Hilton HHonors Targeted Offers Started: 100,000 Bonus Points For Diamonds, Double And Triple Points & Gold Fast Track (Check & Post Your Offers)


Last week, Hilton HHonors announced (read more here) that they would move from quarterly global promotions to targeted offers and two global promotions per year.

Hilton HHonors Exclusive Offer

Now, Hilton HHonors has started to email some members their targeted offer that could be 100,000 bonus points for just qualifying for a Diamond membership + double points for weekday stays and triple for weekend ones.

You can check your eligibility for these offers here.

READ MORE: Hilton HHonors Rate & Bonus Points And Miles Offers

There is a Gold member fast track offer out that comes with a bonus as well.

Hilton HHonors Exclusive Offer Error

My Diamond account was not eligible for this promotion.


Seems that Hilton has started to make very lucrative offers for some and then probably left most of the membership out.

Remember that you can combine this exclusive offer with current promotions and the new global one starting in March.

This just guarantees that Hilton won’t see a single stay from me for the time when there are no global or targeted offers that I would be eligible for.

Please post the offer that you account was targeted for, so that I can compile a comprehensive list of all variations that there are.

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  • Denis

    I got double qualifying stays until April 30th. I’m Gold until the end of the month (won’t requalify even for Silver).

    • unhappy customer

      I’ve been Diamond since there was Diamond status — some time in the 1990s. No offer for me. I’m so disgusted with the constant devaluation of HHonors that I’d like to switch, but I spend a lot of time in cities/towns where an HGI is by far the best game in town. I think there are a lot of members like us who have tons of $100-$150/night stays and they don’t really value us because they know we don’t have better options.

      Tired of being taken for granted.

  • wong

    2 years Diamond and 30 stays per year. 100000 bonus.is it the Q1 promotion,or I can’t recieve other offer in March?

  • HiltonHotelsFanclub

    Great offer, in 3 minutes I got 100000 points!

  • Dave

    I have got 100000 bonus point which I happily accepted ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Just another

    Where would the offer be? Cant find any mention of any offer in my account…

  • CJay

    I received 100,000 points, didn’t get an e-mail though, luckily I read this article

  • Silk

    2 year diamond with on and off gold and diamond (sometimes silver) for years. I got 100K points and double weekday and triple weekend points. Thanks for the post.

  • Christopher Mac Holland

    Gold and got my re-qualification for 2015 today – not eligible! I’ll settle with Marriott Megabonus this quarter…

  • Christopher Mac Holland

    My partner (gold being demoted to silver from April) got the following:

    You’re now registered to take advantage of this exclusive offer. Each stay through April 30, 2015, will count double toward the number of stays needed to achieve your 2016 tier status. Book now and get a boost on upgrading your tier status today.

  • AJ

    I also have not received an email, but I signed up and received an offer for 100,000 points and renewal of Diamond status if I stay 10 nights or 4 stays through April 30. Because award stays count for Elite status with HHonors, will they also qualify for the stays component of this promotion? There are no T&C details on the registration or confirmation pages.

  • just another

    You’re now registered to take advantage of this exclusive offer. Each stay through April 30, 2015, will count double toward the number of stays needed to achieve your 2016 tier status. Book now and get a boost on upgrading your tier status today
    nothing special for me… allready doing a fast track for gold but I doubt I would be doing 14 stays more for diamond status so withhout bonus points I will settle for gold… pretty lame promo…

  • Flyingboy

    Wow!!! OMG John, Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I followed your link and they deposited 100,000 points instantly to my account! Can’t believe it that’s a **** load of points!!!! best offer ever from Hilton. Although I did not get an email I was diamond last year and have requalified as diamond this year- Thanks so much!!!

  • DCS

    This is indeed a very “lucrative” offer! Here’s mine: 100K points (would be worth $10K if earned as on revenue stays), and for stays from now to April 30 I would earn double points on weekdays and triple points on weekends. Wow!

  • Guillaume

    I made 59 nights last year with hilton, so I was one night short from the diamond requalification… My targeted offer is make 4 stays or spend 10 night between feb 1st and april 30th and get your diamond requalification… Pretty disappointing I have to say…

  • Miss K

    I make diamond every year and this offer didn’t work for me, but 500,000 points randomly appeared in my account over the weekend … I wonder if it’s part of this program?

  • RF

    Thanks John I just clicked the link and Hilton has already deposited my points

  • iketeru

    I have been diamond since 2005 and am still currently in diamond status. Last year I only stayed 2 nights as i shifted my hotel stays to Marriott. I clicked the link and got the fast track to diamond status after 4 stays or 10 nights, but no points. Has lifetime diamond shown on anyone’s account yet?

  • The link offered me Fast Track back to Diamond after 4 stays, so not bad considering I was 7 stays short last year.

    Intriguingly the T&Cs down the bottom state that if succesful I’ll retain Diamond status until March 2017… meaning that I won’t be required to meet the requirements for retention this year, only next! Yet to confirm though.

    • Jeremy

      great info and thank you vm for your blog(?)! You’re da-man!
      Received my 100,000 points (it showed up instantly) and hoping to retain my diamond this year.

  • PedroNY

    Thank you! You made my day (or my week!), I appreciate you posting this promo. As a data point, I only earned by Diamond through Surpass spending, every year since 2009, and 100,000 points was extended to me as well.



  • Peter Melendez

    Thanks, I just sign on and got the 100k points without having to do anything. I did not get an email.

  • Jeremy

    Was a Diamond last year but I only made 21 stays.

    Sign up and complete 6 stays or 14 nights by April 30, 2015, and your Diamond status will be reinstated. Eligible members who complete 6 stays or 14 nights during the Promotion
    Period will earn Diamond Elite tier status through March 31, 2017.

  • SantiHolly Speranza

    The link is not working

  • Tom

    Happy! I have been Diamond for last two years after a credit card upgrade to Gold. I received 100,000 points with the double point/triple points bonus through April. I’ll use these for a New York trip once the city thaws.

  • Jeremy

    great info and thank you vm for your blog(?)! You’re da-man!
    Received my 100,000 points (it showed up instantly) and hoping to retain my diamond this year.

    (sorry, ignore my reply to Peter)

  • wingknut

    I just got:

    As a token of our appreciation, we want to reward you with 100,000
    HHonors Bonus Points โ€“ enough for at least one free night stay at any of
    our 4,200 hotels and resorts.1 And for a limited time, you can earn 2X Points during the week and 3X Points on the weekends when you sign up and stay by April 30, 2015.

  • Gumbyjoe

    No offer for me at all- only a note to say I am not eligible for any promotions. Qualified Diamond last year with 55+ nights. Time to go somewhere else

  • Focus959

    I’ve been Diamond the last 3 years and just clicked the link to the offer page and voila!!

  • Focus959

    100,000 instant! Here goes…

  • sally ferry

    I’m in the same boat as John on this – not eligible – I’m a Diamond in Australia and all of my colleagues were also not eligible. Just wondering if its region specific?

    • DPB

      I’m based in Australia and followed the link and got awarded 100,000 HH points. I have never had a offer emailed to me from Hilton. I have stayed over 100 nights last year and have nearly 2 million HH points but they don’t seem to appreciate my business. Looking to change next month to another group.

      • Kevin

        I also am a Hilton Honors member with just under 2 million points and was never notified of this promotion. My colleagues received the promotion, however they routinely travel on vacation and redeem their points. I generally just continue to accumulate the points and seldom do a redemption. It sounds to me as if this promotion is very biased and unfair. I will be reconsidering my affiliation with Hilton. It looks like I will return to Marriott.

  • Anson

    I spent 110 nights in hilton last year and I get nothing from this offer. I feel so bad.

    • Sebastian

      You should indeed feel bad after spending 110 days at Hilton. My condolences!

  • Charlie

    Based on the account number you entered, you are not eligible for an exclusive offer at this time.

  • Bennybuche

    Sadly, I received the error message. I’m (only) Gold for my 3rd year…
    [Totally uncool!]

  • GM

    Status matched to diamond last year, and met all the requirements so diamond this year.
    got ” REGISTRATION ERROR Based on the account number you entered, you are not eligible for an exclusive offer at this time.”
    ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ !!!
    Reside in Israel

  • SerocoOl

    Never got any mails with offers from Hilton… Diamond till 5 years. Only try and get the 100.000 HH…. but no 2x/3x promotion…. Better than nothing !

    • JoachimQ

      Exactly the same for me. But 100.000 points is really not bad. Club Carlsson only rewarded 10.000….

  • Luna

    I’m gold and here is what I’ve got:
    “You’re now registered to take advantage of this exclusive offer. Each stay through 30 April 2015 will count double towards the number of stays needed to achieve your 2016 tier status. Book now and get a boost on upgrading your tier status today.”

  • DCS

    Based on the types and patterns of offers, they may not be as random as they might appear:

    ** Diamonds who just missed making Diamond again are offered a challenge to regain it + 100K points if they succeed.

    ** Diamonds who redeemed extensively, like me, are offered 100,000 points + Double points during week + Triple points during weekend to replenish their points.

    ** Diamonds with limited recent activity are offered just 100K points.

    ** Golds who may have been close to making Diamonds are fast-tracked to Diamond.

    ** Folks who just made Gold are offered double stay count as a way to help them make Diamond.

    Also, it may be that the false perception that the last “devaluation” was cataclysmic
    might have thinned the rank of HH Diamonds, as many cashed in and jumped ship, and HHonors now wants to get some of the
    Diamonds back…

    • j1kim

      You might be on to something with the 2nd and 3rd points. I’ve had Diamond since 2012. Late last year, I cleared out all my points to redeem on a vacation. I received the 100K + 2x/3x Points offer but my coworkers who made Diamond, who are staying at the same property and have the same reservations set up did not get an offer at all.

    • ryan

      diamond for 3 years and did’nt make the cut. moving to another brand. What a dumb promotion by only offering a promotion to “some” of your best customers. I wonder what the backlash on this will be.

  • Magb

    Did anyone who was NOT targeted (because already Diamond with a lot of stays last year) try to email HHonors and complain/ask for it? Saying that otherwise she/he would cut the stays for this year and move to another brand?

    • Minimum Night for Diamond

      I’ve done that in the past and sometimes its worked, sometimes it hasn’t and the last time I was promised (in writing) I would receive the offer and then they reneged later ! after some threats of action they provided some compensation for the ‘misunderstanding’. I think Hilton have some decent algorithms for targeted offers. If you show continued commitment to the brand and always have a 10+ reservations confirmed, there’s no reason for them to solicit your business. Like John, I’m now doing the minimum to re-qualify for Diamond each year, including staying in 3 separate Hampton Inn’s in the USA instead of one Doubletree/Hilton when I can during a visit to one city.

      • Magb

        I have complained, that I am a loyal diamond member and was not targeted. therefore I am very dissapointed. HHonors has replied and gave me 10.000 points

  • NickH

    Diamond for 7th year in a row – nothing for me – I am not eligible for an exclusive offer at this time. Looks like Marriott for me this year.

  • James Cary-Elwes

    Qualified for Diamond last year thru March 2016, Gold for previous 5 years – nothing for me, just the error message. Time to return to Marriott, methinks…

  • Sha

    I’m a diamond member as well, and I was not eligible…

  • xenole

    Downgraded to silver from 1st April for me ๐Ÿ™ Getting double stay credit though which won’t help much as most stays are in April onwards….

  • Ricardo

    No offer for me. So zero stays with Hilton this year. As simple as that! IHG here I go!

  • Lisa Wickham

    First time Diamond – Gold for past 2 years. Got the error message.

  • jessica

    8 year+ diamond – I got nothing. Between this and my not so great Marriott megabonus and Starwood’s not so great bonus I’m not persuaded to stay at any of my usuals right now. I guess it is Country Inn and Suites for the Club Carlson bonus!

  • lourdes

    Hello, are there any countries targeted to receive this offer?

  • Bellamy

    You’re now registered for an exclusive fast track back to Diamond status. Just complete 4 stays or 10 nights by April 30, 2015, and your Diamond status will be reinstated.

  • T

    I received the 100k, didn’t get the email either, but like others thanks for posting the article and link.

  • Rhamblin

    I got the 100,000 K bonus for diamond status but nothing else. I have 9 stays this month that will go to Marriott. Marriott’s (option 1) promotion is 2500 bonus points starting with 2nd stay. If Hilton dosen’t have a bonus offer it not worth staying.

  • Rafi

    Diamond the past three years. I have however, made a number of large point reductions in the past year and a half. Most recent was just a few weeks ago. I received both the 100,000 point offer and the 2X/3X offer. It appears that you were correct in supposing that your offer, if any, depends in large part on both tear status and point redemption history.

  • john-john

    Made gold in 2013 and nothing in 2014 so status until March 31. Was offerd double stay so I’ll go back to gold within late March. Nice offer for me.

  • PH

    called the Diamond VIP hotline, found out I was not signed up for HHonors offers and news. The lady said the promotion has not been applied to my Diamond account yet, but mentioned though that for the next two weeks they are still rolling out the offer to additional members so should check again next month. Something is telling me it will not work, but anyway, since I was just short of qualifying for Diamond status renewal, I am happy already about the mere fact that my status was extended until 2016 (happened prior to this promotion).

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  • Bwhiteaker

    I am a diamond member and did not recieve the offer. I feel that if they give the rewards to some diamond members they should give it to all. I will look to take my business elsewhere. I spent over a month in their hotels last year.

    • ryan

      totally agree. What a stupid promo and PR by Hilton. Piss off your diamond members by only giving some of them a promotion. I’ll rethink my loyalty.

  • Alex

    Haven’t been checking in here recently and didnt get any email from HHonors on such promotion. Diamond Member for six years. Just tried and got the 100k points but not the double/triple bonus.

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