… thinking about doing another 2 nights to get Fast Track Gold but for what I stay at IHG…. not worth the trouble I think.

    • You can always purchase the Ambassador or Dining program and get the Gold status that way (or purchase both and get Platinum). Other option would be to have couple of stays with hotels that offer very large Bonus Points Packages.

  • Emmanuel

    Hi John. Thanks again for your amazing newsletter. Any idea if in the “change your view” achievement, the Holiday Inn brand would encompass Holiday Inn Express as a qualifying stay for one of the two Holiday Inns to stay in? Thanks!

  • Bradley Engel

    Platinum with 95 nights this year

  • Austy

    Has anyone had any luck changing their offer?
    I’m a platinum and my offer seems quite generous @ 76,200 bonus points, even having to spend $650 on food and bev, but I’ve never paid using points and cash as I only travel for business, so will be unlikely to complete the promotion.

  • Ry Wong

    2nd year Platinum Member 70 qualified nights, 5 brands, plus some unqualified stays. None of the offers look good to me. Not going to play with them this time. They knew I hate dining at IHG properties (ended up eating unhappily most of the time) so this time they added “Join IHG Dining Rewards”? No way…

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  • vsevolod4

    OK so it’s gotten easier than “Into the Nights” (only 39 nights vs. 50 nights!), with some more weirdness, but the points possibilities have plunged from a total of 134,100 (or 98,100 plus 3 free nights, a better deal) to a paltry 57,800. So this promotion earns me basically one night in an IC such as the Grand in Paris. Yawn. The previous one earned me five. So this quarter’s promotion will not move the dial and I won’t go out of my way to do anything; if I happen to be in Vegas, I’ll stay in Vegas, etc., The 39 room nights and the “globetrotter” are a given, but the rest will simply be ignored and will happen if they happen.

    For the record, I’ve achieved each of the previous 3 promotion targets, though in the first two cases, it took manual effort long after the fact to straighten things out, while for the “Into the Nights” while I hit my targets weeks ago, the last two milestones have yet to post. h

  • Joh

    Is it qualified if i book before the end of 2014 and check-in on Feb. 2015?

  • Alan

    1000 extra points is the most expensive item, i think i can do it for 200 usd as i need 4 nights and i am in china, using the 50% for 2 night in shenyang, 1 night in dalian, and one night in shenyang for the more expensive 1000 bonus point package.

  • Pelle

    Earn 56,200 total bonus points

    Complete Your offers and Your Achievement Bonus for 56,200 total bonus points

    Point Value

    Offer Name



    Congratulations on Your Bonus

    Congratulations on achieving the bonus in our previous promotion. Stay once and earn 5,000 bonus points. TermsBOOK NOW


    Earn When You Redeem

    You earned your points, now use them how you want. Redeem your points for anything from a gift card to a Reward Night and you’ll earn 1,000 bonus points. TermsREDEEM NOW


    Stay More, Earn More

    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 9 nights and earn 10,000 bonus points. TermsBOOK NOW


    Stay a Little Longer

    Earn 4,000 bonus points when you book a single stay of four or more consecutive nights. TermsBOOK NOW


    Saturday Stays Bonus

    Stay 2 weekend(s), including a Saturday night and another night, and earn 4,800 bonus points. TermsBOOK NOW


    Eat, Drink and Earn

    Spend USD $200 on food or beverages at IHG hotels and earn 1,400 bonus points. TermsBOOK NOW


    Stay for Less and Earn

    Earn 2,000 bonus points when you book 1 stay(s) using Points and Cash. We’ll reward you with more bonus points when you use a combination of points and cash. TermsBOOK NOW


    Your Achievement Bonus

    Complete 7 of 7 offers to earn an additional 28,000 bonus points.Terms

  • Guest

    Unrealistic = Lame! 50 nights and Platinum, I guess Loyalty doesn’t pay off nowadays. Offers for less frequent travelers are much easier, I guess I need to take a break from IHG to get reasonable offer. Two in the row are not achievable for me.

  • Steven Grant

    On the up side I should get more points from this than from intothenights promo……….. but it’s still going to be very difficult for me to complete it. I don’t need more credit (especially one costing £99/yr) and I need 3 x wkend stays of 2 nights each, which i can’t do on business. Platinum with 60+ nights this year.

  • Sergey

    khm… don’t like my promo (especially Eat, Drink and Earn) . Gold.

  • Aj

    Club level : 5 nights and Earn 74,300 total bonus points

  • WalshBay

    My offer as follow

  • Guest

    Platinum member with 63 nights in 2014… to be honest very disappointed with my offer 29 nights just isn’t achievable! and i don’t want the Credit card… so yea disappointed with IHG promotions lately!

  • Guest

    Platinum member with 63 nights in 2014… to be honest very disappointed with my offer 29 nights just isn’t achievable! and i don’t want the Credit card… so yea disappointed with IHG promotions lately!….

  • Andrew Patterson

    I am a Platinum member with 63 nights in 2014… to be honest very disappointed with my offer 29 nights just isn’t achievable! and i don’t want the Credit card… so yea disappointed with IHG promotions lately!

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  • fourwallsinaroom

    Started the year with 29 nights. checked in december, checked out january. Gold member and here is my offer. easy enough to do.

  • OnTheGo

    Do Reward Nights (the ones only paid with points, not Points+Cash) also count as qualifying stays for this promotion?

    • Kaycee

      It actually depends on the T&C of that specific offer. Remember, each offer has different T&C’s so, please make sure to read such before booking your reservation. In addition, Reward Nights, is a non-qualifying stay, wherein you’re not gonna be earning points towards your stay.

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  • Reiner

    Tough one for me

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  • camilliken

    There are hidden terms for the Set Your Sights promotion, for example, the “Change Your View” “stay at 2 Holiday Inn Hotels” actually means, 2 DIFFERENT Holiday Inn FULL SERVICE hotels,. Express doesn’t count and staying at the same hotel on two different occasions doesn’t count.

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